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Oregon – Map Tour & Tips [Rainbow Six Siege]


This is Oregon. A medium-sized map with lots of narrow rooms and breachable walls. This map has 3 floors: the 1st floor, basement and 2nd floor, which features a Watch Tower. INTERIOR Holding many objective sites, the Meeting hall is the biggest and most important room of Oregon. While it can?t be directly accessed from outside, this central junction provides easy access to the rest of the map and even other floors. On the ground, two trap doors lead you to the basement. The ladder leads to the 2nd floor. Moving west, you can breach through this destructible wall to enter the Kitchen and then the Dining hall. Further west, you can go through this breachable wall into the Office. Upstairs is the Office storage, which provides visibility to the outside.

Note this window; it provides a good line of sight to the Main dorm room window and access to the roof. Back to the Office on the 1st floor. The rest of the 1st floor consists of the Dining hall hallway, the Showers, the Dorm stairs leading to the 2nd floor and the Bathroom. From there, you can breach through this destructible wall back into the Kitchen. Back to the Meeting hall. Moving south, you will encounter the Garage, which is a good entry point and the Lobby with its trap door that leads to the Laundry room in the basement. Next are the Main stairs that lead you to both the basement and 2nd floor. See the drawing on the wall? Oregon features plenty of hints like that to help you navigate through the map. Next to the Lobby is the Classroom. Now, let?s take the Laundry stairs to access the basement. The Laundry room and the Supply room are important locations that hold many objective sites. Note the ceiling hatch in the Laundry room that we saw in the Lobby a few seconds ago.

Just after breaching through a destructible wall, note the Supply closet located west. It provides a good line of sight to the Laundry room and its stairs. Next is the Supply room. As mentioned earlier, it?s one of the map?s most important rooms. Then, move west to enter the Basement corridor. Note the important hatch in the corner, which you can access from the Meeting hall on the 1st floor. The rest of the basement consists of the Electrical room the Tower stairs that lead to the 1st floor and all the way up to the 2nd floor and Watch Tower the Boiler room , the Bunker entrance and the Bunker that leads outside.

Back to the Meeting hall on the 1st floor. Note the Tower stairs we?ve seen a couple of seconds ago that lead to the Basement and 2nd floor. Take them to access the Watch tower on the 2nd floor. Note the mezzanine above, accessible by a ladder. At the top of the Watch Tower, the windows provide visibility in all directions including the Construction site spawn point located to the northeast, the Dining hall roof and Office to the west side and the Main entrance and roof to the south where you can have a clear view of your enemy and vice-versa.

Go down the ladder to see the rest of the 2nd floor. Note this destructible wall, which leads to the Attic. Also note the ladder that leads down to the Meeting hall. To the south is the Armory corridor and Main stairs we?ve seen before that lead to the Lobby on the 1st floor and the Laundry room in the basement, and the Armory. You can access this room from the outside through the windows. Moving west, you?ll find the Master bedroom and its Walk-in closet. Breach through this destructible wall into the Small dorm room. You will then arrive at the Main hall, the Dorm room stairs that lead back to the 1st floor, and the Main dorm room hall.

Note the window; it provides good visibility into the Office storage that we?ve seen before. Finally, you can breach through this destructible wall into the Kids’ dorms. SPAWN POINTS Oregon features three spawn points. Located southwest is the Junkyard entrance. Southeast is the Street spawn point. Finally, the Construction site spawn point is located northeast. Overall, Oregon contains many narrow rooms. It also has plenty of breachable walls. Trap doors are few in number, but very important. The roof is easily accessible. And remember to watch out for the Watch Tower windows, as you could be taken out from there. All set operators? It?s time to move out..

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