HyperX All-Stars – Rainbow Six: Siege ? In Game Strategy


Rated M for Mature. When we first started playing Rainbow Six all Siege five of us players wanted to use the rifle. It was literally just shooting. There was no tactical involvement. Almost immediately I knew that if people were doing their own thing, mainly me, if I ran off by myself I would die almost every single round. We just want to go in and take our own route and just try killing people by ourselves and we found out soon that it does not work. And we kind of needed more of a team aspect. Having more of a strategic base and not just go in by ourselves and wanting to have a big gun. If you go by yourself you will die. It?s impossible to diffuse a C4 bomb and at the same time taking out a suicide bomber running at you.

You need to be with your team. I think sticking together is a very core component Picking each other up when you die is important. Work with the team because they can revive you when you go down. You should have three people or two groups: one with two and three, standing together, or the whole group together. I think if it is your first time playing you should try to play all of the roles to determine which one you like the best. I really feel that you can find your play style within one of these operators. We were trying to mount and the different rooms. Some of us had special abilities that we didn’t even know about and we were not even using. Some of the guys really like picking up the shield all of sudden and using the pistol and they really like that play style. And some of the guys wanted to use the shotgun. Then and all of a sudden we switched and each found a strategy that fit us the best. I think I would advise you to try to all of the operators and figure out which one works the best for you.

Pro Rainbow Six teams will use all of their tools and gadgets. Use all of the guns. They have a lot of guns on all of the roles and see what works the best for you. Some people are more strategic. Some people are more “run and gun.” I could tell that some gun felt a lot more powerful than other ones. One gun called the G2 was very accurate from mid to long range targets. Try to experiment with the shields because they are a lot of fun to use. Staying alive is a lot more fun than dying and watching your teammates for the last 5 minutes of the round. You have to go slow. You cannot just go running in, especially when you are playing on the more difficult maps. C4 explosives traps and suicide bomber are hidden in many places. You should proceed with caution. Throw flash bangs before you enter the room. Listen for clues that tell you if there is a C4 bomb nearby. Usually C4 bombs are close to a door that you might walk through. Use proper team work, don’t just run in “Rambo style” all by yourself.

During one round I knew the quickest way to get into a room was to repel in and kick the door down. Somtimes when I did that the opposing team was not on that floor yet. The other team would be on the next floor below me while my team was still on the floor above me. Then I would enter alone and get killed. IT was a little upsetting..

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