NAVI Kendrew – How to Play on Consulate (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ], [, Music, ], hello, my name is Kendrick from the Navy. Remember 16 and today I’m gon na be showing you an upgrade for consulate. Consulate is one of the the seven nutball compared fuckin player playing in Rainbow six, probably one of the oldest and most balanced Maps. I’D say: there’s no real side where you get an edge attacking and defending is, is really good on this map, as map is consisted of three levels, so you’ve got the top floor, the middle floor and the basement so starting from the top. This is admin office.

This is where you’ll see most teams want to push from, because you get a lot of control instantly so as charge the hatch, the open large you can see directly down into visa. On the second floor, so from visa office, you can see the flank on visa stairs which right down are my yellow ping is the the bottom of the visa stairs, which is to the basement, which you’ll see a lot of attackers tried to flank from. This? Is a visa hallway so ideally want to be controlling this hatch, maybe even making a hole here to look down to the visa stairs to hold your flank even better is what most teams do looking down can’t get flanked from of that. It’S one less angle: you have to worry about moving forward. What you want to do is you want to join all the first make sure. There’S, no one hiding and push down to longdesc push trying to get into meeting depends of the bomb site is top plot. If the bomb site is top floor, you really want to be utilizing the window balcony. You can rappel, you can rappel upside down.

Most people will run a shield here, but in ranked play and casual play, I don’t think they will. If this is shield a you can just ask from below in the lobby, or you can just ask charging clear the a DSS, the safest plan, Phyllis bomb site, even though the bombs not here the bomb would be here, would I even be behind the bomb? Is you’re protected from connector or in this corner the only place he can die from his below and if you send someone below to the main lobby door, it’s pretty pretty free to get blown off. There’S three staircases on this map. The spiral stairs the visa stairs on the yellow says so once you’ve taken from admin. This is why so many things to do it. Ideally, you want to have someone, maybe in visa orange, yellow stairs holding the flank from fall, three staircases, maybe on a journey or dedicate two people to the flank, once you clear the top, if the bomb say is evil lobby or or basement in this case its Lobby, I’m gon na pretend like this basement. You want to open up angles of sight down to the basement with either a few sledge. Anyone that gridlock with a shotgun and so with the jackal or just just run around make holes deny all the possible angles in which the defenders can be seeing.

You can also from above, if that bandage, shirking clear band that you can rappel upside down on this window create a whole an angle to look down to prevent the banditry. It’S minimal risk Farah for a rule. Ideally, once you’ve opened up all these angles, you want to be sort of flushing out all the enemies, making sure that no one can play behind the white van on the yellow pillar and then holding there rotates, try and flush them back into courage, open up the Garage wall and then hold the rotates from above you’ve got your flank cover. You’Ve got your people on yellow stairs. You know you’re the vertical pressure you can pretty much plan the safest places to plant probably be behind white behind a white van yeah or behind black car. Some teams push up further and they plant right here, because the bomb and they smoke well, it’s kind of a high-risk play, surface angles for defense, I’d say, would probably be insecure and he can sit here. You can open up. The angles onto the bridge depends which side they open.

I personally in ranked play like to play a lot of yellow stairs, and I sit here because it’s safe from both sides. As long as you have barbed wire and a couple of utility like an 80s it’d, be pretty safe, it’s a good opera is for. This is like the dark and echo Holly long iron goals. Most of the time on defense make sure you have a lot of utility smoke. She falls in tell echo Valkyrie. As you can see, this is one of the lowest staircases. This is where teams will most likely try and get aggressive from almost like. We send one person from the spiral staircase at one person from the visa says at the same time to try and distract your flank hold, so they can Kathleen come. You can do for this. Consist someone in Lobby holding the spirals while you you’ve got your utility bucking above searching above baking holes or you can say in visa and hold both at the same time, both teams abundant a lot will to try and contest yellow. So what you want to do is you want to work together with your teammates third flashbangs in need. At the same time is someone pushing out you just need to be careful of oil emphasis, as I was saying before, console is a very window. Heavy map, so Blackbeard in rank, plays really good because you can just propel upside down and pretty much beyond killable. As you can see, I can propel upside down on the CEO windows.

This is normally reinforce this wall, but they’ll have a rotation here. All that be, as you can see, I can see all the way. That’S the spiral, staircase door, all the way down. To long does I pretty much denial all the fee, all of the angles in which the defenders can play it, worked out on the right side and see pretty much in the bathroom Thor. So if there’s someone in bathroom, they can’t leave. So thanks for watching and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe on the Navi Rainbow six channel, this would be my map guide for concealer. I hope you enjoyed [ Music ]