NAVI Saves – How to Play Mozzie (Rainbow Six Siege Guide)


[, Music, ], [, Music, ], so basically a mozzie is a John Hunter. You can put spiders on the ground which still enemies jumps, they’re gon na wait for the attack has to come over and try to don’t show some stuff. I’M gon na show you how the jump works with the support of my teammate down steps. So, as you can see, I got the John now we can join my teammate dancers and help you email me or fucking out next, I’m gon na invest, that’s fine! I think I see there is nobody else text, so you can push out filling. The hatch is closed, so you can do whatever you want.

Oh, I got another Jean because you can put put into into the bump set and use that uses as an intelligent. Take down in case the enemy drops and tries to clear the bump or the stretch, the coming all right, another advantage of emojis that give us a powerful shotgun which can make your patience and help teammates like to run around. You can also open the hatches make also like we define goals, make floor house to make it easier to watch online, go through the skylight or something like that open bar, nothing. Oh, we got it John, as you can see best as the open and then it’s on the Huck’s. That’S right, maybe he’s gon na try to plant. I want to hide my John into the bomb site and wait for my teammate to see fur.

As you can see, he’s on the scholar he chopped, the sky, I’m calling out were the enemies and my teammate infinity frame simple as that [ Music ] apart from Intel denier, which Moses is a powerful Roma, is a powerful Gump is a crisp it one. I’M an operator with a lot of abilities to create ovations. You meet a lot of creative angles like Pete over there. If somebody tries to drop the heart, I can feel the killing, because I have a shotgun and powerful gun. It’S gon na wait for somebody to come over. Maybe I can hear somebody on the side on the river. It’S on the axis: [ Music, ]