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NAVI Doki – How to Play Hibana (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


I guess it’s be Doki. Today, I’m gon na be playing a bit of Havana and showing off what you get there. Here’S a city speed one-armed attacker, mostly used as a primary or a secondary heart bridge. So, as you can see, you got read first of all, what will do is you will keep on on the left side of it? I will go to open it, so you can make a hole in the wall.

However, you have to be careful of things like Cade and bandit that’s a hard counter to her belly. So I’m gon na open the right side of the wall now and see what happens so we go to open it, but, as you can see, there’s a panda and a K track of the other after the wall. Stuff of the church. Kate is the larger camera because has charged sorry it’s faster than even a judge, so it gets it before it goes off the wall. She also has flashbangs of breaching charges, which is pretty good for all operators, as it’s pretty useful, with all phones, Mattacks meeting in the essence, between softballs etc, and you can also be used as a kind of entry operator.

3-Speed got very good gun and isng is secondary, so yeah, that’s about it. [, Music, ], okay, so another mop see Banias, yes, come on. It’S Krampus! There’S lots of hatches on this map that I was really good at getting off so as mentioned. Previously, aid is a big character, take Ivana, so, as you see, there’s a gate charge on how to denying me from running it. However, we have a faster, so we can get that off. I also had mentioned earlier and you can take trick. However, by double factoring you ensure that the cave cannot cannot get the catch.

So that’s the hatch of successful and the KB wasn’t able to check it. Another problem that Havana players can encounter is impact cooking. This is when you keep Anna the hatch and those holes are over and pipe made who destroyed her charges. Now, as you see, I’m her burning, however, keep your my grenade from below. I was able to get my hip honest, so we’ll try it one more time. [ Music ] are able to get it up. [, Music, ],

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