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How to AFK Farm Renown in Rainbow Six Siege | Guide


In this video I?m going to show you how you can farm Renown in Rainbow Six Siege completely AFK to make unlocking all the operators or even the expensive Diamond skin very fast and effortless. I will also be showing how you can speed up your Renown gains even faster while you sleep towards the end of the video, so make sure to stay tuned. Hey everyone my name is Underrated54 and this is an update to my previous AFK Renown farming guide I posted 6 months ago as I have received a ton of questions since that video?s release and I will be walking you through the setup process for overnight AFK Renown farming to make sure there are no problems or confusion this time. I also have a few extra tips for this method thanks to your guys? comments and if you have more tips MAKE SURE to leave them down below as the last video had over two thousand comments that has helped others tremendously. Just like in the last video this method does work on console however to get it to run overnight on console you will need to use a different method than the one featured in this video.

Once again if you have recommendations for the console players make sure to leave them in the comments below. Moving right along to the method the first thing you will need to do is go to your options menu, select matchmaking preferences in the first menu, under the game mode preferences for Terrorist Hunt turn everything off except Protect Hostage, and finally under map preferences for Terrorist Hunt turn everything off except Tower. I have done countless hours of testing every site on every map and Tower is the clear winner when it comes to AFK farming Renown as the AI spawns on the complete opposite side of the map every single time and is the only map where this happens.

Once all your preferences are set you want to start a Terrorist Hunt match on Lone Wolf and Normal difficulty. Once again doing countless hours of testing Normal vs Realistic difficulty Normal does pull ahead slightly due to the AI having a harder time killing you. The way this method works is you are going to be sitting AFK with the hostage and the AI has to come and either kill you or the hostage for the match to end on its own.

You must survive at least thirty seconds or you will get 0 Renown for the entire match. The longer the match is active over thirty seconds the more Renown you get at the end which is why Normal ended up earning more Renown than Realistic. Once you?re in the match you want to choose 1F Restaurant as your location and Doc as your Operator. This is a tip I received from the comments in my last video and is a great tip. If you pick Doc you will be downed instead of killed which will earn you just that little bit of extra renown to make this method as efficient as possible. And that?s pretty much it for the in game setup. Both console and PC players can sit there clicking next match after the round and picking Restaurant and Doc over and over again while watching a show or doing homework but most people will want to AFK overnight so they can actually play while they are awake and not watch the game play itself so let?s get into how to farm Renown AFK while you are asleep.

This is where console and PC players will differ as we will be using an autoclicker to enable us to do this method while sleeping. This time I will show you exactly how to setup the auto clicker to avoid any confusion. Don?t be worried about using an auto clicker. Battle Eye doesn’t auto detect auto clickers and this method of farming Renown has existed since the game launched with no one ever being banned in four years so it?s pretty safe. The autoclicker we will be using is called GS Auto Clicker. You can also use any other auto clicker like OP Auto Clicker if you have issues with GS Auto Clicker.

I still find GS Auto Clicker to be the best and hopefully this time I can explain the set up a bit better so people dont have the same issues as last video. I will also have a link in the description to the auto clicker this time. The reason we are using GS Auto Clicker is for its ability to click on multiple locations instead of just clicking in one spot like most autoclickers. Once you have the auto clicker downloaded and installed open it up and under options hover over clicking and select repeat. Check the repeat until stopped option and set the interval to one thousand milliseconds. Now start up Rainbow Six Siege with the auto clicker open and head back to the options menu. This time we will be going to the display options menu and set the Display Mode to borderless.

Now head into a T Hunt on Lone Wolf and once you are able to choose your defending location tab over to the auto clicker so it appears over the game and under the options menu hover over recording and select multiple clicks. Make sure to check the record and play multiple clicks box and then click pick point. You then just click on the restaurant site location in the game to choose your first point. Now we will repeat the process for picking Doc, pressing confirm loadout, and after the round is over you will choose the location of the vote for retry button. Once your auto clickers click locations are all set, go back to your settings and set your Display Mode to fullscreen because having your Display Mode set to borderless can actually cause crashes which was happening for a lot of people in the last video.

Now you just press F8 while in a Lone Wolf T Hunt and the auto clicker will earn you Renown even while you are asleep. On average you will earn between 650 and 700 Renown per hour or about 5 and a half thousand Renown per eight hours. That means you can afford a new operator every two days of going AFK overnight or if you leave it on for twenty four hours you can afford three new operators in a single day as a new player. I personally have earned about two million Renown over the past few years of doing this off and on and I have had many comments of others earning hundreds of thousands of Renown over the past few months since my last video as well so the Renown adds up very quick when you don?t actually do anything for it.

If this method helps you out give the video a like and share it with your friends. My last video was shared over six thousand times which was amazing so thank you to anyone that shares my videos it helps tremendously. I will be making a lot more Siege guides and tip videos so make sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified. I have also been recording my entire time playing Siege since my very first day trying the game years ago and I have been uploading the highlights onto my channel so if you want to see my progress from complete noob to reaching Plat and beyond you can check out my Rainbow Six Siege playlist by clicking the card in the top right of the video and once again be subscribed to catch all of my new highlights to come.

I?ll see you there..

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