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Rainbow 6 Siege – How to Beat Shield Operators (Guide)


Hello and welcome to the training academy. I’m Shaoling and in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the some things you should be aware of when dealing with shield operators. So there are currently 3 operators that use shields in Rainbow 6 Siege. the GIGN recruit. Blitz, Fuse and Montagne, These operators seem to cause a large number of players problems simply because people are unsure of how to deal with them, or how to get past the shield. Most players tend to panic when being approached by a shield operator. But once you are aware of a few key things they will be far less intimidating when you next encounter them. So the following examples are based off a head on encouter with a shield operator. Firstly when sprinting their shields offer then no real protection so not much needs to be said about that. When walking or crouch walking you can see that all the operators share the same exposed areas.

So Lets take a look at the vulnerable or exposed areas. When standing the lefts and right shoulders are partially visible, along with the legs and the gun arm However when crouching you can see the top of the head (if you’re standing and they are crouching) as well as a portion of the left leg. Now when moving forward or backwards the standing posture vulnerabilities are pretty much the same as when stationary, So that means the legs, the shoulders and the gun arm are visible. however when crouch walking you can see that the left keg is no longer exposed out to the side, but the feet become visible along with the top of the head, if you are standing of course and they are crouching. Shield operators move relatively slowly and make a lot of noise, so you should know where they are and if you have a good knowledge of the map you should be able to flank them and out maneuver them When strafing you can see their legs stick out to the side . Getting a clean shot off while they are moving is difficult but not impossible.

More often than not a few hits to an exposed area will make them think twice before rushing toward you. If they are moving forward lying prone will make it easier to get those foo t shots, and make you a smaller target, but be careful, you turn slowly and if you need to make a run for it it takes a little while for you to get to get up and they could decide to aim down sights and shoot you in the head.

Alternatively if you see a shield operators lying prone. Which is definitely not a common sight, but does happen. don’t try to shoot them in the back, the shield is still effective even when not in front of them. Go for the legs, sides or head. Montagne’s ability allows him to extend his shield. Which makes him next to impossible to kill when he has it extended, but remember while he is using this ability he cannot shoot or use a melee attack. However If you are standing slightly to the right of him as you can see in the video, you will be able to shoot the bag that is sticking out on the side (that’s to your right). If he shifts across so its out of sight you maybe able to get a shot off at his shoulder on the opposite site (that’s to your left) Finally moving onto Blitz’s ability to blind you.

The ability has a limited range, so you have to be pretty close for it to take effect. If you are in the outer ring of the AOE, it will only partially effect you but you can still see enough to react. However like a flash bang if you are in the core of the AOE you will be blinded no matter what direction you are facing. So keep these ranges in mind when dealing with Blitz and try avoid getting too close.

In conclusion I will say that I’ve seen many people who see shield operators panic and just start shooting directly at them and try to fight them head on, I’ve also seen some players even run up to them, try to get behind them to melee them. Although this is of course possible, remember that a shield operator can use melee as well to bash you with his shield. A shield operators accuracy is while firing from the hip is pretty bad, the dispersion is increased by 2.5x and made even worse when taking direct fire to the shield. So that’s up to 5x In the test that I did, between 3 and 16 shots hit when firing from medium to long range. So that’s something to keep in mind. So take your time to aim and hit exposed areas, lead them into areas where you have teammates who can flank them, or flank them yourselves. It’s generally never a good idea to do a head on firefight, especially if they are not alone.

But as I mentioned earlier, nothing will deter a shield operator from charging at you more than getting hit in a few exposed areas and taking some damage. In almost all cases it will make them doubt the security the shield and become more defensive. What kinds of tricks and tactics do you guys use against the shield operators? As usual If you have any questions or comments let me know in the section below. If you enjoyed the content don’t forget to share it and subscribe to see more. And this will be the last video of 2015. So I just wanna wish you all a great new year as we welcome in 2016 and thank you for all the support during this year! I’ve been Shaoling, until next time..

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