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Kaid’s AUG A3 vs. TCSG12: Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege


What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here I have uploaded the analysis of new weapons for Operation R6S Wind City This time we will dig up the defense data of Kaid Sit tight and start the show! Kaid has a total of two main weapons to choose from AUG A3 SMG and TCSG12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Two guns can handle very different situations So in the final analysis, you have to choose based on the map terrain, game goals, and your personal habits. The analysis in the video will be as streamlined as possible Details can be viewed by yourself in the table in the video description Start with AUG This SMG is the same as Nomad’s AK-74 The rate of fire and single-shot damage (both before and after attenuation) are below average and the rate of fire is much lower than average This bad combination Causes this AUG to be close to DPS and kill knockdown against any armor level Both are the lowest in the R6S submachine gun category It is indeed a gap of tens of milliseconds But it can’t be changed.

This is a squirt gun that is more water than Valkyrie’s MPX or GIGN’s P90. 31 + 1 magazine size seems to be OK But the filling time is much lower than the average of other SMGs The filling time of the empty warehouse hook just reached the average value of the assault rifle The tactical reload time is 100 milliseconds slower than the average assault rifle. And this is not the only thing this AUG submachine gun and rifle have in common The opening speed of all SMGs in the game is 300 milliseconds This has a little advantage over rifles when dealing with emergencies But somehow Kaid’s AUG takes 450 milliseconds as fast as the rifle standard Fortunately, at least the recoil of this gun is not bad. The basic back seat is already very good. If you choose to assemble the retractor and vertical grip, it basically means which one you hit. Speaking really this recoil is really gentle Can completely give up the vertical grip and directly turn the corner grip This can also reduce the opening time to 270 milliseconds.

Make it closer to other SMGs All in all this AUG in terms of damage output It can almost be said that it is the weakest chicken’s main weapon at present and the speed of opening and reloading is even slower than that of the attacker This gun is obviously designed to be so weak to balance Kaid’s excellent skill props Personally, I think this is similar to Valkyrie It ?s that skill props contribute a lot to the team Players who choose this role will have to endure the low personal combat effectiveness Of course, this is only a third. We still have another main hand shotgun and that super imba. 44 Mai Lin can choose TCSG12 … uh … another abbreviation of this mystery that no one knows Just like BOSG.12.2 … Anyway, like this Tactical Clutch Shotgun 12 I said before It is a semi-automatic single-headed shotgun with a capacity of 10 + 1. It can also be equipped with ACOG. Make this gun more like a precision shooter rifle that can open the wall Against any armor level enemy at a distance of up to 19 meters, one headshot or two torso can be brought down The rate of fire is the same as that of a precision shooter rifle (maybe even faster) The only difference is its unique damage attenuation curve (abbreviation Totally Cool Super Gun 12) It can deal 84 full damage in 19 meters Attenuates to a minimum of 40 damage at 21 meters As a result, the performance gap between close combat and long range combat is obvious.

Shooting the torso within 19 meters guarantees two shots and four shots above 21 meters So true precision shooter rifles still have an advantage in long-range combat. But after all, the average combat distance of players in R6S for so many seasons is basically within 10 meters. So in fact, you may not even notice this problem at all. Unless you really use it to steal people at a very long distance The filling speed of TCSG12 is definitely the best in semi-automatic shotguns (abbreviation Tenaciously Cool Slug Gun 12) And significantly better than most precision shooter rifles The opening speed of 300 milliseconds is also better In terms of recoil, even with a vertical grip, it is still quite scary.

Of course, at least for PC players, as long as they are familiar with it, they can still control it. However, the recoil of this gun may not be very good for console players. Overall, this gun is quite good in terms of combat effectiveness. And after all, it ?s essentially a shotgun. So it also has the function of opening holes and walls In this respect, TCSG is basically the same as BOSG held by Vigil and Dokkaebi. But comparing the formal service with the current version of the test service, we can see that this function has been slightly adjusted. Vigil and Dokkaebi can also break the roof in the current version of the official service And the projectile can penetrate the wall directly, but it takes a few more shots to open the hole.

And in the test suit, as long as it is shooting at the unreinforced wall within 7 meters Each projectile can open a hole directly This has greatly improved the opening ability of the single head spray. Although BOSG has only two rounds, it is still a big limitation. But there is no such problem with the TCSG12 of the super large magazine (abbreviation Top Capacity Shotgun 12) It can be said that it is a good opening tool Although not as fast as the 8 pellets of an ordinary deer bomb shot But it’s totally usable And the performance of the single head spray is a bit unstable when the roof is opened.

If you just shoot at the roof randomly It takes at least 8 shots to open But if you shoot at a smaller angle (the angle here refers to the angle formed by the ballistic track and the ground) Open up a good roof in one shot as much as possible through the structure in the roof It all depends on how many structures this projectile penetrates at once This is basically all the points of TCSG and AUG In summary, we can already draw very clear conclusions. Operation Windy City brought two “hybrid” weapons with different weapon benefits TCSG can open the wall with a semi-automatic shotgun. But the damage and combat power can match or even surpass the precision shooter rifle The .44 Merlin semi-automatic pistol has the same combat power as a precision shooter rifle. There are many advantages only pistols have Unfortunately, AUG A3 is the opposite textbook.

This extremely weak assault rifle failed to inherit the good part of the rifle Only the opening mirror filling speed is the same as the offensive rifle (slow) Kaid has the advantages of inheriting two guns, but one has the disadvantages of two. “Then TCSG is basically Kaid’s first choice?” Not exactly If the terrain of the map will often make you face close combat The AUG with a good gun and full-automatic shooting may still make some players change their minds. Anyway, it is a choice between a weak chicken squirt gun and an ultra-hanging “precision shooter shotgun” Of course you still have .44 Merlin pistol If you want to learn more about this ridiculously strong pocket You can go to the Nomad weapon analysis I made.

There are detailed analysis of its advantages and disadvantages. Wait for it to cross out. There is no disadvantage … Only the advantages of this unscientific hand gun So if you want to see it, click the link at the end of the video. Thank you for watching and hope you enjoy this video. And I will see you in the next episode! .

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