Do you like having no recoil? Are you a fan of technology? Can I have your number? If you answered “yes” to any of these three questions Dokkaebi maybe right for you *phone sounds* Hold on, I gotta take this. Hey, could you stop calling this number? I’m in the middle of something here What do you mean you can see me? Operator: Hello, no one is available to take your call Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam or the Korean Goblin is hands-down the most popular operator that white noise brings to the scene because of her ridiculous Hackerman skills and kawaii hipster specs We’ll only be taking a look at two things in her bio because they’re the only two things that really matter The first of which is that she was apparently named after the actress Grace Kelly Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly We’ll get into the other thing later when it’s a bit more relevant but for now, let’s get into what you actually clicked on the video for The Korean Goblin, I’m going to make that nickname stick if it kills me is a two speed two armored support attacker with a hipster aesthetic and an iPad Starting with weapons, you have a choice between the Mk 14 EBR Marksman rifle or the BOSG.double-barreled death machine as your primary weapon If you have the accuracy in reaction time, you’ll definitely have a great time with the big-ass overpowered shotgun with the whopping 125 damage you’re guaranteed a one shot down and close to even medium ranges Just be sure to make all two of your shots, count before you have to reload or switch to your secondary Seeing as I have neither accuracy nor reaction time, I prefer the beam rifle from Halo given the nature of Dokkaebi’s ability, which I’ll go over shortly It makes sense that she would have a ranged weapon to use, so she can keep her distance and harass the enemy team What doesn’t make as much sense is that it has virtually no recoil so you can pretty much spam shots at your enemy until there’s nothing left of them but their cell phone and about an ounce of salt Clocking in at 60 damage with 20 rounds this gun is a beast at medium to long ranges but up close and personal it may not be the best choice because of its single-shot firing Don’t worry, though Dokkaebi has an answer for that too.

The C75 is a dope little secondary But iron sights suck more dick than a crack addict who is also a prostitute in their free time You’re much better off with the SMG-12 so you can actually see what you’re shooting at and with the fire rate of 1200 and 70 rounds per minute there’s a very good chance you’ll get a lucky headshot if you’re shooting in the right direction In fact I use this gun as a primary a lot of time without really feeling that I’m at a disadvantage Which is saying something because I’m not very good in general You can follow me on Twitch if you want to see just how not good I am See it wasn’t insult overtop of self-promotion, so that makes it okay Twenty-eight damage doesn’t seem like a lot but with the amount of bullets flying at your enemy in a matter of seconds that shit adds up real quick The C75 is higher damage at 35 but with a slower fire rate of a thousand rounds per minute and naturally it has a smaller magazine of 26 as opposed to the SMG-12: 32 So really a lot of this is personal preference and depends on your style of play so you’re free to disagree with me on what gun is better as long as you know that well you’re wrong Now onto the meat of the Korean Goblin sandwich: abilities You can use your special tablet to hack into defenders phones causing them to vibrate until they turn them off This can be useful In finding roamers and getting the jump on them while they’re texting or even just as a distraction to get an enemy to move out of their hiding place It’s usually best to wait for your team to get closer to the objective before you start using this so you’re not missing any opportunities to sniff the defenders out I like to play cautiously with Dokkaebi, staying towards the back of my team and calling up the defenders when I feel like saying hello You can also play it very aggressively activating the phones right away and quickly moving into the objective but doing this makes it a bit harder to use the second part of your ability which is hacking the defenders cameras After high-fiving a roamer in the face with your shotgun you’ll notice that they drop their iPhone X on the ground next to all the salt I mentioned earlier Simply hold a whatever button it is for console plebs, and you’ll hack into their database giving you and your team access to all of the defenders cameras It’s best to have a look immediately after hacking, so you can gather all the available Intel before the defenders notice you’re in, and shoot out the cams Are you triggered? Because most people seem to completely lose their minds when they see this But to be honest I don’t think it’s that bad.

Hacking the cams can certainly give you a big advantage, yes but it’s also not that hard for defenders to just shoot out the cameras that are above them or even just stay out of sight of their own cameras because they aren’t in every single room That being sad having my mom call my phone when I’m in the middle of flanking the enemy is a bitch and a half Luckily there are some counters to the logic bomb, the first being mute jammers pretty simple if you’re next to a jammer when the logic bomb goes off your phone will be immune I’m not sure about the science behind this shit, but it can’t be any more confusing than a marksman rifle with no recoil There’s also Echo. This is the other important thing in her bio that I hinted at earlier Apparently Echo and Dokkaebi Have a history of collaboration which seems like code for something to me because of this Echo’s phone doesn’t go off and his drone is immune to hacking which means he can actually be a vital part of getting Intel and holding down the objective Suddenly the lazy boy is actually useful Vigil is also a counter as his ability will of course hide him from hacked cameras and it’s also worth noting that IQ can see the defenders phones with her device while they’re disabling them Overall Dokkaebi is great for harassing the defending team and keeping them on their toes Yes, she can be a pain in the ass, but that’s what we love about this game right.

That’s sweet sweet salt Alright that’s gonna wrap up this masterpiece, but before I go… Wait what’s happening?.

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