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NAVI Tips and Tricks For Ranking Up Rainbow Six Siege


What’S up everybody today, doki is going to teach me how to play ring uh we’re going to do a few solo queue tips and tricks, so uh enjoy and uh i’ll see you in there. I need you to teach me how to get to diamond. You want me to teach you how to play ranked 10 seconds, because you are the ranked goblin um and we all know that and for all us old boomers or silver and gold players out there. You need my teachings the first and only time, i’m ever gon na say that so, like first of all, i guess we can talk about how jaeger has uh has got his update and his change, meaning that he can’t catch three projectiles. At the same time, you can only catch one so because that’s because that’s a thing, i would recommend taking more nade operators, because you know it’s easier to name people right like because ads change, um. So that’s always never going to be a bad idea.

Uh and there’s some cool late spots that i’m sure that you can show people, because you are the kanganaids, so the the whole thing with the with like solo queue. But like the way i look at it and correct me. If i’m wrong is you’re the only consistent factor in in your squad ever right, so you need to try and make your team’s win rate as high as possible, not just your own performance. So let’s say you see a thatcher on your team or sorry a thumb out on your team, maybe go mav or havana, so you have an extra heart breach because it’s nice to have two, and on top of that, if your hot bridge dies well, then you Could still help with some of this yeah, it’s a backup type of thing yeah and while there’s a ton of these like fun, goblin operators where you can run around and peek everything, it’s probably not going to have that positive of an impact in your uh.

Your win loss ratio right yeah, i mean so you know it’s always fun like it depends what you’re playing for right like if you’re playing for fun, then i guess you could do these things if you’re actually playing to like properly win games and actually improve. As an individual – and it’s definitely better to take uh, you know to take these operators that will help help the team – and you succeed so uh yeah, taking a second hard breach, is always a good idea, or even if it’s the only hard reach, it would be. A good idea, because you know you need that yeah it helps to be able to get into the building. I think uh a tip, but this might be excessive for for some, because i know that not everyone cares enough to to do that. But i i mean, if you are watching a video about how to win more in solo queue, maybe this would be worth jump into games in a custom run around and at every single doorway to make a hole.

This is such a good way of learning the map layout. You don’t have to destroy everything everywhere, but just making the holes at the doorways helps you so quickly like understanding the the layout of the map. One thing i want to show uh, i mentioned the nades earlier, and i know that you’re very good for nades i’ve actually started playing nades this season for navi. Have you hit one yet uh uh anyways uh, so i still got ta learn that so yeah. I actually wan na i wan na. I want you to show me how to nade me from below here actually uh an easier thing put uh your three ads’s um on the floor, because then we can just go blow and show it um. I’D never recommend nadine. Like this, like right below, unless you’re really really good, one thing you can do is to help yourself. You can shoot the bottom layer out like this, so you can like bounce it in and it’ll roll up under the floor. Another really important thing it’s hard to show here, i’ll open this window is, if you want to find out where nade is going to land, you can throw your drone first.

So you’ll find like something that you can use as a lineup. Maybe it’s your your hipfire crosshair and you use your drone. You can check your drone and wherever that drone lands is exactly where the grenade is going on the line as well, because drones and nades share the same trajectory right. So if you want to nade, let’s say right here: oh that was actually an abs. If you go seven, if you go seven meters away and now, if you look at, i think it’s the index finger um yeah! It’S the index finger. The index finger will like open up a little bit and if you release the nade at exactly that time, you’ll do the perfect roof naked. If you’re, seven meters away [ Music ], take two the more you learn, try again there we go, but that was like the the easiest way to do them. I will still in most cases a really good thing is to do the the bullet hole thing or not, pull it hold but shoot a little bit of the bottom of the floor out um or ceiling actually yeah uh, because if you do that, there’s a good Chance that someone is going to come over and look at it right, yep like it’s super interesting the thing with the the finger like popping up.

You should definitely highlight that in the video, because that’s something i actually didn’t know like. I actually did not know that until the day, because, like you know i i just made off of like i know when the timer is going to go, you know what i mean like, because i’ve played the game for so long, but for new players like i’m, Not so much experienced for new players that finger thing is going to be so beneficial like it’s a visual cue, yeah um, because, like it just yeah, it was never really a consideration because you have donate from so many different places. But if you can have the luxury of like lining yourself up, it’s really really good. You might as well throw a drone from spawn and see if you can get it to land there. If you can’t don’t move your crosshair cook, the nade throw it um like winning a gunfight with utility or sorry winning a fight with utility over the gunfight is almost always a better option because you you go into the next gunfight with 100 hp and that’s that’s Pretty neat there’s also much less risk involved in. In doing that right, i saw your abs. It was self-defense for defense what we thinking yeah, so i’m a big fan of passive operators. If we’re talking about solo queueing and getting as much out of what you have as you can right so i know it sounds memey, but frost.

