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NEW *Amazing* Crystal Guard Tricks + NEW SKINS FIRST LOOK! – Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard


We got everything from new parkour osa tricks to the most random cosine angles that you could possibly think of in this video. So if you do like any of them, then please hit that subscribe button, because it is free and you can always change your mind if you don’t like my next upload up. First, we have the new vault spot on coastline, which is interesting, because this is something that i’ve been trying to do nearly every season, because vault prompts tend to just randomly change with each update and guess what this season. It’S. Finally, gon na work in crystal guard, as you can see, there’s angles that go through hookah through billiards and even all the way to the aqua door.

You can crouch once you’re up here to keep your body more hidden or you can drop down on the slightly lower ledge behind you and you’ll surprise. Any unlucky person that walks into this line of sight. Now, if you’re wondering what that skin was during the last part of the trick, that’s one of the new crazy looking skins from this season’s battle pass. So let me quickly show you a few of my favorites and thank ubisoft for sponsoring this video. Now that gun and attachment skin that you saw on capcam are both called sinister infusion and it’s pretty sick.

The crystal guard battle pass is available from september 7th to november 23rd and features 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetics like weapon skins, charms and more premium track owners. Will receive 1200 r6 credits to boost their season gameplay and have two-week early access to osa before she becomes available to all players? If you haven’t seen osa before then she’s, the new attacker, that’s equipped with a clear shield that is bulletproof and can be deployed on the ground in doors and windows and used in some 2000 iq ways like you’ll see later in this video siege is also on Sale for as low as five dollars, so it’s the perfect time to grab the squad and try out the new season and see how you, like it, click the link in the description to check out the new battle pass. And here let me show you a crazy trick to try when you unlock, osa osa’s, clear shield is basically a defender’s deployable cover, but way cooler. Since we can now have a shield like that on attack, we can experiment with some cool things like just simply placing it down and vaulting over it to get higher and then shoot through areas that we couldn’t get angles through before now.

What’S even cooler is how osa can pick up your clear shield. So if you do decide that you want to move on to another spot, you just try to pick up the shield and move on the second spot that we’re going to be able to do. This is actually going to be at the top of printer stairs on canal and it’s going to go over the window on new bridge all the way to the other side in server room, [, Music, ]. The second one is gon na, be part way up. White stairs and this one’s gon na go through freezer and then to anybody.

That’S standing by the counter. If they are prone, though then you’re not gon na be able to see them up. Next is augustus’s parkour, assassin’s creed, trick where you can lock onto the specific window on coastline in order to a shorter but faster amaru style rush inside once you lock onto the window, just cancel it halfway through and you’ll be able to fly right inside. I also haven’t found any other windows that work as good as this one so far, but i’ll definitely be on the hunt for them. So one thing that’s really interesting about osa shield is, you can actually use it to like hide a claymore and then back off or wait for the attacker to melee you and that will actually knock your shield out of the way and then they’ll, essentially nuke or Kill themselves: i don’t know if i’m gon na get the monetized for saying that, but hopefully not here’s an example on the doorway into archives on border.

So basically, it’s similar to a monty, but this is different, because when you melee a monty shield, it doesn’t actually like move it much. If you’re fully extended versus something like this, they don’t have an option but to really push you or to elevate themselves high enough to shoot your head over the shield, and you guys can also see that from the defender’s point of view, it’s really hard to see The claymore, like the claymore’s, being hidden on the bottom of the ocean shield, it’s it’s just an overall, really funny troll to try this one right here is a good one to keep in mind, and that is how clash is actually a pretty strong counter to osa, Because any time that she shocks osa for long enough, it’s actually going to kick the osu shield away. That’Ll also interrupt the action of deploying the shield, no matter where you’re at so yeah. It’S uh definitely good to keep in mind all right. Now we are showing a ton of love to the new osa shield in this video, so i’m going to quickly do a really crazy defender shield that was shown to me by shaved raccoon.

This will protect you from not only the big window, but also create this insane pixel peak. That’S going to go all the way through the trophy room door, it’s pretty much impossible to the naked eye, and it’s just overall such an insanely, strong anchor point. The attacker’s best bet is probably going to be to go blow you and try to nade you from the bottom, but yeah not fun, to attack [ Music ] next up four crazy spots that you can actually use to place. The osa shield slightly overlaying. On top of hatches to create angles that are gon na be almost impossible to fight defenders.

Best bet is gon na be the c4 this, but if they do take that risk, then i mean they’re gon na be crossing your line of sight. This does work on literally any hatch that you can get above, but these are some of the cooler ones that i found so far that one on bank is a three-four angle and honestly it’s not that practical. It just really shows the potential of what is possible. [ Music ] up next we’re gon na quickly do two kate electroclass spots. This first one’s gon na be on the new site in bar and yeah.

