NAVI CTZN – How to Play Jager (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ], hello, my name is citizen, and today I’m going to be showing you how to play Jaeger. So Jaeger is an operator that can stop grenades, flashbangs, anything that requires to be thrown in it cancels it completely. You have three IDs is that you can put down there. The most important aspect of it is: you need to know where to put the AES. Is you can see if you misplace them, they can easy, just get shot or just destroy the anyhow or just not pick up an aid flashbang about anything. That’S all. You want to put a jess’s in places where it will benefit your team and yourself.

Otherwise, you end up with people end up here, getting aided okay. So, as you can see, we have an operate here. You sledge shoot carries for our needs. I want to get out this phone into the 80s range. It cancels it and destroys it. So you don’t get a did, but as soon as the 80s gets destroyed or cleared via fresh bangs or anything that could get rid of the ideas and then the days Hank you [, Music ]. Another great thing about yoga is: he has the only assault rifle on defense, so is prolifically one of the best guns at the game or if not the best people could argue with that and the authority, but Yeager’s mostly favored, just because of his gun, as you Can see it’s just it’s way easier to kill people rather than if you say, she’s bandit about the gun is a lot weaker so textbook, but let’s to kill someone or regardless see a guy. The gun does at least 40 damage. So it’s a free shot, kill you a full shot, kill! Thank you for watching like and subscribe to. Don’T love! You ain’t missing, YouTube channel, good, bye, [, Music, ]