Rainbow 6 Siege – Roaming Tips & Tricks (Guide)


Hello and welcome back to the training academy. I’m Shaoling and todays video we’ll be talking about roaming and a few things you should keep in mind when doing so. So some of you maybe asking what “roaming” is. To put it simple it’s when one or more of the defenders will leave the objective area and sneak around the map and try to flank or ambush any unsuspecting attackers. Don’t forget to put up your wall fortifications and gadgets if needed before you head off on your roaming adventure. Although the attackers don’t technically have “roam” it’s sometimes a good idea to have a fast attacker separate form the rest of the team to provide cover and to counter any roaming defenders. So lets talk about Intel. It essential when roaming to use the cameras at your disposal to locate the enemy team. Knowing where they are and what points of entry they are going to be approaching from allows you to plan your strategy. This will be a combination of both you and your teammates spotting them on the cameras. As I mentioned in my previous video “spotting” by verbally communicating with your team is usually best as the enemy will not be alerted when their positions have been compromised.

So through the sounds and the camera intel you should always have an idea of where the enemy is and where they are going. So lets talk about Operators & equipment. Now of course any of the operators can roam, but the faster operators are usually best in my option. They can traverse the map relatively quickly without having to run to make more noise than necessary. Also silencers are very important when roaming as the less noise you can make the better. There are some shotguns that have silencers as well. but my preference would be a SMG it provides more range and allows you to keep a larger distance from the enemy while still being able to engaging effectively.

If you are going to take the role of the roamer, choosing the Radio bomb over barbed wire or a deployable shield is generally a better idea. They can be use as kind of grenade or when attackers decide top purse you can setup a trap. Players seem far less likely to notice traps when trying to hunt down roaming than when approaching an objective. If you’ve wounded an enemy and they crawl behind cover, there’s no need to run in and finish the job. Just toss in a radio bomb and you may just kill the one you just you wounded along with the teammate who is trying to revive him. Obviously this doesn’t only apply to roaming, this applies to the game in general, but it is something to keep in mind.

Finally as I mentioned n my other video, as a roamer try to keep your footprint as small as possible. The less the enemy suspects your presence the more effective you will be. The difference in speed between fast, medium and slow operators can be seen on the screen now. The fast defense operators are Kapkan, pulse, J?ger and bandit, and the fast atackers are Ash and IQ. So the next point is don’t be predictable. Flanking the enemy is crucial when roaming. Once you’ve ambushed them, don’t hang around and attack from the same place.

The fastest operators in the game also have the least armor. So change your location. Keep your enemy on their on their toes. Even if you are only providing a distraction. When the enemy is constantly wondering where and when they are going to be attacked from next it provides your team with the advantage. Knowing when to attack. Now don’t just start attacking as soon as you see an enemy. You may not have seen his teammates.

The last thing you want to to kill one enemy only to find his 3 buddies are just behind him and they have shields. Be careful also when dealing with shield operators. If your roaming you likely don’t have a teammate with you. Use your speed to outmaneuver them. In general though, wait until you have enough information before engaging. Stay hidden until the best opportunity presents itself. This will come with practice and some experience.

Knowing when engage can be the difference between killing one enemy or a few or even being killed. Know the map. There is not so much to say about this point expect learn the map. Of course its important to know the map no matter who or what role you are playing, but as a roaming this is especially important. You need to know all the shortcuts, the routes that the enemy can take and the points that the enemy can enter from and also where their spawns are. Knowing the map will give you the advantage of being able to moving around quickly and flanking the enemy from different places. And lastly I just wanted to mention vents, I know it’s not directly connected to roaming, but if an enemy is standing close enough to these vents you can see their feet, if they are lying prone you can see their bodies as well. Keeps this in mind. It is possible to kill or be kill by being shot through these vents.

Especially if you have a silencer quipped it may take the enemy a little while to actually realize where they are being shot from. Feet under barricades is more obvious to most players, but it seems many people forget about these vents. And that wraps it up fro todays video. What kind of roaming tactics do you guys use when you play? Let me know I’ve been Shaoling. until next time..

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