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How To DEFEND Coastline – SoloQ & Stack, Rainbow Six Siege


It’S time for coastline, defend map, guide, soloq and stack which map guides. Would you like to see in the future comment down below? Do you want to participate in the 40 dollars contest? More info can be found in the comment. Section coastline is a map that is considered an attack, silent map due to it being so open. All the rooms in the map have its own windows. Aside from the second floor, toilet that has hatch, and since that is not enough, there is a giant rooftop that allows a taker denying one full rotation, the hookah stair situation. This leaves with just one somewhat safe rotation between the floors and, if attackers open up the lobby double doors, consider that rotation closed as well with having said this, let’s get going, timestamps and subtitles are available. You will need to know following calls to follow this video vase, pirate or vodka shaikho and pengu spot.

Let’S start with the hukan pool for the solo queue playstyle playing with valkyrie around pink and blue bar with possible c4 denied a plan could be one of the better ways to solo queue. Generally. Valkyrie is a great on this map for all objectives, as they will allow you to run out onto the attackers we’ll use all 10 reinforcements. Four of them will be in the hookah three-facing vase and its hallway, and the fourth one will be facing full and aqua. You might find this setup interesting due to not reinforcing this middle wall, nor none out of these two, but here’s the idea behind it. You want to be able to contest the attackers by the latest or vip’s hallway from a default anchor position. Other softballs will enable you to play and contest the aqua takers.

Usually you will have mellow holes on this wall and the rotation and mellow holes on the other wall. The corner reinforcement will allow you to play by these holes if there will be an attacker by the nightie also make malachos facing the vip’s hallway. The other two reinforcements are there to complement your base player, especially against the hook of end of angle, but also to be able to play close to the reinforcement. If an attacker will get inside of the hookah, we will have two vip walls closed just so. Attackers cannot from the vipc pool the last. Four walls will be quarter walls by shaikho as for the barred, wires or other trap gadgets like melusi, lesion, proximity, alarms, etc. We’Ll need one in-between bomb and pool so taker is gon na crouch towards the shaykh guy. You will need one barbed petrov to have a banshee for the vip hallway, which will diesel of attackers coming from the vip90, and the last two will be standard by entrance of the hookup from the balcony and over there.

You don’t want to put it in the middle or even on the top, because you might want to contact your takers on the stairs. Speaking about that be aware of the drone hole on the top that the drone hole is frequently used for a frag grenade. You have seen both of the rotations between these stairs and hookah and between who cut the pool. The first rotation is there tonight a plant in the hookah’s corner, but also to get safely in the hook against the roof angles. Denying the plant will sometimes mean getting through the tortillation as they might be playing in the smoke on the side of the chairs. The other rotation is rotation between sights also allows you to not default plane spot, which is behind the bomb smoke from sheikh, can kill and deny anyone by the default by throwing hero smoke. Vape that mechanic, when smoke is scanning zone for the wall is called small.

Glitching we’ll need a few vertical holes to deny the plant an angle from this drone hold over the office, and you will need to either open up the hatch or open up a vertical angles towards the entrance of the pink bar. Nothing much anchor places aside from pirate shika and very important position vase from ways you can deny hookah vip as well as full push also is a map that is usually played off the side, and this objective can have three roamers on the first floor or you Can extend yourselves towards theater we’ll go to double bar objective. It is held usually from the hookah pool, but lately teams were extending their defense horizontally. All the way towards the lobby for solo queue playing around security will allow you to play against multiple attacks.

The office as well as vertical you can rotate over the lobby stairs. As for the stack, you will need to reinforce two penguls who was called to the sofa spot. These two will enable you to play there. Even if attackers are pushing for the office now, you can also reinforce these two walls against lobby angles, leaving you with four reinforcements remaining you’ll have two more facing office on blue and the last two reinforcements are really up to you, maybe having the vase voice reinforced. Similarly, to the previous defense will be neat, some teams like to bring for the kitchen to serious walls or the extended hold, but it is really down to you. As for the barred wires, the only default is a pink bar door. If you don’t intend to play too much on the top, then having a barbed wire on the cool vibe stairs, the upper part is must so you can be playing by the pink bars hallway safely.

