How to find your Rainbow Six: Siege Scope Sensitivity and FOV for Kovaaks Aim Trainer


Hello, my name is Cynadote, and today I will show you how you can calculate your Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity with 4 scopes for Kovaaks aim trainer. I’Ve been getting a lot of comments on how you can do that. So I wanted to make a video on how you’re, using the Rainbow 6 each blog post, to show how you can actually achieve that. So, first of all, there’s fov and input sensitivity.

So first we need to calculate the FOV to get the scope FOV correct. So this is the easier part it’s just as optic types and modifiers, and each optic type has a zone modifier like ACOG at 0.35, which is a 65 percent decrease movie, so to find our fov. What we do is we take this modifier and we multiply it with our current fov, which mine is 90. So when i do that, i get 30 1.5. So this is my ACOG fov. So if I wanted to use an ACOG scope in game – and I wanted to practice using an ACOG scope in Kovacs, this is what I will use for my movie. The other ones are, of course, iron sights same thing. Take it multiply with your current fov. You get 81 do that, so this is for iron sights and any other one-time scope, which is like reflex, red dot and all those other thing is. We need to calculate our sensitivity. So how can we do that so coming down here? I will link this blog post and the the description below by the way if anyone wants to check it out, it’s pretty good. So what we want to do here is check the ADS calculations since we’ll be aiming down sights.

This is what we need to use. So for ADS calculations, we see this forget about the mins and the max’s. This is what we need, so i’m just copy that right here, so you guys can see it so aim down sights times X, Factor aiming times optic modifier. So our aim down sights is our ad s, sensitivity in game 83. Our x-factor aiming is, is if you, if you have not touched it, it’s 0.02. If you have, you can go to your documents. My games Rainbow six siege, find that this and then check out your from input. You will find your x-factor aiming value after that. The optic modifier again the optic modifier is given here for ACOG is 0.35. So when I take that – and I do this – let me just switch these out with multiplying, multiplying signs, as the computer won’t understand what an X is. So I get zero point, five, eight one. So what this is is we’re gon na have to multiply our current sensitivity with this value.

My current sensitivity is five, so once once I do that my Kovacs sense will be this for an ACOG. So let me just put place that there ACOG sense is zero. Point two: nine: oh five, then, when we check the hollow out is 0.6, it’s a 40 % decrease hollow red dot. Reflex yeah! If you want, you can do it for the glasses scope as well, but I don’t think anyone will really want to black practice with that. So these are all the same for the one-time scopes, so we do it. What we do is take this come back here into our formula and then place it where we have the sensitivity modifier, which is this. This is what we get since my dispenser. Tivity is 83. I get a value very close to one. If you want to have your hipfire sensitivity as close to your one time, sensitive as possible use 83, sadly, we cannot use 83 point three three three, because if we did you get even closer to one but 83 is the closest to one and that’s what we Have to deal with so taking this and that this is our one time sensitivities for scopes there.

One time sense. So now, let’s put these values into into Kovacs itself. So let’s say I want to practice my ACOG. I copy this fov that I just recently got go to game options and then in my fov cider make sure to put it two vertical one on one. That is what you have to do, because Rainbow six uses vertical fov and then afterwards what we do is our sensitivity scale, make sure to go to Rainbow six when we go to Rainbow six. This is our sensitivity that we got for ACOG, Rainbow six sensitivity, and once we do that, we should have this. This should be our ACOG, you see so, and that is. That is all I need to know about how to how to use the blog post to convert your sensitivity for each scope and Rainbow six siege. Thank you for watching.