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Yumiko Imagawa alias ?Hibana? is a japanese agent that belongs to the Special Assault Team (S.A.T) She was born in 1983, is 1m73 and weighs 57kg She also wears a very distinctive hood that she never takes off that very much looks like the one Ezio wears in Assassins Creed. Hibana is an attacker and more specifically plays a support role at least, at the beginnig of each round. She is also considered a hard breacher, and that is that her ability is able to pierce through reinforced walls and hatches. Hibana is a three speed operator, which is the fastest in the game and the same as the all-powerful Ash, Bandit, or Jagger However, she is light armored Those two attributes make her very mobile but with little resistance to bullets So move swiftly and shoot first. As a general sense and just as you will discover throughout this guide her ability is almost always crucial so you will need to wait for others to clear the area, so then you can enter the battle.

Hibana is a hard breacher that can pierce reinforced walls and hatches To do so she is equipped with a unique gadget called the X-KAIROS Launcher. Her gadget is a projectile launcher that fires a single cluster of six ?Kairos? in the form of ninja stars or spinners that deploys on the reinforced wall or hatch that we would like to open. She has a total 6 kairos and a total of three shots. Once the kairos adhere to the breakable surface they can be activated by pressing the fire key They become bright red such as fire thermal and that will pierce through the surface and create an opening.

Depending on the amount of Kairos detonated successfully, the opening will be more or less bigger. For hatches, you will need one cluster of 4 out of 6 Kairos for it to open If less than 4 are detonated the hatch will not be fully open but you?re still be able to peak through For reinforced walls, with one Kairos charge you?ll be able to make a hole about the size of a window However, you will not be able to go through that window. for this, you would need at least two successful charges detonated and then you would be able to jump over it or crouch and go through depending on the height of the opening. Now, if we use all three charges, then you can go through without jumping or crouching and our friend Montagne would really appreciate it although this is a better job for our friend Thermite.

Hibana has some counters, her ability is not foolproof and there are various enemy gadgets that can cancel it Our first enemy are Bandit?s Shock Wire that can destroy the Kairos pellets regardless of whether they had been activated or not. If the wall was electrified or in the process during the trigger, they will all be destroyed. Mute?s Signal Distruptors will not destroy the pellets but will prevent them from being detonated if they are in it?s radius therefore Mute is another main counter Opening a wall with Kairos is not a quick process and besides those two operators, we need to take into account other actions so just an impact grenade shooting the Kairos will also destroy them same as using Maestro?s Evil Eyes however, we don?t need to worry about Jagger?s ADS. Rainbow Six is a game that you play as a team and as such and mostly based on all the counters HIbana has she needs to be surrounded with good friends to be successful at using her ability.

Thatcher is best friends with many operators, but as Hibana, i would have him on speed dial so he can quickly come with for any upcoming attack He?s EMP grenades will neutralize any of Hibana?s counters such as destroying Bandit?s Shock Wire, Mute?s Signal Disruptors and will so make so it we can open the walls without a problem. Just like Thatcher, Twitch can also eliminate Shock Wire and Signal Disruptors thanks to her Shock Drones However, her drones would need to be exposed to perform such operation due to it?s limited distance it is, therefore, slightly more risky than EMP grenades, but can be very helpful. Maverick?s (a.k.a “Charmander?) Breaching Torch can also be used to destroy batteries and inhibitors by creating small breaches at the bottom of reinforced walls or by creating small holes on hatches and then used to shoot the inhibitors However, he will be the operator that will need to expose himself the most to help us since he needs to directly perform the short ranged attack.

Ash or Zofia?s actions are more indirect but they can also serve to open vertical breaches on certain maps to clean out inhibitors and neutralize the well known ?bandit trick? This trick can also be avoided by opening at the same time with Thermite, and in this case Bandit cannot be tricking both charges. In the end, anything that can help destroy dispositives that prevent us from opening reinforced walls, will be of help including abilities and grenades from Buck or Sledge. Now is the time to analyze Hibana?s loadout. She has a Type-89 assault rifle and a SuperNova shotgun as a primary and a P229 handgun and Bearing-9 SMG as secondary.