Even if you lose the top floor control, the bar driver will. Let you know if takers will contest that angle about the rotations and angles you will need at least two out of four blue bar walls opened. You can even make rotation there if you wish, so so from the lobby. You can deny the default plan by the bar, keep in mind that planting like this will make the taker safer from the lobby. You will need the rotation between the objectives, as of the positions consider to have sown by the sofa spot or bar, and that’s pretty much it that guy can deny both objectives, especially if you have a deplorable shield like this, it will allow him to rotate between The sofa and bar safer against the attacker’s angles and from the sofa you can deny both pushes pretty safely, let’s go for kitchen and service and in solo, queue play around theater with impacts or something to open up angles towards the service.

That way, you can potentially taker is ignoring you, but as well as keep the vertical control. As for this tag, we’ll have two reinforcements in the kitchen facing hallway, so you can place safely behind the bomb if needed, but also not to let the takers to ash or sofia charge. The wall from the lobby and get in for a default plant will have one reinforcement between the objectives, letting you contesting service safely through this rotation. We’Ll also use three reinforcements facing lobby. Some teams prefer having this wall opened as that rotation will enable you to deny the kitchen push from the lobby and not the judge from the kitchen door. Assuming this is reinforced, we have four reinforcements left. One will be put in the toilet facing service against outside angle, all the way towards one of the series default spots, but as well as to enable you to plane the toilet against the outside angles.

Other reinforcements are really up to your roamers. You might want to play with the roamers on the top like theater and the nightie, and then reinforce knighted oval, just one and use all the two reinforcements for the theater to penthouse and the lobby stairs. But, as you can see, this is a bit more advanced. So i’m letting you guys to the side for that for the barbed wires or traps you will need to buy the kitchen door and the window, and you will need one by the service door, rotation and line of sights. Aside from the two rotations you had seen between the toilet to service and between the objectives make vertical holes over this series door, which is also the evil plant, so the night plane from bow is another possibility, also make a lot of angles towards the kitchen from Its hallway, for multiple reasons, the first one is that you can deny kitchen window vault, as well as the door from the garden and zed. However, from lobby you can also deny such pushes, and that is why rotation by this wall comes very handy.

But again it’s slightly more advanced and i just want to give you some extra ideas, especially for those that know default strats. As for the anchor positions having sown in the series behind bob is a must, you might want to have sown the toilet, that’s pretty much! It and finally penthouse and theater considered as the worst stack objective, but for the solo queue it’s pretty much. Boggers penthouse has its own laps. When solo queueing, you can roam, but as well as you can directly deny the plant from relatively safely see for playing around kitchen service, toilet and lobby. You have plenty of options there from flagging, hookah stairs running out the guy on the big window, sea portion below and much more as for this deck, we’ll have fine the theater two facing stairs another shoe just next to these walls and one more facing pen house.

These fire reinforcements will allow you to play safely in the theater will reinforce triple penthouse to vip walls as well as now. You can either reinforce both toilet walls, allowing you to play a bit more against the vip balcony or you can reinforce one wall and translate the other wall onto the vip to 90 volt, allowing you to play heavier on the knight e, a the global shield by 90 will be super handy, as for the barred wires, make sure to have one by the lobby: stairs zed theater, hallway towards 90

We picked this side because the other side is already denied by the other barbed wires or traps, and the last barred wire will be put by the anchor to the penthouse from fame. There won’t be any rotation but make a few vertical angles towards the lobby. As for the anchor positions having someone in the theater playing around couple of the cheeky spot, as you can see, right now is recommended some teams, like sacrificing a purge in the penthouse against the half wall behind the bedroom or fame. Other teams like to have vip wall open and a shield facing vip vice having someone in the vip corner.

Having said all this, one player in the theater is enough. Thank you for watching this video and staying with me for this long and thanks all the patrons and youtube members for making this video available. If you want to learn all the basics and advanced things about the siege, make sure to give me like subscribe and clarification bell to get all notifications on my channel make sure to give me feedback down in the comment section below.

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