Goyo Gameplay: Strong but is he OP? – Rainbow Six Siege


What?s up guys, Rogue-9 here! I?ve had the great pleasure of getting to play Operation Ember Rise early and in this video I want to tell you everything you need to know about the new Defender Goyo! All the details on his gadgets and loadout as well as my personal thoughts on how good Goyo will be and spoiler alert: I see a lot of potential for this guy! I will of course have a separate video coming out on the attacker Amaru, look out for a link to that in the end card! But for now let?s go and take a closer look at our new defender! Goyo is a two armour, two speed operator with a difficulty rating of 1. He brings with him, three (yes that?s three!) of the freshly reworked deployable shields with the added twist of an explosive jerry can attached to the back and with this gadget, I would class him as an entry denial and delay operator. His loadout options consist of Mira?s Vector .45 (except with the brand new option of attaching the Extended Barrel), Kaid?s TCSG12 slug shotgun and Hibana and Echo?s P229 pistol! So yes, once again we are looking at recycled weapons.

I personally love breaking down all the nitty, gritty details of new guns in Siege but at the same time I almost have to say that I understand the move towards reusing existing guns. We already have 100 primary and secondary weapons in the game and that?s not counting special weapons like grenade launchers or throwables. From a rational standpoint, there comes a time when adding one more SMG that is 2 points of damage above average but with a 13% slower fire rate doesn?t really add anything to the game itself. So yeah, no new guns this season and as much as that?s a disappointment, I get it and I think we need to get used to seeing this more going forward.

One thing that is interesting to note about Goyo?s loadout is that the TCSG12 does of course have the option of attaching an ACOG and so this is the first time in a long while that we are getting a 2 speed defender with access to an ACOG. At least that?s something I guess! Now, let me tell you about these Volcan Shields and how they interact with all of the other gadgets in the game: First of all, they are deployed just like all the other shields in the game and from the front, they look exactly the same. They come with the same bullet proof glass slits that will also become part of the standard shields going forwards and you can also electrify them. Shooting the can on the back will set off an explosion that causes 34 damage to level 2 armour opponents and if the scaling is kept the same as with all other explosives, the damage to level 1 armour should be 40 points and 30 to level three armours. Once that explosion has gone off, a fire effect similar to Capitao?s bolts is released. The area of effect looks to be the same and the tick damage of 12 points per tick and three ticks per second (so 36 damage per second) is also the same with Capitao.

Even though the area of effect size is the same the propagation for the volcans instant instead of growing gradually. The effect for Goyo also lasts 2 seconds longer than with Capitao and one second longer than Smoke?s gas canisters which does make the Volcans quite useful in slowing down the attackers. In theory, you could anchor behind one of these shields and use them in the same way as you would the normal shields. There are two slight issues with this though: The explosive can obscures part of your vision through the glass slits and that?s not ideal but far worse than that is that many of the attackers can destroy the shield from a distance and that will set of the incendiary charge. Zofia, Ash and anyone with grenades will be a strong counter to the Volcan shields and a poorly positioned shield can actually end up harming the defence, so exercise caution when picking your placement locations and think carefully about how close you really want to be to one of these things.

But it?s of course not only attacker explosives that can set off the shields. Impact grenades or Nitro Cells will do the trick as well and you can even create a chain reaction of shields to set a massive area on fire for around 13s. If you place a shield in a doorway or near a window with a Kapkan trap attached, you?ve created a booby trap combo that will kill any opponent who triggers it. Maestro is another operator that will combo extremely well with Goyo since his evil eyes can be used to trigger the explosives from relative safety and unless the attackers have a way of clearing out the shield first this defensive setup can be a really tough nut to crack.

In terms of the line-up of attackers that can deal with the shields, Twitch and Thatcher might also come to mind but we tested both of their gadgets thoroughly and neither the Drones, nor the EMP grenades are able to detonate the fire cans. I think that Goyo is a great addition to the Rainbow Six Siege roster. His entry denial ability is very strong and what he lacks in terms of flexibility compared to Smoke he makes up in ease of use. Once those shields have been placed, any defender can use them to their advantage even if Goyo dies in the first 20s of the round. The attackers will need to spend time droning to double check which shields are explosive and which aren?t and then they will most likely have to waste some of their explosive utility to clear them out before being able to make a push.

And it doesn?t matter if a shield is triggered by a defender or an attacker clearing the way, the end result is still 13s of wasted time? So my verdict is that there is an incredible amount of potential with this operator both at the highest level of gameplay as well for less experienced players. He feels powerful, he feels useful and if anything, the pros may come up with some ridiculously overpowered strats once they start using him and he could actually be too good in the right hands but only time will tell if that is the case. In the meantime we get an easy to understand, easy to use operator that nevertheless has a lot of potential in terms of creative strategies players can come up with to get the most out of him. And at the same time, he will force some creativity out of the attacking team as well. The only challenge and potential downside of this operator is avoiding badly placed shields that end up being used against the team.

That?s pretty much it. In my opinion this alone makes Goyo a really interesting looking defender and when you add in the interesting loadout choice of going with either a short range powerhouse in the Vector or a long range option in the TCSG, you?ve got yourself an operator who is worth getting excited about! Those are at least my thoughts, why don?t you let me know what you think about Goyo in the comments section below. Exciting or overpowered, you decide! If you haven?t seen my Amaru assessment yet, link to that video is coming right up now and with that, thank you for watching; I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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