Rainbow 6: Siege – Strategy setup(Kafe Dostoyevsky/Reading room)


Time to complete the preparatory task for Smok: ~ 50s. This barbed wire is used to collect information if someone goes inside from the Main Hall. Here is the same Horizontal destruction of walls is necessary to control the bomb site Fireplace from different angles The main task of the player on Smok: Control the corridor between sites Prevent deactivator installation Lead time for the Maestro: ~ 45s. The maestro?s first camera is used to prevent the installation of a deactivator, but mainly to view the corridor / bomb site Maestro?s second camera is used to prevent hardbrick devices on the wall Half of the round, the maestro sits on the cameras and gives information to the allies Time to complete the preparatory task for Qaeda: ~ 55s.

The first Qaeda device is used to prevent hardbrick attack devices Two simple rotations: in the bomb site and for roamers The second Qaeda device should be installed after the wall mounts Destruction for roamers to control the corridor from above The main challenge for Qaeda: Hold bar and cocktail room for reinforcement If someone enters the Library from the Main Hall, you can help sites with floor damage Time to complete the preparatory task for Yager: ~ 55s. Three initial SOGs for playable places or anti rush cases The main task for the Jager: Play between the freezer and the white stairs, depending on the attack Lead time for the trap: ~ 45s.

All his traps are needed to collect information, so you can try other operatives The main task of the trap: Keep the room with the piano, but basically play for a while and adapt to the attack. Step back to the white staircase if the attackers press you very hard Or flank if no one comes to you .

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