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I Was Playing Lesion Wrong! || How to get the most out of Lesion.


What is it guys I’m get flanked and for those of you guys, who’ve been around the channel for a while. You might be familiar with my you’re using X operator, wrong videos. That’S a video series where I would take an operator and I would go over the common mistakes. I see a lot of people make when playing that operator and then I would give tips on how you can get more out of That operator and play them more effectively.

Well, I’ve decided to change the title of that series too. I was using X operator wrong because that’s the honest truth as I look back at those videos, It was me that was using those operators wrong and I just learned over time how to use them more effectively and really. Those videos were just me relaying what I’ve learned to you guys and tips, and In this video it’s time for me to admit that I was playing lesion wrong and over the last season I have developed strats with lesion that I think have allowed me to play Him much more Effectively and I’m gon na relay those tips to you guys. Today.

These tips are going to be designed to help the beginning to intermediate player, Pick up lesion and have a better sense of how to use them and how to get more out of them. The big concept you have to understand with lesion is that lesion is an operator that becomes more powerful as the round goes on and That’s true in a couple of different ways. First of all, he earns more goo mines as the round goes on, and I think most people understand that concept. But you also have to understand that his go mines are more powerful as the round goes on. So if an enemy steps on a GU mine with two minutes left in the round, not a big deal in most circumstances, They’re just gon na pull it out and go on. But if they step on a GU mine with only 15 seconds left in their round, Then by the time they pull it out, They may not have enough time to get the defuser down are getting the objective and you may have single-handedly won that round with Agumon. So with that in mind, you have to really think about the risks that you’re, taking with Legion. What you’re seeing on the screen Right now, although it does turn out well for me, is the risk that I probably should not have taken with Legion.

It could have gone badly for me and it could have knocked me out of the round as a legion very early, and I would have Gotten very little out of lesions utility. So that’s really the basics. With Legion for the absolute beginner out there, the big concept used lesion very Carefully so that you can get all of his glue mines out during the round so that you can keep yourself alive towards the end Of the round. Don’T take unnecessary Risk with Legion. Now, Let’s move on to some more in-depth strats for the intermediate players, because that’s really what I’ve developed over the last season, I was playing lesion wrong in previous seasons, as I would play lesion like I would play any other defensive operator.

I would play him in the same positions that I played other defensive operators And, as the round went on, I would just throw goo mines, I’m not a big spawn picker, but I was finding myself taking unnecessary risk with lesion and over the last season I developed Strats, where I put lesion in what I call a pocket and You’ll see in the next couple of Clips, what I mean by that, but basically what I do is I set lesion up in a place where the enemies have to come through goo mines in order To reach me, and that makes lesion really difficult to deal with and really powerful, and What I love about playing lesion like this is it’s perfect for a solar cure. All the clips You’re going to see in this video

Are me solo cueing, and I will say that there are a couple of examples here where you’re gon na want a Jager ATS beside you and That’s not too much to ask for. I think when you’re solo cueing, it is pretty reasonable to get a Jager to help you out. I don’t usually have a problem with that, But other than that you don’t need any help. The goo mines are gon na, be your call-outs for you and You’re gon na be able to know where the enemies are coming from because of them. So you’re not relying on your random teammates to do that.

For you, and Just overall whether you’re playing with the team or solo cueing Lesion can be really powerful. If you use him as I’m going to show you in the next couple Clips Now, the first clip I’m going to show you it takes place on organ, and this is the upstairs Objective. And what you’re going to see is me just establish a little position on top of the white stairs there. That makes me pretty difficult to deal with. The only real weakness to this position is a buck that goes underneath and Honestly at my level, you don’t see that very often It happens occasionally, But not very often, and what you’ll see me do is throw out my goo mines to provide Coverage all around me. So that any way that an enemy pushes me, I will have one of them go off and I will know where they are and be able to get kills because of it. So I’m just gon na let this round play pay attention to how I play and also we’re out there There’s blue minds and how conservative I play throughout the course of this round. Locations are secure.

