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Rainbow Six Siege [Guide] Coordinating map bans with the enemy team By: AvadaKK


Anyone who plays (un)ranked will every now and then find themselves in a situation where the ban phase offers two shitty-ish maps, and one pleasant one. Sometimes I see attempts of coordination, but they are almost never pulled off in a helpful way.

TLDR: calling “[team color] banning [map]” as soon as your team’s ban is unanimous may better everyone’s next 30 minutes

The proper way to call the ban

Since our overlords at Ubi have not included team colors on the chat handles, we need to improvise a little. Including your team color gives the enemy team an easy way to figure out if you, personally, are in the same team.

Imagine the following, if you will: both teams are banning Theme, and someone calls “we ban theme”. There is 4 seconds on the clock, and basically everyone has to check from the scoreboard whether or not the person who called it is in their team. This wastes plenty of time, and could be fully avoided.

Including the team color, the word “ban”, and lastly the map will be enough.

orange banning theme


The earlier the call is made, the better. Sometimes it takes a while for the team to find an unanimous verdict, which leaves very little time for the ban co-operation. It would be ideal to have at least 6 seconds left, which gives the enemy team enough time to react.

Being in a solo/duo/trio or even 4man squad, and having a 0-2-1 ban situation is not certain enough to call the ban. One person who switches will mess up the whole thing. Having at least a 3man squad gives you oligarchic control over the bans. This way it is easy to lock the bans early on. Exercising this strategy as solo or duo will be exponentially harder.

Calling the wrong map may lead to unfavorable outcomes, especially if the opponent team changes their bans based on your information.

Sometimes the opponents don’t share your opinion when it comes to maps. Calling your ban might actually make them ban the desired map, which will be rather unfortunate for you. I would only advise to call the ban if the situation is clear; two universally hated maps and one very playable one.



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