Rainbow Six Siege HOW TO Dominate on Defense? ? Are you the perfect ROAMER? ? Tips and Tricks Part 6


Hi guys, FOG of GAMING here and today we are going to focus on dominating Rainbow Six Siege when you are playing on defense, and we will be doing that by roaming. Your main objective is to delay the enemy, ambush them while they are making their way to the objective and to kill every single last one of them. I will show you some great tactics so that you can to kill the unsuspecting attacker while they are busy with their offense and I will show you some awesome tips that you can use to flank the enemy team.

We will focus on the casual game mode because this is what most people are playing. You might be wondering which operator you should choose. He will need to fulfill a few criteria. You need a versatile operator who can do multiple things at the same time. You need somebody with good armor and somebody with a good gun that can easily make medium to long range kills. A lot of bullets will be coming your way, so you will need that armor. You don?t really need the speed because usually, there will be more than enough time for you to reposition yourself behind the enemy, or if you have to you will always able to run away from a gun fight, I’ll explain why later on. You will also need a few tools to delay the enemy so that you can buy time for your team. If you are searching for an operator like that, who can do all of these things then you will most likely end up with Kapkan.

He is the one who excels at roaming. His gun is great to kill at medium to long ranges, he has access to a nitro cell to delay the enemy, kill multiple enemies at once or to easily take out the guys carrying a shield. His unique ability is best used near the entries of the building to get some super easy kills. Or you can use it to delay the enemy even more which I will explain later on in the video.

And Kapkan can easily deal with all the bullets that will be coming your way. Now that you know who to use, let’s show you how to use him. Before the game starts, ask the guy who is playing as Rook to drop his armor straight away and equip yourself with this armor as soon as the game starts. You can’t afford to hang around until rook has finished his defensive work, so you will need his stuff straight away. You will always have some time to help out your buddies, you will have time to deploy at least one wall fortification, and on some maps you will have time to deploy 2.

Now it is time for you to get out of there and do your own thing. Make your way to your favorite spot where you have the chance to attack 2 out of 3 spawn points like I showed you in part 4. While you are making your way to this area, deploy your traps at the entry points of the building. Put them on doors or windows that you might use to enter the building. Your main objective is not to kill with these traps. The main objective is to delay them as much as possible. You need to steal time away from your enemy as they make their way to the objective. This way your buddies will stand a better chance of fighting off the enemy. Each laser trip mine that you deploy is good for delaying the enemy for another 5 or 10 seconds, or if they are stupid enough, you might get some super easy kills.

Once you reach your favorite spot to attack the enemy, you will have to create some lines of sight. Shoot the barricaded window or door once or twice so that you can easily shoot at your enemy, but keep the hole small enough so that they can’t see you from miles away. Try to time everything so that you get here a few seconds before the game starts. In the meantime your buddies have been busy setting up their defenses and they are probably still busy doing that when the game actually starts. Select the cameras and focus on the cameras that are located outside. The first thing that you need to know as soon as the game starts is where they enemy spawned. This is vital information for your own attack but also for your buddies, so get on the comms and tell them where they spawned. Now leave the camera view and get ready to shoot as soon as you lay your eyes on them. If you chose a good location, then the odds will be in your favor because on most maps you will be able to see 2 out of 3 spawn points. Depending on the number of spawns points of course.

Open fire as soon as you see them, even tho you think that you won’t be able to kill them. You might get lucky and you might get a headshot, you will do damage or most importantly you will delay them. I know that this isn?t the most popular tactic, and some people are completely against this. I respect your opinion, however this tactic is more powerful than you think.

It is part of the game and Ubisoft allows you to do this. If you don?t believe in this tactic and you prefer not to kill your enemy in the first 10 seconds of the game, then just shoot in their general direction, this way you will still be able to delay them and you will still be able to benefit from the outcome of this tactic. They probably figured out where the objective was and they had a plan in their mind on how to attack and so on. You just stopped that plan, all of a sudden they are now in hiding in the first seconds of the game. They will soon figure out where the bullets were coming from and they will start shooting back at you. Don’t try to be the dead hero and get out of there when the first bullets comes your way. Your first job is done. You just delayed their initial attack, you might have been able to get one or 2 kills and you will have gathered valuable intel. You now know where they spawned and you know which operators you are up against.

So share this information with your buddies and tell them how many shields they will be facing, did you see Glaz or Thermite, share it, if your buddies are good then they can alter their defenses where needed so that they can deal with certain operators. Your enemy gathered intel as well, you now told them that you are not hiding near the objective, they now know that there is a roamer around and they will have to change their plans. But this is a good thing because now they have to split up. They will probably send one or 2 guys your way to kill you. So be ready. But don’t stay in the area that you were when you were shooting at them but relocate. Relocate to an area that gives you the advantage and keep them guessing. The most ideal scenario would be a 3 story building with the objective in the bottom floor, you shooting at the enemy from the top floor and you relocate to the middle floor. This would be super annoying for them because they are going to send some people to the top floor to look for you but they are going to lose a lot of time doing that.

They are going to realize that they are losing time after they cleared the entire top floor, and they won’t spend nearly as much time clearing the middle floor, or they might even skip that floor entirely. In the mean time you should be using the cameras so that you can inform your buddies about the location of the opposition. Oh yeah, by the way the ideal hiding spot would be close to a camera so that you can use it to cover yourself. If they make their way towards you then do what you do best and kill them all. If they are using all what is left of their team to hunt you down then try to play hide and seek. Keep your distance and shoot at them as soon as you see the first one, but then run away. Don’t put in too much effort into killing them but try to survive and delay them even more. The more time that you can steal the better.

If your defending buddies are good then they will help you out while your are delaying them as much as possible, they are now ready with their defensive work and they should have more than enough time to use the cameras to help you out. Some of these kills are super easy to get and that is thanks to your buddies. Rainbow Six Siege is all about teamwork, but you knew that already. At some point they are going to give up trying to kill you because they are running out of time.

If they walked past you or if they made their way to the objective then it is time to get to work. This is where your map knowledge comes in handy. The enemy is now close to the objective and they are trying to figure out a way to get access to that room but they are under time pressure because you stole so much time away from them. Now you should launch your final attack. As a roamer you should always make an attacking play against the enemy team. Try to flank them and use the map to your advantage to come up behind them. Open fire as soon as you see them and try to do as much damage as possible.

Forget about your own life, it’s not important anymore. It doesn’t matter if you die because you are not the last line of defense. Try to make a kill and be very aggressive, quickly get behind cover to reload and then immediately continue your attack. If you die trying, then so be it. Your buddies will take care of the rest. You did your part and victory will be within arm?s reach. In order to make all of this work you will need to have a pretty good understanding of the maps and of the location of the cameras. If you master this part of the game then it will be super easy for you to hunt down these attackers and by doing so you will be dominating Rainbow Six Siege.

I hope that you liked this video and that you will share it with all your buddies, this was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you on the battlefield..

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