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NAVI Kendrew – How to Play Thermite (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ] [, Music ], but my name is kensey. I’M gon na show you the basics of playing thermite so much. This support character, which mainly you’re gon na, be trying to get the walls off. So what you gon na need to do mainly and any line up, is drone to see. If you can get the wall off like instantly see drone you see, they have a mute. You see that they have a kid and a bandit, so the fetcher is gon na fly to the wall, any reinforced wall providing there’s no one here to stop it. You can just open the wall.

However, sometimes there’s gon na be a key there Abunda, which is a hard count as a family. So if I place down the firmly I tried to blow it the K, the kid is gon na get the thermite judge. So, in order to get that you’re gon na need to double that sure. I died because I have a charge left, but you double that yeah most times, you’ll get the cave so most times with thermite you’re gon na be probably joining the breach yourself or joining some players in your heart support. So really you’re, just gon na be suicide. Holding an angle and letting your entry frag is, do the work, while you’re providing them with Intel another good way to counter a bounder arcade, mainly just abundant, though it’s adjourn.

If they haven’t found that, if they’re running a band that you can bring a Sophia, the Sophia will prevent them from even being able to trick. So, if I play sistema and stun he stuns Abunda, it prevents him from doing any action. You get the wall off. My friend and even kill the Bundys, sometimes [ Music ]. Another way to counter the thermite, as well as a Havana or any odd bridge apartment maverick, is just to impact trick so opening up the top of a hard hard wall and then just throwing an impact to destroy it. You’Re gon na place the thermite down, even if the thatch attaches they’re gon na impact, your my family is just gon na get destroyed, so mainly what I’m gon na need to do is get on. My drone see those people in here and then you’re gon na provide the intel on my team’s gon na have to either push or somehow get rid of them, and then you can get the wall off for free, [, Music, ],

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