Rainbow Six Siege Guide to popular and useful spawnpeeks By: greater_gatsby12


I’m seeing a lot of people, both low and high levels do wrong spawnpeeks and die immediately or struggle against common spawnpeeks that they really shouldn’t… So I’m gonna make a list of my favourite trusted spawnpeek/outside angles for popular maps for anyone who wants to try them or survive someone who does it. Posting from mobile, so maybe alignment will be off, sorry in advance


  1. Angle from bottom red looking at diving window, lockers window, someone running from floating docks spawn, people rappeling up to new bridge/longue window.

  2. Angle from radio room window to catch anyone running from floating docks spawn.

  3. Angle from projector/control window to lockers window


  1. Angle from garage to Street spawn

  2. Angle from garage to t1 door (rear stage)

  3. T3 window to outside big window

  4. Armory to Street spawn


  1. Angle from art studio door to catch someone entering laundry or rappeling up to master

  2. Runout from main entrance to get people in ruins spawn


  1. Unexpected runout from strip to get people at cctv window or coming from main gate spawn (if you do it correctly you won’t even get detected)

  2. Punch/bullet hole on strip wall to get people rappeling up to Jacuzzi balcony.

These are by no means all the possible spawn peeks…. There are many more, some require more prep to do, some are really obvious and countered easily. The easiest counter to a spawn peek is to place a drone watching the angles of the place you want to enter or push from…. A drone destroyed in site is of no use. Place it to check for spawn peeks and run outs

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