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Everyone, Christopher mercy, gaming and welcome back to another episode of sieve school. Today’S topic is gon na, be a general structure on how to attack What that means. It’S operator selection, things that you should learn and what you should be doing at certain points throughout the attacking round now Keep in mind all my information and tips is for ranked not for casual Want to get to the point in the video when I’m saying what You should be doing at certain points are in the round, I’m talking about the ranked 3-minute timer, not the casual form in a timer, so why you still can apply. Some of these methods to Casual is primarily based on ranked now keep in mind. I said this will be a general guide. Every situation is unique, so there’s absolutely no one specific way to attack a point. Defenders can defend any point in multiple different ways. So tacking is all about adapting to this situation As well. A lot of my points, my crossover for my counter roaming siege school. So if they seem familiar, That’s why, instead of making you watch a whole different video and completely avoiding all topics,

I talked about there, I’m just gon na cross-reference them here and not go too much in depth for them. If you want a much more in-depth description on how To counter a roamer specifically then watch that video. Otherwise, this will just be about how to attack the defending objective. The first core topic We’re gon na talk about, is operator selection and again I did another sieve school episode on this. I won’t go too in depth, But I’m gon na cover a few talking points that really frustrates me when I’m solo cueing First off. If you have basic meta knowledge for most of the maps, you don’t know what order the defenders will defend in you know, Specifically what sites they’re going to go to and what operators might be needed. So this is where you choose operators that will help you the most for the objective that you assume They will go.

So that means, if you think that they’re gon na go and say like the basement of Oregon, to not go fuse because fuse can’t actually Cluster from above his gadgets pretty much wasted there as the only way he can clusters to go downstairs. So instead made me choose an operator that can actually help like Habana to get hatches Now. That kind of merges into my next point is that on the overall there’s, three must pick operators for every single tacking round. Two of them are thermite in Habana. These can be mixed and matched you can either have both of them or just one of them, And the third one is Thatcher, Even if you’re absolutely certain that they’ll go an objective where you don’t absolutely have to breach a wall. These guys are always good picks, But the absolute most important thing that you can do to the operator selection is to be a team player, Don’t be the asshole Who immediately chooses their main And then that’s it Choose to help the team. If you see someone choosing a breacher like a bond or a thermite, And you don’t have a Thatcher, even if you don’t think in your Thatcher, Be it a better person and just play them for the team, even if you’re not comfortable playing them. It’S better to have Not have the medal and I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation, where we’re playing with randoms, and then everyone complain saying hey. Why didn’t you go through my tour Habana when neither of them chose it either? There’S nothing worse than a whole team. Refusing to play a specific operator, That’s needed, and in everyone complaining saying hey, we don’t have them.

Why didn’t nobody choose them? Yes, any one of them could have also chosen that operator, But so could you so just be the bigger person and choose whoever is required Not specifically who you want to play all right now We’re gon na move into specific points throughout the round. This is where you should do specific things before certain time points at first we’re gon na start with the prep phase During the prep phase. Really, the only core information You need is where the objective site is and if you’re playing ranked at the higher levels, You can generally assume which point

It’Ll be learning What operators the defenders Have is great, but it’s never worth losing a drone over. You know they made the change where you have to scan in order to ID someone, It’s generally not worth it for your average player as soon as they get scanned. They’Ll immediately try to hunt down the drone And it doesn’t help the fact that drones make a lot of noise by even pivoting. So you should try to do instead is save your drone Either. Leave it at the doorway Where you plan to push through. So you can hop on it and drone out quickly once you get there Or take it back to where you’re gon na spawn this way, while you’re pushing into the objective, you have two drones and get a lot more Intel as Well. By picking it up are using it early, You don’t run into the issue of Being thirty seconds left in the round and trying to drown out for more information and your drone being across the map. However, If it’s too difficult to bring it back to spawn or to a door that you’re gon na push through, you can always leave your drone At a place where there’s common spawn kills.

