Rainbow Six Siege How to Improve Guide


Rainbow Six Siege How to Improve Guide?by Verticyc

I love this game to death and want to pass some knowledge on from my experience to those who are new and to those who want to improve their skills. This is primarily a PC guide, as that is the platform I play on, but many of the ideas translate to consoles as well.

I will break this up by things to do in game followed by things out of game, followed by general tips.


First up: Improving aim There are two parts to this, in my mind. Being able to quickly click on heads for that sweet sweet one tap (1), and knowing where to aim (2).

1: There are many factors that go into the ability to shoot accurately. They include sensitivity and muscle memory. First and foremost, standardize your sensitivity for all shooters you play. This will make jumping between games more smooth and allows muscle memory built in one game to translate to the other. I play on a low sensitivity, but find one that is comfortable with you. Also on the topic of muscle memory are flicks. Practice makes perfect here, and Terrorist Hunt is a great place to do this. When practicing, go only for head shots and don?t go fast right away. Take the time to make sure your cross hair is on the head, then pull the trigger. You don?t want to build incorrect muscle memory. Finally, practice it. It will come eventually.

2: Once you know how to aim, you need to know where to aim. A very quick and simple way to pop more heads is to be mindful of your cross hair placement. Chances are it?s too low. Always keep your gun up and at head level as if the enemy is standing (usually). Enemies will surprise you less when they round a corner if you are ready for them, and it will be a quicker and easier kill if your cross hair is already on their head. The other part of this is knowing the maps and where the likely hiding spots are. There are many ways to increase your map knowledge, but the best is to play the maps over and over again, and personally, I take Buck or Sledge in T-hunt and break everything to learn which rooms are connected to which, and where I can wall bang or be wall banged.


Next up: The things to do outside of playing

The only real place to practice mechanics is in game, but other things like map knowledge (1), game sense (2), and awareness (3), can be learned and practiced out of game.

1: Map knowledge

Knowing the call outs, best defense strats, and best attack strats, is crucial to becoming better. Think through a map in your head and go room by room, saying the call out (found in game near your compass) and saying what rooms the current room is connected to. If you can?t do this, run the map in T-hunt by changing your matchmaking preferences in the options and do this while you are playing the game. Other ways to gain map knowledge is to watch some videos. Iceycat25 has some helpful videos where he breaks down each map, including camera spots and drop down locations (both are super important). https://www.youtube.com/user/iceycat25

Another person I would recommend for learning map knowledge is KiXSTAr, specifically his ?strats? series of videos. They are super helpful. Every video covers how to defend and attack all sites on a map. There is a lot of information in each video, which can make it hard to absorb everything, but any little bit helps.?https://www.youtube.com/user/michael87878

2: Game sense

Game sense is tough as it is learned though experience, but there are some ways to help move you along. There are two YouTubers I will recommend, but I think one is better than the other because he talks through his decisions and thoughts more than the other. The first person is Macie Jay. His videos are full of tactical decision making based on his surroundings and equipment. They are great resources to demonstrate what good plays are in specific situations.?https://www.youtube.com/user/emo182kidd

The second person is Serenity17. His videos are similar to Macie?s, but usually Serenity?s comments are less in depth and after the fact. However, his content is still excellent quality and another great resource. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwrxS4HIY-ZQjR2eQOYFlxg

Bonus: Sergio is another content creator that can be helpful, especially if you want to work on your aggressive play, but usually his stuff won?t help besides showing peek spots, sneaky spots, and murder holes. His stuff is good, but hit or miss. If you have the time and commitment, look some stuff up, otherwise, no big loss.https://www.youtube.com/user/SergioSeemts1988

3: Alright, so lastly we have awareness, mainly sound awareness.

To fully take advantage of this, you must know how sound travels in Siege. It takes the shortest path from the source to you, so it won?t go straight through walls like CS:GO (Serenity17 has a great video demonstrating this)?https://youtu.be/0Gd4KDJ7F1Y.

Understanding this is the first step. Next is being able to take advantage of the sound the game is outputting by getting some good headphones. I personally use Auido Technica ath-700x?s and love the directional quality they produce. It makes a hell of a difference being able to know where someone is just by sound. To practice the audio recognition, you can play the game, and/or watch videos of Siege and focus on guessing where the enemies are and what they are doing. Then see if your predictions are accurate as the video goes on. Macie?s and Serenity?s videos are two great places to do this. Lastly with awareness, don?t dismiss distant explosions. Try to think of what was destroyed and where the attackers could be coming from based on the entrance they took into the building. Once all of these come together, you should see a drastic change in your game play.


  1. Use all of your drones. If you know where someone is, you will almost always win the firefight.
  2. Don?t all push the objective on attack from the same way. Funnels are bad and one good nitro cell can end the round.
  3. Don?t say, ah well, when a defending cam is destroyed. Use the locations of the destroyed cams to get an idea of where the attackers spawned and where they are/have been in the building.
  4. This is a really helpful video for comparing the recoil of all guns with each barrel attachment. If the game gets updated, just check the guy?s channel for an updated video.?https://youtu.be/jye_7u8ydYQ
  5. If you take an operator with grenades, don?t forget to use them. Whether they are flashes or drags, both can net you free kills if used correctly.
  6. If you spot someone on camera, you don?t have to take the most direct route to them or take the most direct shot. Use your map knowledge and think which drop downs you could use or which wall you could spam through. With a little luck, you?ll get a safe and cheeky kill, rather than a head on firefight.
  7. Use Glaz to shoot through the windows on plane. It is so useful and the windows no longer break after three shots, making the Russian even safer. Make sure you leave drones watching the entrances, so that the dead can cover you.
  8. Save your drones from the prep phase. If the objective has been located and most operators have been identified, don?t get your drone killed. Leave it watching the entrance you plan to take to watch for peeks or so that you can pick it up again. Drones are like free lives, allowing you access to a wealth of information. Don?t waste them.
  9. Don?t spot unless someone is going for a wallbang and could use the indicator. Otherwise you are sentencing the cam to death, especially Valkyrie cameras. The points are negligible. (There are other times to spot, but only do it if it?s necessary.)
  10. Your rank/ELO for casual and ranked doesn?t take your K/D or performance into account, only if you win or not. Communication wins games, so do everything you can to let your team know where the enemy is coming from. Don?t get down if you die. If your calls lets your team get kills, those kills are essentially yours. You win or lose as a team. Communicate to get the win.

And there you have it. It?s kinda long, but this game is very deep as I?m still learning new things about it every time I play. I hope this helps some people out there get better at a fantastic game. Message me if you want to play, or have any questions about siege or anything in general.

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