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You’Re scanning guides, on jQuery and in this video I’m going to be discussing how to stop, pin killing in Rainbow six siege stiffly how to stop team killing in casual, though it does happen in rank. I’M sure what happens way more frequently in casual, at least in my experience, so I’ve got five different suggestions that Ubisoft can take on board if they for watch this video, whatever well five different positions that can actually you know, affect team killing and hopefully a positive Way, I’ve also listed the reasons why these reasons may not work and whatsoever. I want to come to this with a very, even head and speaks both sides or do one is to be a discussion, though, so be sure to leave your opinions in the comment section below. But let’s start with number. One first suggestion is to kick players that peen kill within the first 15 seconds of the match.

Now, first 15 seconds we mean that is generally before any drones are able to come in. So there won’t be any accident. All you know team shootings because they were drawn there. I think, having keeping. That is pretty much essence or very most. I think it really needs to be really sticking. You should take penalties if you shoot a team member whatever like that, person should lose help, so it can’t happen throughout the whole slot in phase, because, obviously you know using your Johnson trying to go in in between people’s legs forget not to shoot each other. Is our strategy made a really effective strategy, but half of the problem with this is that people may run in front of other people creating murder, holes and other honest accidents can occur so that may lead to more people being kicked unfairly, and that is also something To think about suggestion, number two is people in squads together should share the team killing strikes. Now what I mean by this is in again you get basically two strikes when it comes to team.

You get to tinker once if your team kill again get keep from the game and what I’m saying is, if you’re, in a squadron of someone as and they’ve, invited you to their squad prior to matchmaking and matchmaking. Forget what you guys should share those strikes. As this would stop people being able to team up to kill other people in the team by splitting the kills between them, because that is a strategy that I’ve seen now. I I played a game today where two people just wanted to team kill me and the friend that I was playing with for no good reason whatsoever. They were hunting us down, trying to murder us and we had to run away from those guys and focus on killing the other team, and it was a hilarious hilarious experience, but team killing is something that happens on such a common basis that it’s not hilarious. All the time, it’s usually very, very remind when you get actually team killed, it’s very very annoying. Then you add matter when you’re running away and you’re – you have to you, know, deal with the situation and try to count for the strategy to take out your enemies, and you know stay alive with the team killers on your back, that that is interesting.

But that’s not the way always is and anytime you get told by someone anything is where you’re nine. If it’s an accident than fair enough about people really coming after you to kill you that guy’s just fucking silly, in my honest opinion, a problem with this suggestion, is it won’t stop people in the public lobby, just communicating with each other and teaming up to team, Kill people – and you know honest mistakes – may happen. Although I highly doubt you’re going to get to keep team kills between your squad. If you’re clean, you know as a sport and you’re not trying to pin to anyone, I feel like having that there would make people more cautious about seeing their team members and that’s always good, and I doubt that people teaming up through public lobby to team kill Other people is a prevalent thing in Rainbow six siege, it will probably happen, but I don’t think it happens as much as people in squads. Team-Killing clear one suggestion number three is a good idea, is one that was implemented in the game World of Tanks.

Now, in this game, if you team, kill and deal enough friendly fire damage, your name then turns blue and you can be pinned killed with no penalty. This seems like a very good solution. Taking away that penalty for killing team killers will make it much harder for people to team kill with impunity now the thing is, if you’re playing on the side of a few team killers, you can only team kill that person once and if there’s two or three People teaming up together to kill the rest of team, then you can only you know, kill one person and then you kind of have to run for the rest of the game because after you do another kill, you’re going to be kicked from the game, and I Feel like that is really really annoying. If someone’s dealing enough damage to get a team kill or they’re dealing in a friendly fire damage, then they should be able to be killed with impunity.

I believe this could, however, lead to people who accidentally ping killed being shot for the sake of it, but I think the positives in this case outweigh the negatives suggestion. Number four is that the team killer will lose renown and give it to the team killed Claire. This is another concept present in the World of Tanks, game and seems like a very interesting idea. It should prevent people from wanting to kill other people on their team, as it will lose. You renown and no to lose their renown, but obviously players with a large bunch of renown, who’ve been grinding out again for a very long time and have a lot of time on their hands. And you know those basement dwellers who are probably the most likely type to be a team killing. Those guys may have a buncha renown and they may just be able to buy off the team Koba. I feel like that. Injunction with the rest of you know, some other team killing parameters would make a difference. This could also lead to people just running in front of your bullets for the sake of getting free renown, but it doesn’t seem worth it. It could be honest, always staying alive and actually getting killed. So little really seen as a viable strategy, although there definitely will be people who try it out suggestion number 5 is it should require less bolt to kick a player that has team killed.

