Hello and welcome to the training academy. I’m Shaoling and in this episode we’ll be taking a look at 5 PvP tips and tricks for beginners. Tip number 1. Drones. Intel is everything in rainbow 6 siege. Knowing where the enemy is and what they are doing is crucial, When you start the round as attackers you may want to try and get as much info as you can with your drones. Don’t just guide them into the enemy area and get shot. Don’t forget that drones can jump in through windows and onto objects. It’s possible to hide them on or under or even behind object that make them less likely to be spotted. They make noise when moving as well as turning. If stairwells have been setup with jammers, you can toss these drones into windows to avoid them Once the preparation phase is over you can take control of the drone again to start relaying intel to your team.

If your initial drone was destroyed, remember every operator has 1 additional drone that can be used. Whether you use it to scout fro the objective because you were unable to find it in the preparation phase or whether you just need to scout ahead before moving forward. remember to use it. It can save your life. If you are playing a defender preventing these drones from finding the objective and marking your locations is important, but try not don’t shoot your teammates or the hostage in the process of destroying them.

If the objective has already been spotted, don’t let the drones distract you from setting up your fortifications and defenses. A good drone player will be able to waste a lot of your time by making you play catch me if you can. Once your are done seeing everything up, then kill the drones. Renumber to check under tables, on shelves and on top of objects. Tip number 2, Cameras. As a defender the cameras are you tool to gain information on the attackers and their positions. There are several camera’s located on each of the levels in the game, some will be outside but the majority will be inside.

When things are quiet and you have a moment check them to see if you can locate the enemy team. If you are playing the attackers make sure to take out these cameras as soon as you can when you see them. If they are flashing red, they are currently being used by a defender to spot you and giving your position away. Destroy these camera’s before they can spot you and deny the enemy team the information. If you don’t know when these cameras are located you can check out my cameras locations series. Tip number 3, Sound Sound is crucial in siege pay attention and listen carefully to them, they can provide you with information on the locations of your enemies, but don’t forget that the sounds you make can also give your position away. Sometimes it’s important just to stop moving and listen. Tip number 4. Fortifications and Barricades. As defender remember to put up wall fortifications before you run off to roam. Every operators has 2 fortifications that can be used and recruits have one. Remember to use them. Don’t close off sections between two objective points. It’ll prevent you from getting to the other objective quickly when you need to.

And don’t barricade doorways until the end of the preparation phase. During this time teammates will be running back and forth setting up defenses between the two locations and it will just be an annoyance. And also barricades are not going to stop drones from getting into the rooms. And also putting up barricades and fortification after the preparation phase is over can be a little bit risky. It makes a lot of noise and will give your position away. And the last thing you want to is to be killed whiled you are trying to put up a barricade. And finally tip number 5. Operators and their gadgets. If you are playing rook, don’t forget to drop armor for your team. And if there is a rook on your team please don’t forget to pick up your armor that he drops, otherwise the enemy’s going to pick it up instead.

If you are playing bandit and a teammate has put a device on a fortified wall or in amongst some barbed wire or the barbed wire is touching kapkans trip mine, don’t electrify it. It will destroy those devices. Likewise if the bandit on your team has already electrified the barbed wire or wall fortification, don’t attempt to put gadgets on or next to them they will get destroyed. For those of you who are planning on playing Kapkan, don’t put your trip mines on Castles barricades.

The only way the enemy team can get through those barricades is by breaching them which in turn will destroy the tripmines. And if you are planning on playing Fuse as an attacker on a hostage map, don’t use your device in the hostage room. The chances are pretty high that you going to end up killing the hostage. And this goes for any operators who have grenades as well. Thermite is the only operator in the game that has the ability to breach wall fortifications. It’s almost always a good idea to have a thermite on your team. A good team defending will fortify their defenses in a way that will force your team through a small chock point. Thermite can give you another approach. So that wrap it up for the basic beginner tip and tricks. I hope you enjoyed the video. More tips and trick video will be coming shortly. If you guys enjoyed the content and ant to see more like. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. I’m shaoling, until next time..

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