Let?s dig into more details. The Type-89 is an assault rifle that also fire 3-round burst or semi-automatic its rate of fire is 850 RPM which is fast, with decent damage and an easy to control recoil at all distances What is more difficult is the small magazine size of 20+1 bullets. This rifle offers 40 weapon damage from 0 to 25m and 25 weapon damage from 35m and more. If we add-on a silencer to hide where the shots are coming from, the suppressed damage will decrease to 37 and 21 respectively. Those numbers are also only applicable to level 1 armor operators such as Jagger, Bandit or Ela and it will be less for higher armor operators. However, with a headshot, no armor will save you. There are four barrels types available for this assault rifle: the suppressor, the flash hider, the compensator and the muzzle brake. The suppressor will muffled some of the sound when shooting and hide the origin of the shots fired but it will lower the weapon damage. Here are the recoil patterns without controlling the rifle with vertical grip and in auto. The flash hider reduces the rifle?s visible signature and also reduce the recoil for burst damage.

The compensator reduces the recoil when in automatic and we obtain those patterns. Lastly, the muzzle break, which reduces the recoil in semi-auto has these patterns. There are two grips available, vertical and angled, with the first one we reduce recoil and with the second one, while recoil is not as reduced, it takes less time to aim. The last accessory is the laser, which offer less recoil when hip firing but can also show off our position. Combining one of the four available sights with a grip and a specific barrel, is exclusively a personal choice so try them out and pick the one that fits your play style. Let?s move on to the SuperNova shotgun guide. It has the slowest pump-action mechanism for the whole game but retains the power of a British SAS M5901A, most commonly used by Smoke.

It offers a magazine size of 6+1 and as far as damage, let?s play around with it to see the results. The first shot will be short distance from the hip. What do you think will happen? Then mid distance. Long range, it will do 18 damage to Ela for example and while aiming, we take another 7. At mid range on a 3 armor operator it will do 48 damage. If we were to add laser, the weapon dispersion would be reduced.

It is clear that this is one of the strongest pump-action shotgun of the game, however, picking this type of weapon is a very risky move since it is not very versatile in the gameplay. Let?s continue with Hibana?s secondary weapons. The machine pistol Bearing 9 is, without a doubt, the most used secondary weapon of the game along with SAS?s SMG-11 However, since one of the latest patch, the recoil has been very difficult to control and here is the pattern with compensator.

It has a high rate of fire of 1100 RPM and 25+1 magazine size which is rather large for an SMG. It also has 2 fire modes: automatic and semi-automatic. The damage is around 33 from 0-18 meters and 22 for 28+ meters. With suppressor, 28 and 19 respectively. Even though using this SMG is still very much viable, it is not as strong and used as it used to be and in some cases it was used as a primary weapon.

Lastly, her other secondary is the semi-automatic P229 handgun. It does 50 damage from 0-12 meters and 28 for 22+ meters. With suppressor it goes down to 42 and 24 respectively. It has a pretty good rate of fire of 550 RPM and a magazine size of 12+1 bullets. It used to be a pretty easy choice to pick which secondary weapon to use: with a large magazine size, controllable recoil and automatic fire, the Bearing 9 was the best option for short and mid range while using her primary assault riffle with ACOG for long range or for specific pixels. However, with the current recoil, it is not a bad idea to choose the handgun. Aside from her weapons, Hibana also has 3 stun grenades and 3 breaching charges, which to choose from depends on your gameplay and personal choice.

Let?s talk abour some tips and tricks: Never going first your ability is too valuable to be the 1st one to die. There are other operators with a less essential ability that can be entry fragger such as Ash, Capitao o Zofia. Drone during the 1st seconds of each round so you can help clean up and get more information when using your Kairos. Your Kairos can be detonated at a distance, therefore do not expose yourself when opening hatches or holes in walls.

Once you have used your ability successfully or not, then you can entry frag, since you have the potential to do it with the high rate of fire and flash grenades. If there is a Thermite in the team, let him open up the reinforced walls and you can take care of the hatches or Mira Mirrors, unless you would like to open a hole to peak or cover. Let?s check it out some interesting spots on maps so we can be clever and securely open reinforced walls and hatches. Let?s start with Club, the best option to open kitchen hatch is to rappel on the exterior window, go upside down, open the window and then open the hatch. That way we will not be exposed to a potential pulse C4 from below.