Okay, first floor buy it first, It is gaming. Okay, a couple things for that round. I want to go back over because, although it does show the overall concept I’m trying to relay here, It wasn’t perfect by any means. The first thing I want to talk about, though, is with this Ash when she runs into this GU mine, all my stairs Notice that I do pre fire, so I’m firing before I ever see her or know exactly where she is and then I adjust my sights On to her, as I See her, and I do recommend that in a lot of situations with GU mines, because you’re gon na know roughly where the enemy is So, as you turn a corner where that GU mine was pre fire it and then adjust. As you see the enemy, That’s one big tip.

I can give you and thought something that I’d do fairly well in this clip Now this peak that you’re gon na see me do right here I actually get a kill from, but probably not the best decision. I felt safe because it’s kind of sneaky there, But you can see that somebody was looking for it and almost killed me. The bullets came through there and I very easily could have died. So that probably was a mistake. The other thing I want to see here is when this lion jumps in and hits my GU mine under the window. I should have pre fired this window right there.

What if somebody would have been sitting on that window, I would have died. You got a pre fire that window first and then take care of the lion. I had plenty of time to kill that line. He wasn’t even shooting at me, So I should have pre fired that window, But other than that. That’S the major concept right there. Okay, now moving on to the next clip, This is B Solo queuing on my main account, So you’re gon na see a higher level of competition. Here I think it’s high plats, Maybe even a couple of diamonds on the other team here and you’re gon na see me set up. This is a common setup. I used for this objective coastline, where I set up on the cool vibe stairs here and then put the GU mines out around me, so that any way that they try to push me on these stairs I’ll be notified via GU mine. Now, with this setup, It is something where you definitely need a Jaeger, ATS. Okay, these stairs

There’S a vent that comes down from the roof, So it’s very easy to drop a grenade down onto these stairs. So, if you’re gon na play this, you do need help from a Jaeger, and you see what that I will get that from the Jaeger in this clip. Also, in this clip, you’re gon na see the enemy team push the action a little bit early. A lot of times whenever I’m playing this Drat if the enemy lets me stay here, long enough,

I’Ll have goo mines on every single door downstairs That that’s around these, these stairs, where I’m at and also upstairs I’ll, have a couple spread out, but because the enemy pushes action early, it highlights another thing that you have to do with lesion, and that is Prioritizing. Where you put the goo mines early So anywhere that the enemy is gon na, have a long line of sight early in the round, You got to get your GU mines there early. You have to think about that. So, for example, here I don’t want to push up to that hallway that VIP hallway, because the enemy hasn’t line-of-sight there from roof. So I got my GU mine out on that side of the map early and you have to do that.

The other thing is downstairs. I know they’re most likely to come from sunrise, so I got my GU mine there on sunrise door early and then I got one to bottom, my stairs so that no matter which Side they come from at the very least They’re gon na hit a GU mine At the bottom of my stairs, No matter what think about where you’re putting your GU mines, Especially early in the round in case the enemy, does rush, you can still be notified if you use them smart. The other thing that you’re gon na see in this clip is how effective of a counter lesion is two shields, and especially montane in general. Lesion is a Montagnes worst nightmare. I know from playing some montane that the worst thing you can do is run into a GU mine. So right here, you’re gon na see one of my GU mines goes off and then I start paying attention down. Here. I see somebody’s coming from kitchen

That’S not actually the person who hit the GU mine and then there’s an ax montane there Hey. I put a couple bullets into him. He’S gon na push up my stairs hit that other GU mine and I pushed the action because right now he’s getting damaged From the GU mine. He’S got to do something or he’s gon na keep losing health. So I pushed the action, didn’t let him breathe and he had no choice but to drop a shield and I get an easy kill On him, because lesion has the GU mines combined with impact grenades. Lesion can be very effective at going against Monte’s and shields in general. Don’T forget that and make sure that if you see a Monti under this team that you as a lesion kind of perk your ears Up and think about how you can help your team to deal with that Monti?

Okay, guys! That’S about it! For the video, The big concept here is, first of all, for the beginners out there Don’t take unnecessary risk with lesion Make sure that you’re keeping him till the end of the round so that you get the most out of his utility. The other big concept is that I like to play Lesion and little pockets, get those goo mines out around me and use them basically, as proximity alarms. So I know where the enemies are coming from and not only that, but I put the enemies in a vulnerable state and allow me To get easy kills off of them once they hit those goo mines guys. I hope that you got something out of this video. If you did, please make sure that you like and subscribe and I’ll have more coming your way here soon.

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