NAVI Doki – How to Play on Kafe Dostoyevsky (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ] hi, guys Doki from the rainbow sex Navi team yeah, and I’m going to show you the newly walked and the most recent map added to the project map Hill caf Dostoyevsky. So this map has been completely reworked from its previous state and it has a lot of new features that maybe some people don’t know about. So the menu thing added to top floor is this new hatch yeah? That’S it had never here before it was solely just a red touch which made taking control of cigar and piano a lot difficult, a lot more difficult.

So, with this new hutch, you can cut off rotations from the bar and pillars, making it really hard to defend us to play in this area. Also, by dropping this hatch, you have control of cigar hallway, which then makes people in playing in piano feel pretty trapped. That makes it a lot easier to take this whole area of the map. Piano is probably one of the key areas that you need to have controller for the bar bomb set by taking control of piano. You have access to freezer, wait, hallway and cigar tube are all of these areas. You need to execute a plan pretty much one of the new key features I to this map is the gold stairs on. This is what previously here, that led them to bar below having them on the other side of the map is a lot better, because you have a lot of different angles. You can see when coming down to the bottom. You don’t just have this hallway.

You have white hallway, and you now have the newly added reception which leads to excite another improved element of them are people back upstairs to the reading bomb site. It’S been completely reworked, so reading room has a new area. I’D say which connects to fireplace here is probably this secondary bomb site from most teams playing this month, especially employeed right now again, it requires a lot of top floor control and kind of publish control outside to defend us properly, you’re going to want to live waste. A lot of time above and you want to play a pretty similar to how you play the bar bomb site as all the floor here is destructible, and you can have a lot of vehicle pressure. Last thing I want to show you is the new kitchen bomb site, which is probably the most heavily affected change on the map. It’S been completely redone, so here we have kitchen service and the new cooking area, which has the prep, which then leads to the the new dish.

Bakery you’ve got ta, see a lot of players playing behind us trying to shoot outside middle and controlling the tables, rotation and red hallway again. This is a very key area of your defense that you want to at least hold on to it for power of a powerful round before getting yourself again, this bomb say it suffers with a lot of vehicle pressure as the or the floor above is completely destructible. So you’re gon na see a lot of swedge buk, taking control of above and kind of raiding hail on you yeah, I’m up there so yeah. That’S everything for me for cafe thanks for watching and make sure to check out the not a member sexy air tube channel. Thank you. [ Music, ]