NEW HIDDEN ROOM WALLBREACH GLITCH GUIDE – Rainbow Six : Siege (Operation White Noise)


What is up guys? It’S your boy xshadowyxmist in today’s video, i’m showing you guys a crazy new glitch on Rainbow 6 siege. This glitch is gon na. Allow you guys to pretty much get inside of the secret room on tower without using your drone. This one was found by Real gaming123, make sure you guys check him out. His link is down below in the description In one of my last videos, I showed you guys a couple hidden areas on this map using a few different glitches, as well as this spot. In this room, where you break a box open and you could drive an RC car down this tunnel and Get into a secret hidden easter egg room that Ubisoft has placed on this map now, Realgaming123 has actually gon na step up and discover a way to get Into this secret room with your full character to do this glitch guys you’re gon na have to come to the area where I do in this clip and Place a shield down up against the doorframe Underneath the staircase as soon as you guys have placed your shield Down on the exact spot that I have you’re gon na Have a friend join the game and pretty much be on the opposite team. Once you guys have somebody on the opposite team and you guys are working together. You’Re gon na have to run at the center of the shield so that your character bounces around Glitching around and stuff, and once you guys see this you’re gon na

Have your friend on the opposite team vault over the shield, It’s very crucial that they’re on the opposite team, because people on the same team can’t push each other into walls. It’S only on the opposite team so make sure that they’re on the opposite team and you’re pretty much just gon na. Do this guy’s and Once you vault over the right way and you’re running at the shield. The right way, you’re gon na pop up in this secret room – You can get a couple of people in here – I’m gon na show you guys that in a second I got my friend to get in here with the Jager glitch, and it was pretty funny guys, But this is just an awesome glitch to show your friends. You don’t really have an advantage out here. This is something that you guys could do to troll somebody mess with your friends Playing, hide and seek you guys, can hide in this room or something. It’S definitely something to show your friends, and I thought it was pretty cool. So if you guys liked this video feel free to like down below also If you guys want to see more stuff like this in the future, Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell, you guys are stay updated whenever I upload stuff, like this