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Maverick’s M4 vs. AR-15.50: Loadout META – Rainbow Six Siege


What?s up guys, Rogue-9 here! We?ve talked about Clash and her guns, now it?s time for the breaker of METAs: Maverick! His gadget might be slightly ridiculous but what about his guns? How good are they really and is there any reason why you should use his DMR over his M4? Let?s go and find out! Now, Maverick of course brings three new guns with him, so in the first part of the video, I will be comparing and contrasting the AR-15.50 with the M4, before rounding the video out with a quick analysis of the 1911 TACOPS.

Attachment wise, the M4 and AR-15 ? wait a minute? Put the AR-15 on screen, please! Ok, as always, the gun model has been beautifully implemented? BUT! Why give Maverick a quad stack 60 round mag here? The .50 Beowulf cartridge was purposefully designed to fit into a standard AR magazine but it will not fit into quad stack magazines, because these are internally split down the middle creating a bottle neck towards the top of the mag. Could team Rainbow have specially modified magazines that would be able to load the larger bullets? Yeah, I guess so but even if it was technically possible, it is completely unnecessary. A normal 30 round mag will in fact fit 10 shots of .50 Beowulf, which is the exact capacity we see in game, so modelling a big 60 round mag is completely unnecessary. And before we go back to the stat analysis, I take my hat off to the 3D artists who painstakingly modelled the AR-15 bolt head here with all of the locking lugs visible. The only problem with that is that as it is shown right here, this gun is malfunctioning. There is no way the bolt should be in this position and it would definitely not be able to fire.

If we look at the M4 or the C8 or the C7 or even the SR-25, we can see what a properly functioning gun of this style should look like. So yeah, great attention to detail on the AR-15 there but completely unnecessary, because this is just wrong. And with that, enough nit picking and back to the program! Attachment wise, the M4 and AR-15 are almost identical, in that they both have access to all four sights and both can use the vertical and angled grips, as well as the laser sight. The only difference is that the M4 can not only use the Muzzle Brake and Suppressor available on the AR-15, but also Flash Hider, Compensator and even the Extended Barrel.

Is this a huge advantage for the M4? I don?t think so. The Extended Barrel is as pointless as it has always been and superficial tests indicate that the Muzzle Brake is probably still the best attachment in terms of recoil management (although I will be looking into the matter in greater depth for the next video). Other than that, the only important factor to look at here is mobility. Both guns come with 50 points and since I spent half an hour explaining this stat in my last video, I will not be going over it again. And now, let?s move on from the simple stuff and get into some of the more interesting stats such as damage drop-off, fire rate, DPS, capacity, reload times, ADS times, recoil and hip fire spread.

Of course a .50 calibre DMR will have more power for each individual shot, than a 5.56 calibre carbine. Damage for the M4 is between 44 and 27 points against lvl. 1 armour, which is just a touch above average for assault rifles in Rainbow Six. The AR-15?s 62-50 damage range is similar to Dokkaebi?s Mk 14 and that brings it in below average compared to other DMRs at close range but more powerful at longer ranges. This makes the AR-15 a two shot to down weapon at all ranges against lvl. 1 armour but against lvl.2, you will need three shots from around 33m onwards and against lvl.3 it?s three shots at all ranges. As soon as Rook plates come into play, you will need a minimum of three shots against all targets, at all ranges and even up to 4 shots against lvl. 3 armour at long ranges. And just looking at that, at this stage we can already see how this comparison is likely to pan out. In terms of single shot damage, the M4 is a solid (just above average) assault rifle, while the AR-15 is below average at normal combat ranges when compared to other DMRs and in my opinion, the relatively high punching power at 40m and above is pretty much irrelevant since you will almost never get to fight at these distances, especially not with a 3 speed attacker who?s gadget requires him to get up close and personal.

But before we wright off the AR-15, let?s go through the rest of the stats. The M4 has a full auto fire rate of 750 RPM (just below the 758 RPM average for its class) while the AR-15 has the standard semi-auto fire rate which I suspect to be hard limited at 490 RPM but as explained in my Clash gun analysis video, I still think that around 450 RPM is the most accurate estimate for clicking ability under combat conditions. And when we combine the fire rate and damage stats to calculate the damage per second, we can see that the M4 comes out on top at close ranges while the AR-15 retains a bit more power at long ranges. BUT! Because of the drop-off for both guns starts at 25m, the actual range at which the AR-15 overtakes the M4 is around 31m which is over triple the average kill distance in Siege, so how much is that long range damage output really worth? Yeah, not much.

