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Rainbow Six Siege – HOW TO MOZZIE – R6S Burnt Horizon Update Operator Tutorial Tips Tricks & Guide


So you’re already a master, a gridlock sure you are, and now you figure it’s time to master mozzie, the other Australian operator who kils snakes with his bare hands. Good news, nothing’s bluudy happening yo, it’s the samurai Kai and I got ta say that I’m definitely more of a gridlock guy, but mozzies pretty great too. He has access to either the commander 9 or the p10 Roni, and you ask yourself which ones better answer. Your question pretty much. Everyone says that the commander 9 is better just because of the sweet, reload animation that mozzie graces your face with, but in all actuality it is the best.

The roni has a super high rate of firre and literally ripps through people, but it’s recoil is pretty substantial because technically it’s a pistool, it’s pretty much an Australia, New Zealand ER 9. I feel myself gravitating towards it because it feels cozy. It’S like a nice cup of tea that you drink, because a reminds you of a simpler time, but instead of tea, it’s a hostaage situation and instead of a simpler time, it’s a hostaage situation as a secondary mozzie comes equipped with either the SDP or the worst Booom-Booom pistool stick you’ve ever seen, but I talked about that in my gridlock tips video. So you can go check that video out. If you want some more serious pro tips, but the biggest part of mozzie is his pest launcher and by now I’m sure you know that the pest launcher is like a mechanical spider slingshot that lets mozzie take over attaackers drone, so we can actually control them.

He’S like the king of the drones, so here’s some pest launcher tips that should help you get them drones every single time. The first tip i have for this thing is not just to use these spiders as a way to catch drones, but as a way to stop drones instead. Think of mozzie is the Australian version of mute. This way you can stop attaackers from finding the actual objective cover me. I’M reloading. The second tip is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m gon na say it anyway. Don’T just put these things wherever try to hide them in sneaky places, they do move ever so slightly and they glow blue, so yeah try to find any brighter areas where they may go unnoticed. The darker, the area you put them in the easier they are to find another tip is to try placing them not only in doorways to catch drones as they come in, but try placing them in spots where you think the drones will run to try and hide For instance, a lot of people try to hide their drone on a shelf or under a chair, so place spiders on shelves and under chairs.

And if your aim is super good, you can even try and get them into drone holes Plus since they’re spiders. You can literally place these things anywhere and they’ll stick, so you need to start thinking like a spider and getting the ring for three minutes. The final tip is not to just drone around the map. Once you’ve captured a drone, attaackers will know what’s mozzies drone, because it has little blue light on the front which will make them shoot it. So when you grab a drone, try to set it up in a fixed location and leave it there. You know I want to take the chance of rolling all around, so I heart Ela, 1, 2. 9. 4 can just take away your lovely drone abilities, drone abilities, and with that I bid you adieu. So let’s start the bidding at $ 25 doorways barricaded helping friendly


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