Thermite is not that lucky. In Consulate, we can open the bathroom hatch from the outside if Ash can open both walls that communicate the bathroom so our Kairos can reach. One the hatch is open we can aim straight down at the column which is a very typical hiding spot for defenders. Let?s go to Bank now. in order to open the hatch in Main without any risk, we can rappel from the window outside of Main entrance and with a little bit of aim we can make it so our Kairos can reach the hatch and open it. In Chalet, we can open hatches from Main and Bar without too much risks.

For Main, we need to rappel up on the main balcony, go upside down, open the window and get at least four Kairos on the hatch to open it. To open Bar, we again, will need Ash?s help by destroying the wall next to the fireplace and that way we can also fire the Kairos from the window. Let?s go to Villa. Here, more than talking about a single spot, we will demonstrate an alternative attack on one of the spots. Usually, we concentrate on opening both the Mira windows in Aviator and Game room. It is complicated and we need to be exposed to do so since the Defenders can peak through the Mira windows, Aviator door and the hallway. A better option is to rappel from the exterior window that has access to the hallway and create breaches to cover on site rotations by the Defenders.

Let?s check out some tricks: The elevator is a spanish classic since Guanchester United used it first. It consists in firing a charge on a hatch close to site and have everyone fall in and pray that everything will be ok. Remember that the Kairos hurt when detonating too close so use only four when opening the hatch. One charge, one entry. with only one Kairos charge we can open a breach in a wall and go through.

Align the breaching mark with the floor and check where white dot is since this is the mark of where to open. Change the weapon, fire once and that mark indicates the height of where to fire the charge. So then go back to your gadget, align the red line with the dot and fire the charge. Then you?ll be able to go through crouching with one charge. Another trick, is Mira window opening: so best way to open a mira mirror is to fire the Kairos by aiming just over the mirror and detonate it that way you will not only open the mirror but also open the reinforced wall.

Let?s talk about Death?s line of sight: We do not always need to use our ability for breaching purposes. Sometimes just creating small line of sights opening with the Kairos, let?s us have a great lines of fire. So we just saw how Hibana is really versatile and useful, her ability is practically essential on many different maps and situations and her rifle is one of the best in the game. Moreover, according to some of the latest Ubisoft stats, she is one of the most picked attackers with more than an 80% pick rate globally.

Because of this, she is a Tier 1 operator. Before finishing up this guide, let?s see what some of the most experienced player think about her. Let?s talk about Hibana today. She is an operator that really changed Rainbow Six gameplay; mostly due to the fact that we used to have only one hard breacher, Thermite, and then Ubisoft decided to add another one that is not only a hard breacher but also as soon as she is done with her hard breacher role, she can be entry fragger with her 3 speed just like Ash. I think this those are the most important basic ideas to know about her. Hey guys! I am Sloppy. I am here to discuss Hibana. She is an operator that I really like from her beauty, agility and ability.

She is very often used in competitive, my team and I really value her a lot and we have won many games thanks to her. I recommend that if you want to be as good as I am, you need to love her. Hibana is possibly the most used DLC operator. Her rifle has a really high rate of fire but less ammo, her secondary used to be really good until just a little while ago. Her real strenght to be able to open hatches since on many maps, Thermite is used to open walls and Hibana to open hatches. Before she came out, the game was more about protect the VIP, which was Thermite to be able to get to site and this really changed with her in the game.

She is a Tier 1 operator, one of the most used and one that can be combined with Thermite to create total chaos for the Defense. Hibana came as a breath of fresh air in the operator pool. At the time Thermite was the only hard breacher and you needed to be against the wall to be able to open it. With Hibana it can be done from a distance thanks to her Kairos. They can be used to open hatches, small holes to shoot from and to really hurt the defense Once you do all this, you still have the Bearing SMG that completes her lethal kit. Since she was first introduced her pick rate really went up while Thermite?s went down and then create an essential Rainbow Six operator. I consider Hibana as game breaker for Rainbow Six, an operator that was solely designed to change gameplay.

Before, Thermite was the only one able to open reinforced walls, and this changed when Hibana joined and you also now did not need to be against the wall to open it since they can be fired from a distance and it made some attacks much easier. Also, her weapon set made her one of the best Year 1 operator even though she has a low amount of ammo but her secondary, the SMG, made up for it as one of the best in Rainbow Six. Now it is really the end of Hibana?s Guide. Thanks to everyone who has helped in making it possible and to you for watching the video. Remember that you can see me everyday live and follow me on Twitter. See you soon!.

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