Kaid’s AUG A3 Buffed – Rainbow Six Siege


What?s up guys, Rogue-9 here and since Kaid?s AUG A3 SMG has been buffed once again this season, it is time to once again take a closer look at this weapon to determine if it is now finally good enough to compete with his alternative primary, the TCSG12. Let?s go! As many of you may remember, when Kaid was introduced into Rainbow Six Siege with operation Wind Bastion, his AUG A3 SMG was probably the worst full auto primary weapon in the game. It had the slow Aim Down Sight time of the rifle class, the earlier damage drop-off of the SMG class, a slow fire rate, and pretty low single shot damage at all ranges. And in addition to all of these factors, the gun didn?t even get access to an ACOG, despite the fact that Kaid is a slow, fat and noisy 1-speed anchor. I guess the recoil and controllability might have been ok back then but that was about it. But thankfully, all of this is now a thing in the past! Before Operation Wind Bastion was even over, the slow ADS time was upgraded to match the SMG class and then during the balancing patch for Operation Burnt Horizon, the gun?s damage received a bit of a buff of about 20% at all ranges.

This made the weapon ok overall but it was still below average even when compared to the SMG class. Now, with the launch of Operation Ember Rise, the AUG?s damage has once again been increased, this time by just under 10% across the board, from 33-24 to 36-26. Will this be enough to finally raise the AUG?s combat capabilities to at least match that of the other SMGs? Let?s look at the stats and see what they say! Having 36-26 damage per shot nowadays is pretty good by comparison to the rest of the SMGs. Compared to the damage profile at launch of 27-20, it?s a huge improvement and in fact this now puts the AUG in third place at close range compared to the other SMGs, on par with Mozzie?s Commando 9, Caveira?s M12 & Vigil?s K1A.

Only the super slow firing 9mm C1 used by Frost and the FBI?s UMP45 are more powerful now. Given the AUG?s fire rate of 700 RPM (still slower than most other guns in the class) I think that makes perfect sense. The resulting Damage Per Second at 420-303 is now the 7th best in class and above average at all ranges. Looking good so far! Breaching the 33 point single shot damage mark also means that the AUG now needs one shot less to down or kill against level 1 armour opponents, at least until the drop-off starts kicking in.

This means that, despite the slow-ish fire rate, the AUG will actually now outperform the SMG class average in terms of time to down or kill at almost all ranges and especially at close and long rage, the advantage is actually pretty respectable. Against level 2 armour attackers, this is kind of reversed. Up to 20m, the AUG is still a little below average for the TTD/K but the advantage builds up quite a bit at medium range before falling off again at very long ranges of 28m or more. The best performance of the AUG?s damage profile is against level 3 armour opponents although of course there are only a handful of those on attack: some recruits, Gridlock, Monty and Fuze. The delta between the AUG?s TTD/K and the SMG average interestingly builds up over distance until it suddenly becomes a disadvantage at 23m only and then starts building up again until the damage curves bottom out. Nevertheless, against this small handful of attacking operators, the AUG performs very well at almost all ranges. So, the conclusion has to be that in terms of the takedown power, Kaid?s SMG is finally able to hold its own against the rest of the weapon class and in fact the take down time against all opponent types, at all ranges is now on average over 10% better than the rest of the SMGs put together . Does that make Kaid a top notch fragger on defence now? Hmmm? noooo, I wouldn?t say so.

The reload times of the AUG are still pitifully slow. Especially from empty, this gun is still the slowest SMG to reload with the exception of Jackal?s PDW9 and even with a tactical reload, there are only Alibi?s Mx4 Storm and Vigil?s K1A that are slower. OK, Kaid gets 31+1 bullets to play with so maybe that explains the slow reload times. Although, of course, as I?ve mentioned before, the 31+1 capacity is still wrong; in real life the 9mm version of the AUG comes with either 25 or 32 round magazines, so the in game capacity should really be 32+1.

Yes, I understand that this is not a huge priority but the extra bullet would not only fix this mistake but also make the slow reload time a little easier to stomach. I would like to see that updated at some point as well. Of course the reload times are not the only weakness of the AUG A3. Considering that Kaid is a 1-speed anchor style defender, I can understand why players are making the argument that his SMG should come with the option of attaching an ACOG and you know what, I wouldn?t mind that either. Because if I compare Kaid with his main competitor in the game: Bandit, I feel that on many sites where protecting walls is the main objective, Bandit is still the better pick. He gets 4 batteries to play with, instead of just the 2 electro claws and the MP7 is still hands down one of the best defender guns in the game. It?s very good damage profile and very good fire rate combine to give the MP7 the best Damage Per Second out of all SMGs and against level 2 & 3 armour opponents the times to down or kill are also significantly above average.

It?s only against level one armours where the MP7?s takedown times are average, due to the gun requiring 4 shots, where many others can still get away with 3. Yes, Kaid?s ability to throw his claws and being able to electrify hatches or up to 2 walls and multiple metal deployable gadgets at once is definitely an advantage that make him the better pick on certain sites and with certain defensive strategies but if Kaid is picked over Bandit, it will always be because of the claws and not the gun fighting ability. But, don?t get me wrong here! With my little rant there, I might still sound a bit critical of Kaid but make no mistake the AUG is now definitely one of the better primaries you can get on defence.

It is an above average weapon and I think it?s in a good place now. Even without an ACOG and even with slow-ish fire rate and reload times and despite the fact that Kaid is still a 1-speed operator, the gun is now very capable. Good damage and highly controllable recoil make the AUG very user friendly now and I think picking between this SMG and the TCSG12 slug shotgun is no longer a case of: one is better and the other worse.

It is now a case of: What site are we playing? Where will I be anchoring? Will I be fighting at longer ranges or even going for a bit of an early peek? Choosing between the two guns is now a question of picking either the AUG as a very capable full-auto all-rounder that can deal with opponents very well in most situations or picking the TCSG for its unique properties, such as the breaching, the ACOG or the great one hit power. And there we have it! Is the AUG A3 good now? Yes, 100%! Does it make Kaid OP or a must pick? No, not really. To me, this gun now feels really nicely balanced. It?s a bit more powerful than most but that is balanced out by other deficits. What are your thoughts on this gun now? Have you been using it? How does it feel to you? Vote in the poll in the top right hand corner of the screen now and leave a comment if you want to share more detailed thoughts! Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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