Quick Lesion Tip | Rainbow Six Siege Operator Guide | How To Play Lesion


Hi everyone welcome back to enough is enough. It’S a power out back with you again and today we’re trying something a little bit new on the channel. What we’re gon na do is take a look at the operator lesion and instead of doing a full guide, which you know he’s already out there I’ll put the link up at the top. What we’re gon na do is start putting out some short tip videos that are gon na help. You win rounds tonight simple, as that, it’s just going to be one thing, one good tip that we’ve come across, that we think that you could take away in use.

We’Ve seen a lot of interesting lesions so far, the operator guides them really well, it’s been by far and away our best video. Yet we think this is probably because he’s a bit more of an intricate operatories gadget isn’t quite as straightforward as the others to use it. You know the actual mechanics of it. It’S easy to use, but to actually use it. Well, there’s a lot of factors that come into play, so what we’re gon na do is we’ll get into a custom game. I’M gon na show you the tip, we’re gon na go over it, break it down, and then I’m gon na show you some footage of it working in game and, as I said, hopefully it’s something you can take away. Trying your games tonight say enough is enough and stop being that easy, kill and start contributing to the team with leisure. So, let’s get into that custom game and have a look right so we’re in the custom game we’re on course line map and the first thing about this tip. That’S really important is location. So what we’re looking for is a high footfall area or an important well used entrance.

That’S got a soft wall next to it. That’S the really important bit. These leaves your mines. You know they don’t do an all for what a damage they do. Slow people down. You know that’s fine, but we’re looking for this sort of location whereby, on the hatch that drops into bathroom we’ve got a soft wall next to it and we’ve got you know we can watch our angles. We can keep an eye on everything, so you can see there underneath that hatch. I’Ve just got two mines down there, so I’m covering versus you’re not going to be able to drop, avoiding those and all we’re gon na do is we’re just gon na weigh it and we’re gon na use their mines instead of hoping for somebody to get trapped In them you know people just set the needle out; it’s not going to kill them. What we’re waiting for is for one of their minds to disappear, so we’re here, the hatch core. You know we know somebody’s looking using that as an entrance that logo disappears and there we go we’re in we just wallbang straight through and get the kill, and that is an excellent way to use these leisure mines as a secondary point to this tip, I’m just Gon na give you a little idea about the overall player style that I use as well.

So if I’ve got those couple of mines down there of maybe leave them for 3045 seconds into the road and I’m waiting to see if anybody’s approaching that entrance. If that doesn’t appear to be the case, then what I’m gon na do I’m gon na pick them up and I’m gon na start rotating back to the objective I’m aiming to get back into the objective, with maybe a minute and a half left and start playing That anchor role as I go, I’m gon na start putting some traps down in tricky areas, places that might be frequently used just to cause a bit of a nuisance of myself, but also it’s gon na give me the opportunity to get a good idea in an Angle on where the enemy is coming from, if any of those icons start disappearing, so you can see now I’ve moved all the way back down through the map I haven’t. You know I’d usually do that a lot more carefully and be ATS in and looking for enemies, but it’s obvious, I’m in a custom game. So I know that’s not an issue, but I’ve now got down there. I’Ve got four traps laid out, so, as you can see, I can monitor that throughout the map.

I can see those icons if any of those start disappearing. I can start giving good call-outs, but this wall banking technique is a real beauty with lesion and I’m gon na switch to some gameplay footage now, so that you can see it working for both me and X in game and basically you’re looking to use them as An indicator rather than a method of getting kills themselves. You can see here then, we’ve got X, he’s on her third base, he’s setting himself up in laundry room, there’s a gunfight in front of him. So he knows that that’s a definite possible entry point and he’s just waiting to get that third go out there just to try and cover all the space in between so they’re, not gon na be able to move her through without seeing and now it’s just gon Na keep an eye on that he’s. Looking for his indicator there, it is so he’s gon na wall bang through he sees sivanna.

Now the lgion shotgun is a little bit weeks. You’Ve got to be careful, but there you got he’s, got the kill and that’s all you’re looking for really and then the second piece of gameplay we’ve got four years actually myself and positioned in wine cellar on, shall we and then that indicator drops. So I start punching through the wall now again. Lucian shotgun isn’t amazing, but this is why I put two mines down, because now I’m just gon na sit and wait, and second man acts as a distraction as twitch moves back round the corner – and I mean even a head shot – doesn’t finish him with the lesion Shotgun, so that should tell you all you need to know, but this tactic is brilliant for keeping you safe and getting easy kills. There is no doubt about it, so go and give it a shot. Tonight have a little look see what you can do and hopefully you’ve seen something that’s gon na help. If you have please hit like please hit subscribe, there’s gon na be awards more content like this coming along and hopefully we can out use it enough is enough. We’Ll see you next time,