This way, you can warn your team ahead of time. If a person is gon na do a run out or peak from a specific window, Unfortunately, this is something is to kind of learn with time. You’Re not gon na know all the spawn kills off the bat, But by station in your drone in a room you can see where the defenders are going to set up and where they’re heading to towards the start of the action phase And if you’re, using your Drone to spot a run out or spawn peak, Then I generally think that that is well worth losing a drone over. If a defender knows that you’ve drone them They’ll either Do two things: don’t either do the run out anyways and have a higher chance of dying when your team knows that they’re gon na be There or they’ll, destroy your drone and get the hell out because they Know they’ve been spotted either or really is a win, And that’s pretty much it for drones.

But the one thing you should do before prep phase is over. It is to make sure that your spawn choice makes sense if you’re attacking an objective that either needs to be breached by thermite, Habana Or Thatcher and you’re one of those people. Please don’t ever spawn on the opposite side of the map generally, either of those three operators need to spawn close to the objective, so they Get there and breach as soon as possible Now granted. If it turns out they go to an objective that doesn’t really need either three of these operators, Then you really don’t have to worry about it, But if you do need to breach a wall or a hatch or something then get there as soon as possible, because No one wants to wait for the thermite to run from the Opposite corner of the map, all the way to the wall that you need to breach This way every one time it makes the attacking team much more vulnerable And if you’re still newer to the game And can’t tell which spawn is close to the objective. Just check your compass, The map overview for the spawn selection and your compass lineup, so north is the top of the map. South is the bottom. So if you can see that the objective is on the east side of the map choose one of the spawns on the right side Of the map after a while, you get the hang of it. But this is a really good way to learn and I will go into the action phase.

I’M gon na break this action phase into three different sections. The first minute, the second minute in the third minute. I’M also gon na, have a little table. Slash chart thing that says Ideally what you should be doing in a way you should not be doing in each of these segments, But we’ll start with the first minute. I’M also gon na do a little subsection of the first minute. What you should immediately do at the beginning of the action phase, this is the first five to ten seconds. If you are a breacher, so either thermite, Habana or Thatcher then do not run out in the first five to ten seconds. Let your teammates do it, even if you are absolutely certain without a doubt that they are not spawn peeking, don’t take the risk. Sometimes Thatcher is not a huge loss, But if you lose through my or Habana or both at the very beginning of a round, it can be pretty much a guaranteed loss For attackers.

If you absolutely need to breach the wall in order to win, Most sites are balanced around the fact that there’s either a hatch or a wall into sight and that completely eliminates a lot of hiding options for the defenders. So if you can’t breach this thing, That’s solely there Just to balance it out. So attackers have a chance to win. Then you’re pretty much guaranteed a loss. Obviously, you can still win, But it would just be much harder for absolutely no reason So just wait before you run out and let your teammates take care of any possible spawn Peaks, And the only other thing to do immediately at the beginning of an action phase. Is to destroy the outside cameras So far with all the ranked maps, there’s only two to three cameras outside for every single map and don’t assume that your teammates will Get the cameras.

This is probably the worst assumption You can make at the be nil around I’ve done it before, and we’ve had Default outside cameras be up the entire round, and the defenders are watching us. The entire time. There’S gon na be a huge detriment to your Team, especially if the defendant team is smart and doesn’t mark you, and you don’t know that the camera Up so just take the ten seconds or so and check every single camera there. Usually, within line of sight of one another, So now we’re gon na generalize to the first minute. The main thing you should be doing in the first minute of the action phase is Droning. I find it best if you have one or two people on drones And then the rest of the team pushing with this.

You can easily counter roamers. I talked about the salon, my counter roaming, video, But basically, what you want to do is have one person drone to find out where they are and then I have two people push at the exact same time. Don’T push one by one, because it’s an easy way for the roamer to have a chance of surviving and possibly going to for one So join them out and eliminate all rumors. If you can eliminate every single rumor within the first minute of the round, then you’re pretty Much golden from there on out and another top priority for the first minute is to breach either External walls or hatches to site. So this basically boils down to just thermitic or high bonding the walls or hatches to site the earlier.