I’M thinking around 3 volts should be able to kick the personnel if they have killed someone on their team because, as I said in that match earlier that I was playing, there were two team killers teaming up together and it was impossible to kick out the team Killer because you need a unanimous vote in a match of siege to kick out a player, I think you need at least 4 out of 5 volts, which is not unanimous. I mean for unanimous among the remaining parties there we got the remaining players unanimous among you, then use 4 out of 5 volts. Obviously, the person get involved if it be kicked out, can’t vote and when you have two players who are team killing together. That can prevent them from being kicked out of the game unless the team killed two people which you know can happen, but I think having this free vote system would make things better.

The problem is, this could lead to people being kicked because they accidentally team killed. Someone and now the rest of the team is trying to team up on them, or you know a certain squad is trying to use. They mostly get rid of the person, so that is a negative that could come of that also, but I believe you know more than one of these suggestions could be put into effect and maybe with a little tweaking or whatever they could really reduce the team killing Problem now, let me talk about why I think team killing happens, because maybe understanding why it happens will allow us to get rid of it. Now I think team killing happens generally because of trolling. You know people just trying to make people mad or maybe make youtube videos. There is a hilarious trolling, Rainbow 16 killing video that I will link in the description. The first match was very hilarious that other person he was being team killed was was quite a character. To be honest – and you know that was some hilarious content, but I don’t think that sure that sort behavior should be rewarded like I had trolling is not something you should reward people for, and it really it’s funny when you see other people getting trolled.

But it’s everything for you is what’s so funny, it’s a little annoying, so I don’t think anyone should be getting trolled playing a compared game like Rainbow six siege. I maybe there should be a troll mode where people control – and I don’t I don’t know, but I don’t think we should be rewarding that and I don’t think there should be many many more of these be the current soup. I don’t support whatsoever, but I will link the video because it is hilarious, so you know check it out if you want to check it out, but I don’t support it whatsoever. A lot more. I don’t do that. People did suggest in my discord for me to do trolling videos and you know, team, killing and stuff, but I just it’s just not in my character to do nards. I just don’t do it because it’s just it’s online its online and I don’t I’m not that type of person I just wants to be annoying being a minor.

Another reason why people team kill is cuz they’re. Just you know, sad people. That said, maybe they’re really disappointed in their life. They have in a bad day and they just want to piss. Someone else pick someone else off and get on the nerves of other people and make other people feel bad, because misery wants company, and that is also a reason, and you know these people are. You know you shouldn’t feel if you’re said, don’t try to make other people said, try and bring positivity positivity in your life and spend your time doing more productive things than killing your teammates in C Japan. That’S a bit bit Celia! I wanted to release some stress. I was going to play a game to do so or play Rainbow six to do so. I’M not going to be the person who’s going to be like okay, I’m going to jump into the game and start killing my teammates. I wanted the competition, the tension of killing people who are ready to kill me not my fucking teammates, but you know everyone is different. Another reason people team kill is because they’re losers, the one power because they lack any in their real life, and this happens in a lot of games. I’Ve seen in a bunch of toxic game communities and people dedicate so much time into a game that they feel, like you know, they’re better than everyone else on that game or they’re on another level, and you know their whole self worth is dedicated into this game And it it’s very sad, it’s very unhealthy and it leads to a lot of negative behavior.

I believe, and it couldn’t solve lead to tinkling. I could and but I believe, teen killings generally on the higher skilled players that I’ve dedicated a bunch of hours into the game. It’S more people who just haven’t you know, got anything going on to them in real life, so they wan na. You know fuck up. Everyone else’s day, and that sort of thing now, with that, I want to ask: what do you think can be done to better solve team killing, leave a comment down below and if you want to play Rainbow six with me and find other people to squad up With be sure to join my discord, channeled and in the description below thanks for watching and liking and subscribing I’ll see you guys in the next video, it’s been a cold when Iran is lost far too long. So for this, shall we [ Music ]