Rainbow Six Siege Game Objectives Basic Guide


Rainbow Six Siege Game Objectives Basic Guide

The Very Basics of Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 multiplayer game available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game play focuses on a more tactical approach to multiplayer and features a large amount of environmental destruction. The goal of the game involves attacking/defending a variety of objectives using various ?operators? (specific classes, of which only 1 type can be picked per side). The goal of the game for attackers is to secure the objective or eliminate all defenders. The goal of defenders is to stop the attackers from completing the objective or eliminate all attackers.

The Three Objectives

Multiplayer game play has three different objective types that can be played on any map.

NameAttacker?s GoalDefender?s GoalNotes
HostageThere will be one hostage on the map. Attackers must grab the hostage and leave the building, taking it to a red signal flare located outsideDefenders main goal is to stop the attackers from grabbing the hostage and getting the hostage out of the buildingWhile carrying the hostage, operators will have their secondary gun out. The hostage can be downed by either attackers or defenders. If the enemy team knocks the hostage down, a message will come up and say ?Prevent enemies from reviving hostage?. If the friendly team knocks it down, it will say ?revive the hostage?. The hostage can be revived by Doc?s ability and also easily killed by Nitro/Grenades/Capitao bolts/Fuze charges so use caution, as killing the hostage results in an instant loss for the side that killed the hostage
BombOne attacker will spawn with the bomb defuser (marked by a yellow brief case above the operator?s head). The attackers must move to one of the two objective locations and plant the defuser kit, then defend it from defenders who will try to destroy it.The defenders goal is to prevent a defusal from the attackers by fortifying the objective rooms and killing the defuser kit carrier. If the kit is planted, it can still be destroyed by walking up to it and clicking interact (same button as placing a barricade- you cannot just shoot/blow up the defuser kit)Attackers should try to place the defuser kit in a location that is easy to protect from the defenders who will try to destroy it. Defenders should be cautious and NOT reinforce walls between the two bomb sites, as this makes it easier for attackers to plant and defend the kit.
Secure AreaAttackers must move into the objective room and stay there until the objective timer is completeDefenders must stop attackers from getting to the objective or eliminate themIf both a defender and an attacker are in the objective, the objective will say ?contested? and the objective timer will not continue.

Tips for the Objectives


  • The hostage can take a few hits before being hit down, but use caution as killing him will result in an instant loss for the team
  • If a drone is on the hostage, use a well placed melee to destroy it. Melee attacks will not hurt the hostage
  • If the round ends while an attacker is escorting the hostage, the round will go into overtime and only end when the hostage is secured or dropped (or after 2 minutes)
  • If the hostage is downed and the round ends, the team which downed it loses the round (even if they are in the process of reviving)


  • Do not reinforce between the walls of the bombs, instead use a nitro cell or impact grenades to create a hole for easy movement between sites
  • The defuser kit cannot be shot or blown up, it can only be destroyed by approaching it and pressing the interact key (The same one as deploying a reinforced wall)
  • If the defuser kit is planted (or in the process of being planted) and the round timer ends, the game will go into overtime and end ONLY when the defuser kit timer finishes or it is destroyed.

Secure area

  • Defenders should use the notification for the objective to their advantage- if an attacker steps in the room, defenders will instantly know
  • The objective secure time is 45 seconds, so avoid rushing into the room the instant the timer begins as a defender. Hasty defenders will make easy target for attackers watching the doors.
  • If the round timer ends and the objective is still contested, the round will go into overtime. Overtime continues until either side is no longer in the objective room

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