NAVI Saves – How to Play Capitao (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ], hello, my name is Seth and I play for NASA’s Vince ever in Rainbow six siege. Today, I’m gon na be showing you how to play capita and how to use it properly. I can show you some cool trees, so capital is mostly used to clear out areas as I click behind a crowbar or smoke off the mirror windows. I’M going to use my friend as an example. So, basically, if you struggle to Nate the guy or just cannot take him because somebody else is holding him, you can use the Capitol to just fire behind the bar and he’s dead.

It’S simple as that you don’t need to put any effort in this. You just watch an angle and fire, the guy and next step, I’m going to be showing you how to use the Capitol in case like if you want to plug it to. If you want to plant the bomb, you can just smoke the mirror with the valve, and you can literally plant inside of the smoke. They cannot see you, they cannot like shoot you in capital. You have a choice between flashes and Claymore as well, so you can claim on your flank and you don’t have to worry about it. Then you can proceed to setting up two for the pump.

Basically, we can pick or draw maybe just check them. You know it’s like: there is a mirror window and the guy behind it, and then you can just choose through the smoke smoke. The mirror window smoke the plants pot and you can plant the bomb inside of the smoke. The enemy cannot show you [ Music ]. The cool trick is, you can pull the smoke inside of here and you can also like fire the smoke. So if they run through it did you die because they don’t even see it. Basically, capital is used for those two things thanks for watching guys like and subscribe to, not as intelligent on YouTube [, Music, ]