Rainbow Six Siege – Ember Rise Gameplay & Tips


Resurgence With the flames to sweep “ Rainbow Six” Among them will be two new agents And a refurbished map. The defensive cadre who will bring the heat is called Goyo. He can deploy his own volcanic shield To create strategic bunkers, Prevent attacking teams from entering And occasionally come to be a special agent for cooking The attacker who tackled this challenge was Amaru. Her claws can quickly pull her up to the roof Outside windows ceiling, openings and patios. We have introduced a new special agent introduction, you need to know, And a guided tour of the refurbished Canal. First is Goyo This special agent from the FES Special Forces in Mexico, But a skilled mechanic.

He can quickly deploy his volcanic shield To stop the attacker. Volcanic Shield has the ability to deploy shields. It also includes a brand new look, As well as the new fitted door frame function, But the Volcano Shield is a surprise Goyo at any time. His teammates and even the attacking team Can release the burning core behind the volcanic shield. Then a small explosion would make people yell “. Oh my god there is fire everywhere”. You definitely do. Nt want to try to rush over This explosion can directly destroy the core by Or destroy the entire shield. So Goyo does nt need to stay in place. To start, In fact, this name is medium speed. Medium armored, special agent is quite deadly. You can use his Vector.45 ACP to hit the jungle Or lurking with a TCSG12 shotgun. If the situation is critical, His shield can still pose a threat after his death, Especially when used with Kapkan traps, But this threat can be exploited by both parties. Although Thatcher’s electromagnetic pulse grenade, Twitch drones can’t disarm the burning core And IQ ca, nt detect it

After all, the volcanic shield itself is a deployable shield Means it can be destroyed by a fragment grenade and trigger an explosion. Ash’S bombs are also OK. You can also use Zofia’s Impact Grenade Or Sledge’s mallet. Everything is fine Other than that. Anyone who can see the Burning Core can trigger directly, So misplaced volcanic shields Will be turned against. The defensive team Play Goyo’s goal Is to use the power of the volcanic shield And prevent the enemy from entering at important moments Or simply earn time for your team. Upfront When the attacker is advancing Or the round is about to end Trigger your Volcano Shield, Keep them away from the target or cover the wings. The explosion triggered at the right time can bring a decisive gap. Let you climb on the scoreboard or pad on the hearth When Goyo stops the enemy from moving Peruvian attacker Amaru.

You can shuttle the map like never before This is her claw. Let her shuttle to any edge or window that can drop Put her in an unpredictable position on the defensive side Once she enters the building. The claw hook allows her to shuttle to the ceiling opening Or a patio. This is the first time in Rainbow Six Siege. Defensive side must adjust strategy accordingly Or pay for it When choosing a destination. The claw hooks are clearly marked Where it can or cannot catch. You can’t catch objects that are too far or too low, But as long as you aim at the window, You can do horizontal movement Once inside the building. You can only aim at the ceiling opening and patio, Although the claws can instantly break the wooden seal on the window, But Castle’s blockers will make you unable to even aim And the ceiling opening has to be broken first To make you shuttle Amaru’s, SuperNova Or the Ita12S shotgun is now useful As long as the defense doesn’t reinforce these openings. This made the appearance of Claw Hook very loud

So good team communication and drone exploration are needed. Amaru will not pull out the gun before landing when using the claw, So she could nt handle it at all. The Lurking, Kapkan and Frost Trap Not to mention that any defender might hear her coming. Some secret agents can give her some bonuses Like Finka Or use their own gear to distract the defender Like Ying or Dokkaebi Great for pairing with Amaru, But medium speed, medium armor And she is holding a G8A1 light. Machine gun Is a comprehensive and dynamic presence. Front action. Scene All happened on this refurbished canal map. This map is still divided into two buildings, But an extra bridge allows the two buildings to shuttle between each other.

The number of windows near the target point and near the roof has been reduced And rebalancing makes outsourcing more risky. In addition, the color scheme of the stairs and various areas of the building has been added Added defense options for better communication between players. This refurbished canal map Will be launched with Operation Resurgence And for free for all players. Two new secret agents, Goyo and Amaru Available Now to Year 4 Pass Eligible Players, While other players can Unlock with reputation, points or R6 points More about Rainbow. Six Siege Please subscribe to this channel and visit the official website.