NAVI neLo – How to Play on Clubhouse (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


Hello! Nelo is with you and today I will tell you the nuances of playing at Clubhouse. There are two plants on the top floor of the map: Server and Gym. Both points have walls that border the outside, so you will need hardbrikers to open them. Hibana and Maverick perform very well on this map. Thermite is also not bad, but any of the first two is obliged to strike at your peak if possible. Church leads to many hatches: one in Kitchen, another in Bar, and a third in Stock Room. Here you will need Hibana, since all hatches will be reinforced. With it, you can open to open all three, and in the case of Kitchen, this can be done from the outside. Climb the rope upside down and open the hatch. There are three hatches leading to the Church, but there is a wall that can be opened from the outside of the Gym. Plant Cash also borders an external wall. The main goals of the attacking team is this wall leading to Cash and another one near Gym.

There are many positions on this card from which you can win back. In the redesigned version of the map, there is a new passage in Blue. You can also get out through this window, climb the rope upside down and view Blue. In this way. Most of the ceilings on this map are destructible. If we go to the Kitchen, then all the floors can be opened with a piercing charge, which will give us an overview of the basement. Use this position in combination with the hatch to want to drive the enemy from below. Nelo was with you. Thanks for watching, and don?t forget to like and subscribe to the NAVI Rainbow Six channel.

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