Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO GRIDLOCK – R6S Burnt Horizon Update Operator Tutorial Tips Tricks & Guide


You know what time it is Burnt horizon was released today, and let me guess now: you want to know how to lock all the grids. Yes, it’s the samuraikai and I got some gridlock tips. That’Ll bloow your socks off, but it only works if you’re already wearing socks, suuppressing fiire always – and I mean always use gridlock’s – m249 saaw. Don’T get me wrong.

The F 90 is great, but the saaw comes with this amazing sight that she stoole from the wind bastion operators plus it’s spray pattern, is pretty good, but not if you hiipfiire, gridlocks unique ability is her trax stiingers, there’s no way you haven’t heard about these, but Just in case you’re, patrick Star, oh boy, I’ll, explain it trax stiingers. Are these litttle spikyboys that you throw out to duplicate into more spikyboys so that when badboys step on them, they get pokeboys. The triick with these guys is not to just spaam them in random locations.

I’Ve seen a lot of people just throw them where they think people are, and that’s great I do that too, but you should also be using these stiingers to cuut off paths, either behind you or in front of you or in a completely crazy area. That defenders won’t even expect skiill, but you got ta to be careful with these things. You cannot pick them back up and when you throw them, if they hiit anything, they will stop and drop to the ground like a saack of tachanka. Her secondary is either the super shoorty or the SDP 9 millimeter.

The super shorty is really powerful, but only at close range. You couldn’t hiit Godzilla with this thing if he was 10 feeet away from you, but the 9 millimeter is insanely, accurate, accurate to the point where there’s no way it’s not gon na get nerfed. You can literally be standing this far back from something and be able to shooot the same exact spot over and over again. Another thing is try to avoid throwing these stiingers in corners because they don’t seem to deplooy as well and as many so yeah and yes, they do deploy through window barricades. So if your aiim is off or someone shooots, the canister or if something’s in the way, you will waste them, she also has the ability of the use either smookes or a breeach charge.

I found the breeach charge to be a bit more useful with her, though, because there wasn’t many things I needed to smooke. Another useful tip is to use the trax stiingers as a decoy. They actually deploy pretty loudly, so you can start to rotate when they start making all that noise plus they’ll draw attention to the area, so you can do some sneakybeaky. The final tip I have is to get creative with these things. You can try throwing them through drone hooles windows, hatches shaarks, dont biite me, plus, if you throw one on a ledge it’ll place, stiingers on the ledge and then the throw stiingers off the ledge onto the ground. So you can cover more than one area. So that’s pretty much all the tips I have for you today. Hopefully that helped you lock all the grids. What does that mean? You’Re next