You can do this. The more the defenders get pinned down, they’re gon na be very hesitant to just running around and rotating when they know that they can be seen by the wall or by the Hatch in a strategy that can help with. That is basically what I call sweeping. It doesn’t work on every single map, because some apps do have a lot of rotation areas but, for example, on Oregon. For this example We’ll assume that they’re defending in basement. If your team spawns in a junkyard and main gate, you can easily push through the kitchen side, the dorms room and the main door you sweep that entire part of the building and then Once you’ve killed everyone. There are pushed them out. You have one or two people sitting in a meeting hall watching the main meeting hall and the bridge. Once you have those two people stationed that meeting hall, then the rest of the team can focus on pushing the objective site.

These three People never have to watch their back because it’s literally impossible For the defenders to flank without being spotted by the other two attackers holding the meeting hall. So this gives your team a lot more confidence while pushing and never having to worry about their back. Now, keep in mind that strategy I outlined is usually a strategy that takes place throughout the entire round, not just in the first minute. The main thing you want to Do in the first minute is just sweeping the building and securing your flanks. The rest can be done after that. Another big thing to do in the first minute is destroy as many default cameras as you can, And once you memorize the positions of the cameras, it’s very easy to just sweep through the map in the story. All the Defaults. Now

I mention quite a few things that you should do in the first minute. I’M gon na mention a few things. I don’t think you should do the number one being securing or planting on the objective in the first minute. Yes, rush strategies do exist and they do work every once in a while, but for the most part I do not think it’s worth doing, plus. There’S also the fact that now this meta is going completely trap. Oriented Edelyn lesion slowdown Russia’s alot, so you’re, putting yourself at a huge risk trying to run it in the first minute or so, and another Big, no, is the fact that you should not have multiple people drowning at once. I mentioned earlier. Having two people in drones is okay, You should probably not have any more than that. It’S incredibly frustrating when you have three or four people and drones, and only one person pushing in Any until you get will pretty much be useless because everyone will have to get off their drones and then react to whatever is happening. Whereas if you have one or two people on drones, they can make the calls and then the other three people can then push and React to whatever the calls are. So yes get the Intel but limit the amount of people you have on drones.

It’S not necessary to have the entire team droning and those are the quick points. The first minute now We’re gon na move on to the second minute now I have absolutely no data to back this up, but based on personal experience. The second minute is where most of the deaths occur in the game, so because of this, I think the Number one thing you should be doing in the second minute is breaking open walls and floors to the objective site. Now I do want To add that there is a difference between breaching the walls and floors, as opposed to just breaching the hatch in wall to site. Like I mentioned earlier in the first minute, You should be getting that vital wall or hatch that you absolutely need to break in order to win in a second minute. You should Be opening up.

Soft walls or other walls are left over. This is most common on maps that have destructible floors or Destructible Drew’s, because then the attacking team can then break it and then peek into the objective site. If you know that common hiding spots, You can breach the floor and immediately Shoot the defender before they can even react, and the main reason why you want to get a lot of kills during the second minute Is because you don’t want to have three or more Defenders Waiting in the last minute to thirty seconds, holding the objective site. You want to limit this down to one or two people, Because most objective sites really only have two to three entry points, so the more people they have on site waiting for you, the less of a chance you have of surviving any type of entry and Another Thing you can do in the second minute is trying to contest the objective. If you have enough early picks, It’s actually not that bad of an idea. If your team’s, already at an advantage, the longer you wait, the more the defenders have a chance of picking people off. So if your team is confident enough And you have the ability to do it, you might as well go for objective.

