Outbreak Pandemic Tips + Strategies All Maps || Rainbow Six Siege


Note that, while the gameplay here is in normal mode, the tips I’m about to give you are meant to help you in pandemic mode. So the first part we’re going to look at is the nest. This part defending thermite charge is pretty easy, but I just want to point out that you can have two people looking from the second floor, one from the balcony and one from the roof behind me and the other guy can be on the first floor with a Shotgun fine: this is the best setup. The nests probably has the hardest left final part or you have to defend these pillars.

So my strategy is to ignore all the other pillars and just defend alpha. It’S really easy to do the vent, as you can see here, the zombies just jump right down and you could easily melee or shoot them. So I would have everyone here, except the problem is if a breacher breaches that wall you’re screwed so probably have a the fastest speed off operator to go on the other side of the side of the wall, to prevent any creatures, and they also help thin out The zombies coming in from the north door, so the challenge for this part is what to do when you run out of ammo, because if you just go off and and to grab ammo and gadgets, then that pillar is gon na die. Really quick.

You need to communicate with your teammates and have that outside person rotate in to cover for you and then go grab. The ammo grab the gadget by the way the gadgets are upstairs on the one on the northeast side and one on the southwest side. So yeah just do that and rotate back as quickly as possible. Moving on to Sierra of veterans wing, the first challenging part is defending dr

Mcintosh, so whenever you’re defending you should keep an eye out for where the zombies are coming from and assign people to the best places to the and so for this part you should have one guy in the hallway and one guy on the belt on the balcony. This is because, in the hallway from the roof there’s a hole, the zombies could jump down, they’re really vulnerable. You can kill them easily. On the balcony same thing, the zombies climb up, they’re, really vulnerable easy kills, and then the last guy should just help with ever side needs help. If you have a dog this part, while any part will be a lot easier. But for this part, if you have a dog, then you don’t have to worry about dr. McIntosh getting down the and that way you can worry more about staying alive. So if, if dr

Mcintosh goes down just dock her and she’ll get right back up. You can heal her, but I would not do that until she gets downed a few times, because when she’s down she has another health bar at which you can use to your advantage and thus saving your stem shots. For this part, it’s really useful to have one guy go where I’m going right now, because that’s where the zombies jump in from so you can get easy kills and if you get overwhelmed, you get back off, it’s pretty straightforward. The hardest part is getting that door to close, because if you don’t have good communication and you’re gon na try, you’re gon na try to close out door and zombies will just keeps coming in and it’s so annoying.

So you need, you, don’t need everyone inside you. Just need one guy who’s holding the dock, to press that button. The other two can stay outside and melee the zombies whatever and prevent them just prevent them from going in, and you can easily close that door for this next next part. You want to rush right through because the zombies will keep on spawning in and it’s just a waste of time to kill them all. And then the last part is probably the easiest. Last part, out of all the maps, because you have so much space and the objective, is you movable you? Can you can back off whenever you need to and if there’s a smasher which I never get, I only got it once if there’s a smasher just how one guy lead the Smasher off the platform and the rest can focus on the normal zombies by the way. One guy handling the Smasher I find is far more effective than multiple guys as I’ll show you later on.

It’S so easy to kill those guys. Another tip I have, which is pretty obvious, is to drop down doctor off somewhere safe, and this applies for any part of the map, because you want as much dps as possible, especially at that last part. When there are two apex spawns, you want a lot of DPS to kill those apex fast and that’s pretty much it for this map for Syria’s paradise. I’Ll just go over the last part, because the other parts are pretty easy. So, first, what you want to do is not to reinforce the Southwold, because zombies never go through there. Based on what I’ve seen. I don’t know if they’ll go through there, if the door, if the walls not reinforced, but they generally take the shortest path which is through the front door. So instead you can use those reinforcements for the garage for your setup, just like with dr

Macintosh having a doc will make this a lot easier, and I didn’t mention this before, but tachanka is pretty good in outbreak. You should consider using him and if you do use him, I’d highly suggest a shotgun as it’s really useful. If you get overrun all right back to the map, what I like to do is to camp in this South alleyway because, like I mentioned before, zombies, never come here. So it’s pretty low pressure. You can get some easy kills and if you start to get overrun, you can easily back off because no zombies spawn here – I haven’t done this before, but I think placing a touch angka LMG here is really effective because he can just sprayed spray all those zombies Without worrying about hitting teammates or any zombies coming from behind, so that’s pretty much it for this map.

There’S not really much to do in terms of strategy, but I will suggest doc and shotguns, not the semiautomatic shotguns, but smokes shotgun and dog shotgun. If, worse comes to worse, you can use yourselves as a body shield, but if you have a doc, you won’t need to do that. You can just let Jaeger get down and have doc revive him. Also, if you do have a doc, let the doc have all the gadgets don’t take in, because the dog is your lifeline. Next I’ll just give you some tips on how to kill those zombies a lot easier. The most fun I have is killing the smashers need to do is shoot it so that it starts following you want to create a situation where there’s nothing in between you and the Smasher, but there’s something behind. You shoot the Smasher expected to charge right away dodge. It turn around, make sure that he is actually stunned. Then knife him in the back.

Do this three times and easy kill fin apex spawns. It should take priority over all the other zombies, because, when you’re focusing on other zombies, the apex will not only spawn more zombies but it’ll. Try to hit you with the black goop Reuters will trap you in their circle of thorns. If you want to get released, you have to shoot the Rueter which will be highlighted in red, make sure you don’t go too close or ill karate kick. You preachers are really annoying when they explode on you or when you shoot them when they’re close and you still take damage. If one of them happens to get close, all you got to do is melee them. Yes, melee. If you melee them they’ll back off and they’ll explode by themselves, and if they don’t explode, you can shoot them without taking damage because they’ll back off pretty far now. I know they only explode if you shoot them in their yellow top part and they won’t explode. If you shoot below that, but that’s pretty useless, because when they’re far away you want them it to explode, to kill zombies that are around them.

When they’re close they’re like at your feet and it’s it’s like impossible to shoot under the yellow stuff. I want to mention now how powerful melee is like it’s so powerful if you’re swarmed at all, just melee them, there’s no downside to it. You no joke one. Melee will stun all the zombies in your screen that are close enough of course. So when you’re defending an objective – and they start to swarm – you melee them when you need a reload melee them when you want them to bunch up, so that you can throw an impact and kill all of them at once, melee them. What I’m showing you right now is the two locations of the thermite charges, because when I first played this map, I struggled a lot to find them. So if you haven’t played the nest, yet these are the two locations, and this is the route that I usually take. That’S pretty much it guys. I hope you enjoyed the video hope. This will help you guys have more fun and outbreak, and thanks for watching see you next time,