Of course, you could argue that DPS is not a definitive measure of a gun?s effectiveness anyway and that Time to Down/Kill is more important. Here, with 133ms the AR is in fact quicker than the M4?s 160ms at ranges up to 25m, against lvl. 1 & 2 armour. Against lvl. 3 armour, the M4 comes out on top by maintaining its 160ms TTK while the AR-15 slides to 267ms and the M4 will remain superior against any armour type plus Rook plates. Long story short, in terms of their ability to take out opponents, the AR-15 can actually hold its own on paper in some situations but I don?t think that this limited situational advantage is enough to overcome the inherent advantage that a full-auto weapon brings to the table. Being able to spray down an enemy at 750 RPM, simply by holding down the fire button gives you a far greater chance at landing that all-important headshot.

Triple the ammo capacity is also really helpful in that regard and even a disadvantage in reload time is not enough to counteract this advantage in my eyes. The reload for the AR-15 is pretty damn quick compared to its peers, while the M4 is a touch slower than the average assault rifle reloads for both the full and tactical reloads. As always, I also tested the ADS times (without and with angled grip) and these are the same for both guns and their hip fire spreads are also the same for standing, kneeling, prone and jogging. The only difference between the two appears while firing since the M4?s full auto causes a more significant hip fire bloom than that of the AR-15.

Finally, let?s compare the recoil and here I would say that the recoil of both guns is a bit harsher compared to the weapons of other operators. Nevertheless, comparing the recoil patterns both without and with attachments, we can see that the M4 has a little more vertical climb while the AR-15 has significantly more horizontal variation and at the end of the day, muzzle climb can be controlled while random left or right movement cannot. Once again, this round goes to the M4 in my opinion. And now, before I go into the conclusion, let me quickly give you a rundown of the 1911 TACOPS. This is Maverick?s only choice, so I don?t think there is much value in going into extreme detail but there are a few interesting and unique stats about the gun that are worth highlighting. 55 baseline damage is bang on average for all pistols at close range but if we back out the Lusion and the two revolvers, the average for semi-auto pistols is only 49.8, making the new 1911 decently powerful (and considering the relatively low 8+1 capacity, this is maybe not surprising).

What is quite interesting though is that the damage drop-off for the TACOPS is the smallest of any pistol in Rainbow Six ever. At distances of 22m and above the single shot damage is still 48 points, which is only a 12.7% reduction compared to the baseline, much lower than the 49.6% average reduction for all pistols. This makes the TACOPS the second most powerful pistol at longer range, only beaten by the still ludicrously hard hitting Keratos.357. Apart from this, the gun is about as average as can be. The full reload time of 2.2s is bang on average for semi-auto pistols and the 1.9s tactical reload is only 100ms slower than the 1.8s average. ADS time is 200ms, just like every other semi-auto pistol in the game and the recoil is super easy to manage, especially once you attach a muzzle brake. The remaining attachment options are pretty standard: you can have a suppressor if you are willing to tolerate the baseline damage being lowered to 46 and you can use a laser if the hip fire spread reduction is worth the risk of having the enemy spot the red dot.

Conclusion time and why don?t we start off with the TACOPS, since that?s nice and simple. All in all, they have kept this gun pretty much average with the only exceptions being the slightly higher power (especially at range) balanced out by the slightly lower capacity. It?s a solid sidearm that will feel familiar and instantly useable by any Siege player without anything special to take into consideration. As for the M4 vs.

AR15.50 question, I think my hints throughout the video make my standpoint relatively clear. Yes, there are some stats where you could argue that there is a balanced choice to be had here but at the end of the day, I think the M4 is still the clear winner. Higher fire rate not only tends to result in higher damage output but also more headshots and the only way to create a difficult choice between an assault rifle and a DMR is by doing something like with Blackbeard?s guns, where the Mk17 is a terrible assault rifle and that?s that only thing that justifies using the SR-25. But we don?t have that with Maverick. The M4, like many of the guns introduced with Grim Sky, falls pretty close to the average for almost every stat when compared to other guns in its class. Damage per shot, fire rate (and therefore DPS and TTK), capacity, reload times, ADS and hip fire are all as middle of the road as you can get.

The only slight drawback is the minimally higher recoil, so all in all, the M4 is a really solid gun, especially when compared to the other 3 speed operators, some of whom have guns that aren?t particularly great at all. And don?t get me wrong, I?m not saying that the AR-15.50 is a bad DMR. It?s pretty decent but still, on paper (and I personally believe also in practice) a good DMR just cannot compete with a decent assault rifle in Rainbow Six Siege. My advice would be: if you?re looking to run a unique gun just for the fun of it, sure take the AR-15 and you might do well with it. But if you?re looking for the best choice when taking Maverick into a competitive game, the M4 should be your pick every time.

Is this conclusion a huge surprise? No, of course not but I do hope that some of the little titbits of hidden stat info that I was able to provide are interesting and maybe even somewhat helpful for you. And with that, thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!.

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