While you have the advantage in the second minute, you Can still be droning, But I definitely say that you should tone down the amount of droning that you do at this point. You should already know where most Of the defenders are and the drone should only really be used to kind of scout out where gadgets are or where traps are. It can also be used to confirm the location of defenders if you have lost track of them, But no one should be doing full, Basically where they stand the drone for the next minute, or so that’s generally a huge waste of time. It really doesn’t add much to the team unless it actually results in a kill and a big thing to not do in the second Minute is to deviate from the plan. If your team has a plan set up on how to push the objective, don’t just decide, hey, I’m gon na go, do something else on my own, For example, if we go back to the Oregon thing, if you’re one of the people who are supposed to hold Meaning Halt, don’t just suddenly decide hey, I’m gon na push the tower and just try to go right to the objective your team is relying. I need to do something very specific And if you let them down, then your entire team organization can crumble And if, for whatever reason, you do decide to do something that let your team know and let them prepare for that, don’t just spring It on them. As a surprise, all right now

We’Re in the last minute, this isn’t me kind of tricky to talk about, because, for the most part, the last minute involves just pushing the objective, and since I Can’t cover every single objective for every single map, It’s gon na be kind of broad in this last Minute, I would just say, as a general rule, do not drone at all. Realistically, you should know almost everything about the objective set at this point and where the defenders are so, you have absolutely no reason to drone. The only time I Would say droning would be helpful, is putting a drone behind you to watch your flank in case. If there’s not enough people to do So, then whoever is dead can just sit on the drone and let you know if anyone’s pushing from behind This is because you only have 60 seconds left. So if you spend 30 of it drowning it out, You’re really limiting how much time you have to actually push and either play the objective Or to get all the kills and say you waste 30 seconds droning, And then you only have 30 seconds left to actually Win the match: The defenders aren’t a huge advantage, because all they have to do is just hold the objective sight, You’re, the one that has to take initiative and do something about it.

So really all you’re doing is giving them a huge advantage, because all I have to do is hold angles and wait for you and When you only have 30 seconds after probably gon na, be panicking a lot more and not thinking completely straight. So as soon as they know, Where you are all you have to do is just wait for you to push And they can all be ready to shoot you and, like I said this, current meta is very trap oriented, So you don’t want to give yourself only 15 seconds to push and then get caught in 15 traps along the way, I’m sure we’ve all had it happen to us where we pushed the objective and then we get hit by a legion truck than a Grizz montt, then get hit by a cab can trapped At a frost trap And then an echo drawn all at once That can all easily be avoided if you push early and give yourself some time, if you only have 15 seconds, if you’re not gon na, Be able to wait and check for traps or see. If you get hit by a goo needle You’re, not really gon na have time to take it out, so you’ll be taking damage over, You won’t be able to sprint and you’ll be vulnerable to the enemies. Pushing you, Whereas this say you push in with 60 seconds. Left get hit by the goo trap. You have plenty of time to remove the needle And reevaluate the situation and to add on to the whole waiting into last 15 seconds. It is very dangerous to do so. If the enemy team has a smoke, He’s not necessarily a trap operator, but he can deploy his smokes in the last 10 seconds each. So you can put them down in the last 30 seconds and completely deny entry through one of the doorways or windows. And If this starts happening – and you only have 10 seconds left to react – you have no choice but to go through their annual, very likely die.

And another thing to avoid doing I mentioned this earlier when I was talking about drowning out. Rumors is to not push one by one. I’Ve Seen a lot of 3v1 Situations and in the loss, because the attackers decide to push in one by one, while the defenders peck them off as they entered. It Is literally impossible for a defender to fend against three people pushing them at the exact same time And now I know it’s incredibly hard to coordinate a three pronged push at the exact same time, but at least make an effort. Don’T be the person who, just as soon as they spots, the person just runs in trying to go gun ho, Tell your teammates, where they are and try to count down to when you can push in together. Even the best player in the world can’t counter two people shooting at them at the exact same time. It’S all about timing, don’t get impatient now, a big! No!

