Rainbow Six Siege – Burnt Horizon: Gameplay and Tips


Operation Ebara will bring Rainbow Six: Siege to Australia Bring two brand new secret agents A brand new map And many terrible spikes These things may look like something the defensive side will throw Actually deployed by the attacker And this standard drone used to detect the enemy’s location Is controlled by the defender Obviously Australia is the best place to complicate matters The attacker named Gridlock is the one you want to admire It is she who throws those spiked obstacles on your way She called these institutions wonders acupuncture traps Just throw it on the ground Will immediately deploy a group of spikes that will hurt the defender This will throw a large group So you can really get stuck in a staircase or corridor Or covering a large area Drop acupuncture traps through ceiling openings or between floors You can apply pressure from above Or throw it into the defensive hideout you found Push them into a bad situation No need to worry about Jager’s proactive defense system It has no effect on Gridlock equipment The attacker can pass spikes, no problem at all But if a defender dares to pass There are three things that you absolutely do not want to encounter in this game They will be hurt They will be slowed And they make noise These elements are enough for you to reconsider whether you should go that route And can you imagine how to take out a completed bomber from this stuff? I can’t imagine But everyone on defense You don’t need to let these terrible iron blocks affect you You can destroy them with bullets, explosives or melee attacks A better scenario is to break the acupuncture traps during deployment To prevent deployment of some or all devices But also be aware that these actions can cause noise Puts you at risk Especially the attackers now have Gridlock’s F90 assault rifle Or her M249 light machine gun You may want to think carefully about whether it should be noticed The new special agent on the other side is Mozzie.

This defensive member thinks Why bring your own drone? Just steal yours Equipped with a reliable “Horse” launcher Mozzie can invade the attacker’s drone and own it Yes, even Twitch’s There are two ways you can capture drones The first Shoot the “horror” directly on the drone It’s not easy unless you see an idle drone in the open Or have Mute help you But if you miss You can pick up the “horror” at any time and try again The second method Shoot the “horror” on a surface Ambush Horror will jump on any passing drone And invaded it Each “ worm ” can invade a drone Incorporate it into Mozzie Once the drone is invaded Mozzie gains control drive jump electric shock mark Stop somewhere sneaky Enjoy life with drone He can’t pick them up And if he drives the drone out for a few seconds He would lose control of the hack, and the original owner would not get it back But every drone controlled by Mozzie Will add a valuable new source to the defense’s camera footage Let everyone watch Now the defender can see the special frame Identify which drone cannot shoot But the attacker must pay attention to the characteristic blue light To find the betrayed drone Or bring IQ to find the traitor Attackers can use Dokkaebi’s intrusion to retrieve the drone’s screen permissions But drones will still be controlled by the defenders From carefully driving drones Attention to the flashing warning of the ambush nearby Have to take a closer look at all the drones you see When Mozzie is present, the attacker must spend more time and attention on the drone And when their attention is elsewhere Mozzie is also happy to take advantage Using his P10 Roni automatic pistol Or his Commando 9 assault rifle with a special filling animation Mozzie describes it as a “teacher” The new map is “Desert” A highway hotel in this sun-drenched country Travelers can rest here and resupply again There are three buildings forming an L-shape.

Each building has a unique color to help you identify You can get it from the blue garage Road to green kitchen Then enter the yellow hotel And stuffed sharks Bull riding facilities And other markers to help you notify teammates It’s also full of destructible walls and floors Let’s these two new Secret Service Agents use short shotgun secondary weapons to destroy Spiked Queen Gridlock And drone thief Mozzie Will be on the road with Hongcai Squad along with Operation Hagiwara But they are still the most comfortable in Australia Follow the 4th Annual Update on Rainbow Six: Siege Stay tuned to our YouTube channel And visit the official Chinese website “Operation in Kashihara”

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