HOW TO PLAY: LESION. Tips, Tricks, and Strategies in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege


Awww snap, it’s Needle Boy! Alright guys, let’s talk about Lesion, AKA Needle Boy. This dude is VERSATILE; I mean he wears gym shorts, a white T-shirt, talk about SWAG. But behind this suave outfit and Asian exterior is a viper waiting to sting. Lesion truly is a character to be reckoned with if you play with him correctly. So today we’re gonna talk about how to use him. Lesion is a 2 speed 2 armor operator that gets a total of 7 needle traps per round. The caviat though, is that he starts with one, and then every 35 seconds he gets another one to deploy. Now Lesion really is an interesting meta; there’s a couple different ways that you can play him.

Some people roam with him, some people camp in the objective with him. I like to do a combination of both. Because his needle traps are on a timed refill, I like to plant needles farthest away from objective earlier in the round. That way you don’t have to stick your neck out too far when the operators on the enemy team are probably already in the building.

Also, when laying these traps, place them in high traffic areas where someone is bound to step on them, and DON’T place them in the corner ya damn spaghetti head! I’m sorry, I’m just sayin’! Now Lesion really has two main functions: one of them is to slow the enemies down, and the other one is to alert you and your friends to where the enemies are.

Lesion is one of those characters that can be a tower of information for you and your teammates. So for example, I like to put my Gu Needles on stairwells so that when one of them goes off, I can look and see which went off, and then I can call it out. “Oh there’s someone on the southwest stairwell.” or “hey, a Gu Needles just went off in the east hallway.” Also a good way to work with your Gu Needles is to set them somewhere close by where you know enemies are, and when they get triggered, pounce on them and just unload. Lesion’s versatility comes from the sense that he’s an extremely powerful anchor, but and the same time he can relay information about things that are going on far away from objective.

One of Lesion’s best anchoring tools is his shotgun. It only has 6 bullets, but it’s extremely powerful. So if you lay a Gu Needle somewhere close and you hide, listen for that needle to go off and then pop out and all you need it one or two shots to down them. Lesion really is an operator that benefits from taking a play style like a snake waiting in grass about to strike. If you combine his impact grenades, his needles, his shotgun, his soccer shorts, and these tactics we’ve talked about, you’re bound to poop on some people.

So hey guys, thank you for watching; I hope you learned something, and if you did leave a like and subscribe to the videos, and I plan to be making more of these so let me know what you think in the comments. I’m DaWoody, and go on, get out there, poop on some people..

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