These walls or hatches didn’t really change, but this is gon na be so important to do before when the bomb was in stock a lot of times, people would either create rotates or not even reinforce this, but now that this is the site. This is probably gon na, be a really really strong place that attackers are gon na need to push. You can see that the electric claw is nearly impossible to see if they are to get a twitch drone in here. They’Re gon na have to go behind enemy lines and it’s probably gon na get taken out, and these are also immune to cali and since thatcher gets banned 110 percent of the time in ranked yeah. It’S just crazy, strong ones to keep in mind the second one is on coastline.

You can go down in the kitchen and actually use it to electrify the new walls in vip and again this one’s going to be immune to cali, and i mean i’m guessing if you’re playing ranked doctors bandit again. So there you go [ Music, ], there’s this crazy long angle that you can use with the new rotation around the bookshelf. That’S gon na go all the way out the door through dj booth. It is hard to tell just how much people are gon na, be anchoring and extending site into vip, but if this does become meta, this is going to be a crazy, crazy, strong anchor spot well vip door is open. Oh it’s kind of a sick angle.

Dude now we’re gon na do something for attackers we’re gon na utilize, the same wall that we just did as a defender. But this time, if you’re playing a habano or are able to open up the vip door, then you’re gon na actually be able to go through two walls and get this long line of sight into billiards behind the common anchor spot. That’S behind the counter in there. I did try to go out onto the rooftop and get some further away crazy, far away angles, but a lot of them just don’t work. The best is to just repel now.

If you do want to do a crazy rooftop angle, then here i’m gon na leave. This clip completely uncut and show you how crazy it is. It is high risk high reward, but ubisoft was so nice and they made this skylight area reinforced before it was all wood and you could easily get killed from it now. Not only are you gon na be able to get crazy angles for a lot of the top four. If anybody tries to challenge you you’re literally standing on top of something that’s bulletproof, i definitely recommend going to custom games and trying this at least a few times before you go and do it in matchmaking.

But honestly, if somebody does this in a real game, it’s probably going to be one of the most annoying things to happen on coastline. Now one that is a little bit less risky is on the jewelry front, spawn it added this little rooftop, and so you can actually drop from the roof down onto it. You can get sights all the way through the objective, on top four, all the way down. Your stock trading, and even through the archives window, if you go to the southern side depending on how fast you run off the edge, you do lose a little bit of health like in this one that you see here, i lost 18 hp. So it’s going to be totally up to you if you want to make that judgment.

Call if you want to do something like this in ranked. Well, honestly, it’s just fun to go for so casual game. You bet your ass. I will be up here now, jumping on over four defenders. We got this crazy vault spot and if you lean right, you can look through the gap in the couch and get a perfect head shot on anybody.

That’S crouch level coming from dirt. It’S pretty much impossible to see as an attacker and their crosshairs are gon na be aiming at other spots. If you hit the skylight or windows break while you’re doing this angle, you should probably get out of there, because you are generally in an open area. But if anybody’s rushing and not going on top of a rooftop like us in the last clip, then you’re gon na completely shut them down all right. So probably one of the most common ways that osa is going to be played is by anchoring in certain spots.

Obviously and then camping behind the shield, a really common spot that i foresee this being done, is outside of hookah balcony on the new coastline. Well, by doing this run out that dan found, you can actually run to the edge of aqua balcony vault over the corner land on the little extension and then you’ll be able to get angles all the way north to the other side of the map and to The other side of the balcony, if you were to just stand at the edge of aqua, balk without vaulting over you, can only see the very west most side of hookah balk, but when you vault over the edge, you can see nearly the entire thing up. Next, we’re gon na get on to the skylight roof by placing the osa shield that’s either facing straight south or straight north and you’re gon na be able to look towards the glass and just vault right up from there. You can walk around the edges. Walk straight to the center get two really strong angles onto each side, if they’re choosing trophy statuary as well as a couple common anchor spots and even through the wall, if it’s not reinforced, you are going to need to keep in mind that if you do fall Down off of this, or if the window gets broken, then you’re not going to have the vault option.

The glass part of the skylight has to be intact. In order for you to get this fault option, anyways that’s going to wrap it up for this video. If you do have a trick that you want to submit for a chance to be in the next tricks, video, then head on over to the description box and join the official coconut broad discord, server and i’ll see you there don’t forget the new crystal guard battle. Pass is running from september 7th to november 23rd and includes 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetics like weapon skins, charms and more plus premium track. Owners are going to get 1200 r6 credits plus two-week early access to osa before she becomes available to all players.

So if you want to surprise people some of the tricks that you saw today before the others even have a chance to do it, then click the link in the description for more information. I’Ll see you all very soon in the next video don’t forget, you can grab the squad and try out the game for as low as five dollars. I finally convinced a couple of my friends to try it out. After all this time so yeah, it’s looking like the season is gon na pop off. So thanks for watching, i love you all peace, [, Music, ],

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