This is something that frustrates me to no end is people who, for some, whatever Reason, decided to shoot gadgets when they only have 15 seconds left that ad s sitting in the corner, with 0 charges left And you don’t even have any grenades or projectiles for it To intercept is Not going to affect you, you do not need to shoot, it Don’t engage us that should really be worrying about, like I said our traps Beyond that everything else can be ignored. So really there’s no other tips. I can give the main thing to take away from. This is just the fact that you should not Be wading into the last 30 to 15 seconds to push Start pushing with 60 seconds. Don’T panic just concentrate on trying to get people one by one and don’t get distracted, Focus on getting kills or securing the objective? That’S all you need to win. You don’t need to destroy that ad s, and Now that I covered the general structure for the round. I do want to mention.

One thing is learning how to adapt. One of the biggest issues I find when I’m playing with friends or fans Is that a lot of people don’t learn from their mistakes. The spawn in a separate place and immediately get spawned piqued and then die, and then the next attack around Oh did the Zach same thing. Basically, learning from your mistakes is the only way to get better at the game. If you take every single situation as an isolated incident And don’t use it as a way to grow and learn, you can’t expect to get any better if you get spawned peaked in melee Just say: oh, it’s just a one-off thing.

That’S never gon na happen again. You’Re, probably gon na get spawn Pete from there again, So just adapt if it’s for the for over time and even notice that they always bring a mirror, no matter What consider bringing twitch to counter her. If you notice that they always have a Jaeger to counter import grenades that you need to throw into the objective, consider bringing someone flashes or smokes to burn the ad s’s Or even Thatcher to destroy them or what probably the most common one. If you notice that they always have defenders with traps, then make Sure to look out for those traps Start drawing out the windows and doorways till you just don’t immediately jump into a frost mat every single time. Things happen in siege for a reason:

It’S not like every single person just has some dumb luck. There are small instances of random luck or unexpected events, but for the most part, their learning experiences Accept that whatever happened was a mistake and that you can adapt and learn from it. The best way I’d say to learn from something is that if something happens to you and you’re like oh, I didn’t expect something that only this person has ever done into me. Just Expect every single person from there on out to always do that to you. So if you’re Blackbeard repelled at a window and someone runs out and kills you from one of the doorways just expect that to always Happen so just adapt and learn, learn from your mistakes, and that is it for the information segments of this video. We’Re now going to move on to the quiz segment. The basic format is that I will ask you as a question or give you A scenario and I’ll give you ten seconds on the clock. You then come up with your own answer and at the end of the ten seconds,

I’Ll give you my answer: If you think your answer was correct, Then you can give yourself a point and at the end there will be a score sheet. Based on how many questions you got right, You know with that all covered. Let’S go into the questions. These first two questions are going to be about operator selection Question one it’s for two for match point over time and ranked the defending team has chosen an Ella and Allegiant every single defending round Who are the best two operators to pick in order to counter these Two operators, with ten seconds on the clock, go Time’s up and the answer is IQ and Thatcher. Now a lot of people don’t like choosing IQ because they don’t really think she brings lots to the team. But ever since Ellen Lee should have been introduced. She is very, very powerful and not to mention now that cap cans been busting his traps,

No longer Have a laser IQs, much more important for dealing with that trap. So, Although she might not have the best Utility, getting rid of traps can be very, very helpful for any team. If the objective site has a lot of vertical Destructibility and meaning to the floor of the site or the roof of the site, can be destroyed and considered taking IQ to the room above or below it, You can then scan the room and destroy electronics through the Floor and as for Thatcher, if you don’t need to break into any walls, You can always just use his EMP grenades and throw them into the room or an entrance ways. This will destroy any goo or Grossmont traps in the area.

It also have the added bonus of destroying any other electronic gadgets, There’s also a third possible option Which would be twitch. But the issue is that the legion traps don’t show up as easily for twitch, But if you think you can be really good at spying them than twitch is a viable option. For this Question to your entire team has chosen an operator except for you. So far you have a Thatcher But no Habano or thermite, and since every single team should have one which one do you choose, And on top of that you have absolutely no idea which objective They’re going to defend with 10 seconds on the clock go Time’s up. Now, there’s a lot of arguments I could be made in either a favor of Habana or thermite. Personally, in every single situation, I would choose Habana. The reason being is that if you have to go for hatches from above Habanos much more efficient at getting them now, while thermite can open up a lot of big walls like garage walls and some objectives, I still think hit bond is a better choice.

