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NAVI Kendrew – How to Play Doc (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


Hello, i’m kendra from novice. Remember 16 and today I’m gon na be giving you a guide on duck. Wrapping the new Navi skin so duck. Scat consists of an mp5 which is one of three defenders: tavern a car, m.d friends. You can bring bulletproof cam or you can bring to power by above. I is always useful so down the defenders need to waste a utility and pretty much the same, but a bulletproof cam. You can tell pretty much no risk, they have to waste a utility together. You see a wide wide field of view.

The ACOG is really useful to have on defense because you can sit back. You can hold tight angle, z’ pretty much just drag out a little risk, [ Music ], dr main ability is they have stim shots. You can over heal himself to 140 HP, which is really useful. If you want to take a risky gunfight, one of Doc’s other abilities is a. He can revived him. It’S while there darling give him 75 HP when they’re up, whereas normally if he was to reset someone they’d come up with 20 HP. Another trick he can do is that you can. You can get up a normal player and then revive them. Dark is probably one of the most consistent opera is in compare play just because of his ego. His his ability to be able to revive players be able to heal his own team. Underhill himself is probably in favors a lot of people just because of the versatility busy telling you can see.

Lawn HP just got shot a bunch of times provide myself up to 96 HP. If we take another gunfight, doc is a three armor or one speed, defend operator, sorry and pretty much what you want to be doing with doc. The majority of the time is holding an angle holding a pixel, maybe trying to get an early advantage. You put the spawn peak, which is a lot of people. I love a lot of people. Do sorry realistically, you just want to be saying back holding an angle but there’s a card which is so strong thanks for watching that’s been my dog either. Don’T forget to Like comment and subscribe to the Navi rember sick, show and don’t forget to get the the dog skin from inside of the shopping again. [ Music, ]

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