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NAVI neLo – How to Play Castle (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ], [, Music, ] hello, my name is nella. Today, I’m going to show you operator called Castle, he’s a to our multi-speed operator and he’s more of the support, an operator with with his three castle barricades. So he has two impacts which he is using to make adaptations. So usually you would need to reinforce all of these walls. If you want to contest ventilation, say the workshop, so you can make adaptation and you can put the castle barricade on the bathroom bar, which we will cut off digital cut off the coloured slowly.

That way. So if you read for this wall, we need one reinforcement into the fort Castle. Barricades are bulletproof, sir, cannot shoot through them. They are also punchable that you need to punch 12 times to break them down this one. This will take some [ Music ]. There. You go also, you get three of them, so you can set up like more advanced threats. You can cancel off that, and this is all you can also break them down with impacts. So if you want to route it quickly as well as your teammates can pull them down, if your teammates pull them down, you will get them back. Castle has UMP, which is one of the, I would say the word of dance in the game. It’S a really slow fire rate flow damage, actually hide them. It’S a slow fire rate.

So it’s not that good, [, Music ], so one of the things castle is most useful he’s denying the line of sites. So, as you can see, that is a there is a look outside, see, see folding towards 90, and usually they can just shoot all the way through papers into armory, which is this angle. And if you put the cursor on the B pedal or if you are denying the line of sight so only way they can get rid of this castle is by using a sharp Sofia Sofia charge so any basically any maid / impact / projectiles. So, basically now the dis is castled. We can rotate three between our house and armory. So thank you all for watching, don’t forget to Like and subscribe to Navy rainbow 60 [ Music ] [ Applause ]. Oh

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