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Nomad: Everybody’s Favourite New Op! – Rainbow Six Siege


What?s up guys, Rogue-9 here and in this video, I want to give you a closer look at the new attack operator: Sanaa ?Nomad? El Maktoub. I will be giving you a full overview of her weapon loadout as well as a deeper insight into how her gadget will work. If you have not seen my video on Kaid yet, a link to that will be coming up in the end card! Nomad is a 2 speed / 2 armour attacker, who?s Airjab Launcher can probably be compared most closely to a mixture between Zofia and Ela with a unique twist.

But before we discuss the gadget, let?s first take a look at her guns. She comes with the choice of two different assault rifles and one very unique sidearm. Her AK-74M has decent close range power of 44 points damage but the fire rate of only 650 RPM is pretty poor. This low fire rate is matched by Capitao?s PARA-308 and only Blackbeard?s Mk17 is slower and both of those guns do more damage per shot. This means that the AK-74s resulting damage output of 477 per second at close range is the worst out of all of the assault rifles and even weaker than some of the defender SMGs.

On the plus side though, this gun is pretty controllable out of the box and that?s a good thing, because Nomad does not get the option of attaching any grips to any of her guns. The only way of taming the recoil of her guns is with the muzzle attachments and the AK-74 gets the standard four to play with: suppressor, flash hider, compensator and muzzle brake. The first shot recoil multiplier of the gun is pretty significant as you can see, so you I would suggest either the muzzle brake or flash hider to help even out the vertical climb. Other than that, the rifle has the standard 4 sight options and it can also attach the laser. Capacity is the standard 30+1 and of course, the most important stat of all: mobility is 50. Next up, we have the ARX200 and interestingly, this gun has both more power than the AK, with 47 baseline damage and a higher fire rate, at 750 RPM. This gives the ARX a very respectable damage output of 588 points per second, much better than 477. Recoil of the ARX is actually also very comparable to that of the AK and so the only factor that brings some balance to the two guns is the ARX? lower capacity of 20+1 shots.

This is an interesting balancing mechanic and it will be up to every individual player to choose whether they want the comfort of the AK?s 30 round magazines or the higher killing power of the ARX. I will of course dive into more detail on the hidden stats behind these guns in future but at a preliminary glance, it seems that capacity versus power is going to be the trade-off here. For now, I would say that you have the choice between a kind-of-bad PARA-308 or a pretty good Type-89. Take your pick! In terms of sights, barrels and laser options, the ARX has exactly the same available as the AK, so no difference there. Nomad?s sidearm is of course the mighty .44 magnum semi-auto and since I discuss this gun in detail in my video about Kaid, I?m not going to repeat the whole breakdown here. Suffice it to say that the long lost pocket sniper might finally be making a comeback. And now let me tell you a little bit about the Airjab Launcher. This launcher is highly compact and attached to Nomad?s main weapons.

The projectiles it fires are essentially traps. They will stick to any surface they hit and detonate as soon as a defender gets close enough. There?s no timer or impact fuse on them but they will also detonate mid-air if they fly close enough to an opponent. So basically like Zofia?s projectiles but sticky and without the timer. When they do detonate, anyone caught with the blast radius will be thrown through the air (including friendlies) but without any stun effects and without any damage. So this gadget is mainly about launching opponents off their feet, rendering them defenceless for a short while but the blast is so powerful that it can even launch opponents straight through unreinforced walls and in some of our pre-launch playtesting it even destroyed deployable shields. And the fact that it can be used like a traditional launcher as well as a trap placement device makes it pretty versatile and opens up a whole bunch of strategies. The Airjab is excellent for knocking Mira or Clash off their feet and rushing them for the finish or alternatively, you could place a trap mine behind yourself as you push towards the objective to block off vital flank routes.

You could maybe even place an Airjab in such a way that it will knock an unsuspecting defender straight into a waiting claymore. There are definitely a lot of possibilities with this gadget and I cannot wait to see what shenanigans the community will come up with and what amazingly useful strats the pros will use. In terms of counters for the Airjab, there is of course J?ger, who?s ADS? can neutralise the projectiles in flight and there are the two electro operators: Bandit and Kaid, who can at least stop the projectiles from sticking to certain surfaces. But to be fair, it will mostly be J?ger who can stop Nomad and I see him becoming pretty important in protecting Mira windows once the new season goes live. So yeah, the Airjab launcher looks to be both fun and incredibly useful with Clash and Mira being particularly vulnerable. But that is pretty much all there is to know about Nomad already. The AK-74M is not great in terms of damage output while the ARX200 has a small magazine, so both guns are limited to some degree. The .44 mag on the other hand just looks like a ton of fun and the Airjab will be both fun to use and powerful! Which operator are you looking forward to more, Nomad or Kaid? And which of Nomads rifles do you think you will prefer? Leave your comments down below and if you haven?t seen my Kaid breakdown yet, a link will be coming up right now! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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