Captain rook are pretty damn boss in um thanks all of you. You make everyone like so regardless the quick run on that for all new players. It guarantees that you’ll not die to explosive you’ll, always get down. You can almost always take one more bullet depending on what kind of weapon we’re talking um and if it’s not a headshot, they still last when you die, which is, is pretty neat and they make a three speed into a three armor. So i mean your your three speeds effectively become just as strong as you’re rocking your dog right, yep um. I mean, i think, that’s huge and then, of course, all the slow down operators yeah like like definitely like playing operators like that are going to be. Definitely annoying for the um for the attack but, like i think, even operators like lucy is really really strong, like i think, she’s. Probably one of the best operators that has been added to especially the competitive map competitive operator pool that that is is very good. But isn’t really that broken in my opinion?

Because because, like you know, she has three things: you’ve got to clear which, in this new mirror, isn’t actually that hard, and you also don’t need to clear them, like you actually don’t need to clear a banshee because, like like, let’s say i put like uh, i Don’T know i put the banshee here like it’s gon na give me the sound queue when you’re gon na come into the door right and that’s all i need, and you don’t really need to destroy like because look you can walk through it right like it’s totally. Fine, but that sound cue for you and your team is just like that is enough like to like to cover. Well, i i guess i would list them on a little tier list of they need to be valuable after you die, because there needs to be something where you’re. You still have a positive impact on your team. If you die early, if you try to make a play and it doesn’t work, you don’t want to be letting everyone down right, like you, don’t want to be spawn peeking with a duck, then die, and then you did nothing. This is the best possible way to learn: grenades um for anyone that that is into that stuff like if i want to learn. Let’S say i want to learn how to make the rotate hole over here i can go down here.

I can like just guesstimate kinda. You know maybe the sprinkler is a good thing, i’ll, maybe i’ll tuck it here. I don’t actually know the lineup of this, but, like you can learn it in like a couple seconds here. That’S definitely too low. The problem is that in custom games, if you want to go and learn stuff like this, there’s there’s like no infinite made thing right, so you can’t just keep going and yeah yeah. I think that’s pretty much perfect. The best place to need to rotate from one series below, because it’s the safest as well but uh. If you go up there and have a look, i think that’s: okay, wow, that’s actually a pretty damn good night. It’S a good! It made the fur rotate. So this is a small little tip for like c4s and stuff. Do you have c4 right? I do yeah, okay, so let’s say you want to have a c4 here underneath what you do is you make one bullet hole and you move around like this. I hope this will show up proper on video.

You shoot the floor below, but through this bullet hole until it breaks so there’s this whole thing where you have to destroy. You know a certain amount of bullets. That should be it, though, if you jump down there now, it should be super easy to see where exactly that spot is i’m gon na come down with my drone. Now this shouldn’t be audible, um from my side, but seeing as i have opened, the hatch, it probably is actually no, it’s not audible. I can’t hear it at all and i am sitting on top of your c4. Let me check yeah, i’m sitting right on top of your c4 and i cannot hear it so i guess i guess that’s it like just to run over what we said made. Ups are good because of the jager change, take a hard reach or a second average yeah yeah yeah yeah take a hard breach, maybe even a second hard break, because it’s always going to benefit your team. Uh defense, melusi or trap operators are always good rook as well um. You know you could also mention things like you know, operator that can make rotates on site. It’S always really important for your team.

Uh to make rotates, having a site is completely reinforced off or no rotates is, is really bad, so you know shocking that you have someone that can make rotates. That’S that’s actually a golden tip um. If everyone is picking three speeds and no one has impacts or shotguns or anything, maybe bring in a secondary shotgun or a couple of impacts or a rooney or something that can make some holes, i think that’s that’s pretty much it and then i guess good luck! On the on the ground, yeah good luck on the right battlefield. We hope the tips are helpful. Uh, good luck in the ranked brain! If you like this kind of stuff leave, uh leave a like and subscribe and uh we’ll see you next time.

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