Most competent teams will have someone banner tricking and even though Habanos gadgets can now be destroyed by bandits after they had been activated, I still think have honest better at countering ban and tricking and then thermite. Any good band player can easily hear where thermite’s Pistons charge. While Habana can be a bit more of a surprise And on top of that once rigid, I found it to be kind of helpful. It’S a place to hit bono charges in between two walls. So basically I’ll have four head bono pellets on one side and two on the other, so that way abandons banner tricking. He can get one side, But then the other side will still have two or four bono pellets on it. If they’re quick enough, they can get both sides, But usually they won’t be able to react in time and even though hapana can’t open up as much of the wall as therm, I can it’s still good to get at least some peek holes in there. So, overall, my answer would be Habana over thermite any day. The only time I’d say to take thermite is, if you absolutely know which objective They’re gon na go and you think a thermite will be better to opening up a wall as opposed to hatches Question three. If say, two defenders are in the basement and you have to get hatches on the first floor, But you know that some of the defenders are roaming.

What should prioritize hunting down the rumors or opening the hatches as soon as possible, with ten seconds on clock, go Time’s up, and the answer is, I would say, Prioritizing hatches is a most important thing as long as you’re, not at an immediate risk of getting shot By the Romer, then, you can easily get the hatch and then worry about the Romer after the main concern is that if you go to hunt down the Romer and The breacher comes along, they could be picked off by the Romer And then, if that happens, you Have no one to breach the hatches And if your breaches the Habana, then they can easily get the hatch from outside. They don’t have to worry about going inside or at least from a far angle, where they’re at less of a risk. However, once you open the hatch, don’t just all crowd around it, peeking into the objective sight make sure to get rid of the Romer right after you open up the hatch Now it’s time for the bonus question Realistically, what should he do during the droning part of The prep phase, with ten seconds on the clock, go Time’s up. Let’S be honest here, all the crap

I said about drawing out the objective: finding out what operators They’re on all that stuff, all Bullshit, really what you want to do is just have complete lack of knowledge of what’s happening because the more stuff You know, the more you’ll psych yourself out. So, instead, during the prophase, just tab out start browsing read in a bit and as soon as the action phase that started tap back in Immediately rush the objective as soon as you can and you’ll one they just want to expect it. This is a foolproof plan and I can guarantee you it’ll work every single time And that is it for today’s episode of siege school Hope. You guys enjoyed and learned something new. I do want to say I’m sorry that there was no sea school episode last week. Last Week I did finally get my car And I had to deal with a lot of paperwork and a lot of other stuff to do so.

I just didn’t feel like making a siege school episode that week. I will give you as a fair warning, because not everyone watched the channel update video is that next week will be a sketch video. The way I’m rotating these Saturday, videos is on a three week: rotation Where week, one is a map, knowledge seat school Week. Two will just be a generic siege school like this video and then week three will be a sketch video. I Just want to let you guys all know that, because I know not everyone’s up-to-date on the announcements and changes being made to the channel And, as I said earlier here, the scores based on how many questions you got right in the quiz. Let me know in the comment section down below How well you did and before I finish the video I wanted to my two usual plugs plug number one. I stream on Twitch every single day, starting at noon and That’s 12 Eastern Standard Time.

By the way, we generally do a lot of range grinding and I try to explain everything I’m doing and try to teach the chat. My tactics, if You want to watch this tune in by phone, the link on the screen or in a description below and plug number 2. I do have a merge sort on design by humans. The link is down in the description below And I do have a few designs available on there. Unfortunately, I haven’t uploaded any new designs for a while, So I am open to ideas from the community. So if anyone wants to propose any just, let me know, and that is the form Plugs, and that is it for this video

Thank you very much for watching everyone, and I hope you guys enjoyed I’ll see you guys in the next episode of siege school. Take care.