Rainbow 6 Siege – Teamwork Tips & Tricks (Guide)


Hello and welcome back to the training academy. I’m Shaoling and in today’s video we’ll be taking a look a t a few key points to help you play as a team. Number one. The Bomb Defuser The amount of times I’ve seen the person who has the bomb defuser run off own and one, Be nowhere near the team when the team have secured one of the bomb sites or two, get killed so when the team does secure the bomb site they have to then leave the objective area to find and pick up the defuser that was dropped, which usually ends with them getting killed as well as consequently the loss of the round that could easily have been won. It’s infuriating when your team has secured a bomb site only to realize the guy with the defuser is off on his own solo adventure on the other side of the map nowhere near any objectives, and at the same time seem to not to read the chat when the team is telling them to come to a specific site.

If you are planning on running off on your own or are going to be the one dealing with the defenders roamer, drop the defuser for someone else to pick up or at least pay attention to the chat or voice communication so you can see when your team needs you to plant the defuser. If the enemy kills the player with defuser all they need to do is to make sure that no one else picks it up and they will win the round. Losing control of the defuser is bad.

Very bad. Make sure it doesn’t happen. DONT RUN OFF ON YOUR OWN WITH THE DEFUSER. Number two. Coordinated Attacks. As the attackers it often happens that the team will split and attack objectives from multiple places. If you do plan on using this approach make sure to coordinate your attacks with the rest of your team. Co ordinating your attacks from multiple sides at the same time will cause the most amount of confusing for the defenders.

There is no point in going in one at a time, attacking one side at a time and then getting killed one at a time. Synchronize your push from multiple directions. Yes thus will require you to actually communicate with your team. Use mics otherwise type it in chat. However, using the mic is obviously faster, there isn’t always time to start typing an essay in the heat of battle. three. Watch your back When moving as a group to or even as a pair. There is no point in all players covering the front. There is almost alyways a defender roaming around the map. Someone needs to cover the back. The last thing you want is the enemy defender sneaking up behind you all and getting a bunch of free kills. Which I have seen many times over. Cover your back at all times whenever possible. Number four. Shield operators need support Shield operators are great at helping a push, but they the lack accuracy when firing from the hip and firepower, since they only have pistols.Their main role should be support.

As a shield operator you should not be running off solo. You are better off as as a supporting player and sticking with your team. If you are playing a shield operator dont hide behind your teammates. You need to be the one in front covering your teammates, but be careful about strafing in front of them while they are trying to shoot the enemy. Tell them when and where you are moving to or when you are retreating. Number five. Knowing where your teammates are. Knowing where your teammates are is very important, for both attacking and defending sides. In causal play it’s much easier because you have outlines, however in ranked you do not have outlines so you will only see their icons, Knowing where they are can help you plan your attack or where you are needed when defending. I talked about the importance of listening and sound in one of the other videos I made. Sound is crucial in Siege. I can’t emphasize that enough. If you are not paying attention to where your teammate are or the sounds you are hearing, you will have no idea if it’s your teammates making those noises or the enemy.

Which will either lead to a friendly fire incident or getting killed. pay attention to the location of your team. If you can see your teammates are trying to be very quiet, for example. as a defender if one of your teammates is roaming and generally being very quiet, don’t start sprinting around where they are, or putting up barricades and just generally making alot of noise after the preparation phase. You’re going to alert the enemy to their presence and yours as well. Firstly they’ll know where to look and secondly they will be ready for an ambush.

And as an attacker if your teammate is advancing quietly dont sprint up to them or past them, again, all you’re doing is giving their position away as well as yours. Remember there is a walk button. You can crouch walk when needed to be extra quiet. When engaged in a fire firefight, knowing where your teammates are means knowing where their lines of fire are and walking into them. So don’t strafe or walk in front of them If you do want to be infront of them make sure you are in a lower posture than them. If they are standing you can crouch. If they are crouched then you should go prone. Rainbow 6 Siege is a teambased game through and through. That means communicating with your team whether attacking or defending. You will have a much better experience if you work as a team. If you’re too shy to use the mic then use the in game chat. Both are easily accessible, dont forget to use them.

Don’try and play this game lonewolf, you will have a better chance of winning, especially against a team that doesn’t communicate, if your team does. And I’ll say again, communication is key. And that wraps up this video. I Hope this helped some of you out. Just a few simple tips. I’m sure there’s some stuff I’ve not covered. This is not an exhaustive guide about teamwork and tactics, just a few things to keep in mind when playing rainbow 6 Siege. As usual if you have any questions or comments as usual you can leave them in the section below.

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