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Rainbow 6 Siege – 5 Tips & Tricks for Beginners (Guide)


Hello and welcome to the training academy. I’m Shaoling and in this episode we’ll be taking look at 5 beginner tips that will help you survive in rainbow 6 Siege. So before I get onto the actual tips, I wanna say that getting a descent amount of renown right off the bat, and it’s relatively easy. Each single player situation has 3 challenges you can do that will net you 200 renown each. That’s a potential 600 for each situation of which there are 10 available. So that’s already 6000 renown. These situations aren’t very difficult and really should take too long to do. You can get a another 600 by just watching the 3 tutorials videos. In fact you don’t even have to watch them, you just need to click on them then skip the cut scene if you choose to do so.

Ok so lets get to those tips. Tip number 1 Aim down sights. By pressing or holding the right mouse button, depending on whether its set to toggle or not, you will go into aim mode. This is the recommend mode to use when shooting. It’s far more accurate and a more reliable than firing from the hip. It maybe tempting to fire from the hip, especially if you guys are coming a run and gun shooter, but even with laser sight attached to your weapon, this mode should only really be used as a last resort or when the enemy is relatively close to you.

It lacks the precision you’ll need to make those shots really count. The spread area is significantly larger with hip fire in all 3 fire modes. Full auto, 3 shot burst and single shot. All the guns have slightly different recoil patterns but ADS is still the better option in all cases. If you have the ability to do so you should always choose to aim down the sights. If you don’t like the default iron sights of your primary weapon make sure to go ahead an purchase one of the other sight modifications for your weapon.

You have a choice between a reflex, holographic, red dot and the 2.5x zoom ACOG sights Tip number 2 You can lean, use it. By pressing Q or E respectively you can lean to the left or the right. Leaning out from cover or leaning while clearing corners is usually the best way to advance. You will expose less of your body and therefore provide a smaller target for your enemy while trying to look into room and get the info you need. If you’re unsure or suspect there maybe an ambush awaiting, you can always drop a drone and scout the way ahead before advancing. Strafing out of cover without leaning is generally not such a good idea.

Leaning will save you life more than once. Tip number 3 You can crouch by pressing C and prone by pressing Control. Both of these are crucial. Combing these commands with the lean function is absolutely necessary. Not only are you a smaller target when using them you also make a lot less noise when moving crouched and prone than you do when moving normally. Proning can save your life in an emergency. Dropping down may give you a valuable few seconds to get your bearings and return fire. However turing and aiming while prone is a slow process.

Don’t expect swing around and shoot and enemy who suddenly comes up behind you. One thing that you do need to be careful of is the clipping that can occur when you are prone or too close to a wall in general in some cases. On occasion your legs or other body parts may clip through the wall and give your position away, or worse get you killed. Just keep this in mind. They have said they are aware of this issue and are looking into fixing it. Tip number 4 Sprint and walk. You can press Left shift to sprint or Left alt to walk.

Sprinting is a faster way to get around. There is no stamina mechanic in the game so you can sprint for as long as you need to. It does however make a lot of noise and will give your position away, but in an emergency it can also save your life. Sometimes it’s necessary to run away, re-position yourself quickly, or even run across a doorway, room or passage. On occasion storming quickly into a room can also surprise your enemy and give you an advantage. Generally it’s not advisable to run just for the sake of running. Especially in PvP. Walking is way you can move around more quietly. Obviously. It can be used both when standing and crouching. Crouch walking is super quiet. It goes without saying that walking is slower, and may lead to getting you killed if you are taken by surprise, especially if your walk is setup as a toggle. Tip number 5 Cover and vaulting.

There are 2 types cover available in the game. Solid cover, like brick walls, concrete walls and certain objects in levels, and destructible cover like dry walls, wooden walls and some of the objects. The destructible cover can be breached with breaching charges, shot through and peek holes made in them from which the enemy or yourself can shoot through or look through. You need to be aware of these walls and whether or there are small holes in them that you did not make. If’s bigger than a bullet hole it’s possible that an enemy may be laying in wait,and you should probably be extra careful. Also be careful about using them as actual cover. You can be easily killed through them, by a many number of things.

If you want to cover that will actually protect you should make sure it’s indestructible solid cover. Learning where the different types of walls or objects are located in each level is a combination of experience and knowing the levels and what the walls look like. Finally there is the space bar. Pressing space allows you to vault over objects in the levels, through holes made in destructible walls, climbing into windows and rappelling up and down buildings. So that’s about it.

And that concludes the 5 tips for beginners. The next video will covering some basic PvP tips for the game. I hope you all the best of luck in the field. Remember to reload. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the section below. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more don’t forget to like and subscribe. Otherwise I’ve been shaoling, until next time. 1.

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