Rainbow Six Siege Buck Guide


Rainbow Six Siege Buck Guide?by plasmax22

Buck is an amazing operator perfect for playing vertically. He has two great primary weapons, as well as frags and a versatile gadget.

Buck is essentially three things. He can play any of these roles fairly well. These are soft breacher, vertical, and flex. He is my favourite soft breacher, as he can open hatches, walls, and windows from a good distance away, and either hold an angle, or keep pushing through and making a path to the objective. He has frags also, which can be used to destroy shields and barbed wire (priority on barbed wire). Vertical is when Buck is either above or below the objective and shooting any enemy that he sees. Buck is the best for this role, as he can work from below as well, something only ash used to be able to do. Open up a hole above or below popular camping places, such as the little little office in armory on Border. He is also a very flexible operator, as he can go from holding a long angle with his CAMRS that he created with his skeleton key, to scaring enemies from above, to rushing the last person with his skeleton key. Buck just has so much potential, and can essentially do whatever you need him to do (except breach reinforcements, of course). If your team has a Thermite and Thatcher already, Buck is generally my go to pick. Buck can also be used to destroy batteries and jammers. If there is a drone hole next to the wall, you can roll a frag through it and get equipment on the other side.


C8-SFW This gun is hard to control compared to many other weapons in siege. This is because it does not have the ability to be equipped with a vertical grip, as his skeleton key uses the spot a grip would be placed.

Option 1: CQC Compensator with Holo. You can switch to ACOG if you become more comfortable with it, but ACOG is very hard to use on this gun (Have found ACOG easier on PC)

Option 2: Mid Range Muzzle break with Holo. ACOG if comfortable. Muzzle break helps to reset the aimpoint back to the original point.

CAMRS A single shot variant of the FAN FAL, this DMR is one of my favourite guns in the game. It does solid damage per shot, and has a good recoil pattern. It does not suffer from having no vertical grip.

Option 1: Sneaky Run the CAMRS with a Holo sight and suppressor. The CAMRS does very solid damage even suppressed.

Option 2: Flexible Muzzle break and ACOG. The CAMRS is a Designated Marksman Rifle, which means it?s technically designed for longer ranges. Buck?s CAMRS does very well in this role. If you are comfortable with ACOG in mid-fairly close this is the right setup for you. The skeleton key can be used for point blank range.


MK1 9mm Buck only has one sidearm, a Browning Hi-Power, which is called the MK1 9mm in game. It is a good all around pistol, and is a good fall back weapon if the enemy is too far away for you to switch to your skeleton key.

Option 1: Sneaky Suppress the pistol and use it mostly to take out cameras or kill unsuspecting enemies.

Option 2: fall back Muzzle break. This keeps the recoil low and very easy to manage.


Skeleton Key The skeleton key is probably one of the most versatile gadgets in the game. It is essentially sledge hammer on steroids. To create a vaultable hole, simply aim at chest height (without ADS), and fire once, from a distance of a few metres. This makes a hole about the size of an impact grenade. The skeleton key is also useful for opening floors and ceilings. You can open a hole above or below common spots for people to hide and either shoot them or drop frags down. Remember, the metal frames almost always run north-south.

Personal Tips:

-My personal loadout CAMRS with ACOG and muzzle break MK1 9mm with muzzle break and laser (laser helps when you draw it in a panic). Frags This allows me to play almost any range, and do whatever my team needs me to do.

-When playing Buck, try to always get above or below the objective.

-The CAMRS is a very strong, accurate rifle. Buck is very good at protecting Thermite from afar, if you don?t have a Glaz or Blackbeard.

-Buck?s frags can sometimes be used as an alternative to Thatcher or Twitch. Throw one through a drone hole next to the reinforced wall, and it will take out any jammers or batteries.

-Use what you prefer! I personally like the CAMRS more, but I suggest you use different attachments to figure out what you like to use! If you just want to try Buck, I suggest my class though.

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