Hey everybody, Iceycat here. Today we’re going to be talking about guns in Siege. Everything from variety, limitations, handling, characteristics and attachments. So let’s get into it. Right now what we know is that unless you pick the recruit, each operator’s limited to a choice between two primaries that are pre-selected same with the secondary. What do you guys think about this? Do you like having limits on which operators can take what weapons? My personal opinion is that this is a mistake. We should have the freedom to choose any weapon.

Every gun in Rainbow Six has always had a distinct personality, no guns were ever really bad per se. Some were a little better than others, but all of them were really viable. Rainbow seems to do a better job of this kind of balance than most other games it competed with. The thing that made a gun desirable was finding the one that just felt right for your play style. For me it was always the M4 style weapons. I loved using them, they looked great, they felt great, they handled in a way that just felt right for me. My dad on the other hand absolutely swore by the L85. He loved that gun. No matter which other gun he tried, he always went back to it. There’s something about the rate of fire, damage, range, reload speed and accuracy that combined in such a way that it gave him a feeling of satisfaction and skill when he used THAT specific gun.

Was it stronger than any other gun? No. It just fit his play style with the way it performed. Those of us that spent time with earlier entries in the series all probably have experiences with a favorite weapon or two. With the way things are set up now I may not get to play with that M4, or the closest variant that I love so much. My dad may not get to play with the L85 either. A couple of things dictate that versus gadgets and armor. If in order to get the L85 he has to choose a guy with slow movement due to heavy armor and get pigeonholed into a gadget that he may not like that could be a problem, by forcing you into a role that is NOT your strong suit. Yet using a role that IS your strong suit gives you a weapon that you’re just not as good with. The second barrier to that is what if someone else picks the operator I want and now I can’t get the weapon I prefer to play with.

Some people say that this forces you to get good with a variety of weapons and gadgets but I think most people would rather play with the setup they prefer than being forced into things they don’t. Moving on, we know from the Alpha gameplay that many of the guns in there didn’t have that feeling of distinct personality. Recoil felt flat, ammo was handled in a strange way ,some guns felt like pea shooters, the sound was awful and more.

The really good news is that they knew they were changing ammo and recoil before the Alpha even started. ammo was set up a pool system for data mining purposes to see what players would do and then reverse engineer the ideal ammo account based on how many shots players have been taking to drop someone. They made that clear going into the Alpha so that’s fine. They also had outlined the recoil system and what we saw wasn’t the full implementation yet of what they had talked about. They also listened to feedback and made a bunch of changes already. So I’m pretty sure we’re still going to get those distinct weapon personalities we wanted. Even audio design they said was just a placeholder for how each gun sounded. Hopefully they fully play test every weapon to make sure that some guns are not seriously underpowered or unbalanced when compared to others. Lately shooters have done a release first and then rebalanced with patches later, I know Siege can do better than this. I’m also glad to see the return of classic weapons. Other military shooters get away from classic weapons as they don’t want to make each annual iteration of their game feel like it has the same old guns every time and while I get that on one hand on the other, I just like certain guns and get annoyed when they’re replaced with things no one’s ever heard of before just keep it feeling fresh.

Glad to see staple guns return here like the G36, Mp5, L85 and the P90. There’s some new entries here as well, but classic guns are where its at for me. I’d be curious to see what the full weapon list winds up being. I’d like to see other classic entries as well like the SPAS-12, Glock, UZI, UMP45 and a few others. Some things we didn’t see and we’re just not sure about are weapon attachments. Everybody in the Alpha was limited to only iron sights in THIS gameplay footage from a year ago you can see there’s clearly a design to have more than just iron sites available this is a G36 which we’ve seen in both iron sight and ACOG variations.

Was that scrapped? I’m thinking we’ll still see some kind of weapon sights in the game like the other Alpha aspects this feature was probably unpolished enough to have available. or maybe this only belongs to the as yet to be revealed 10 additional operators having some kind of sights though is important. Not everyone is comfortable with iron sights, red dots, holographic sights, and ACOGs are all pretty important customization decisions to how people play. Even things like extended mags or laser sights would allow people to really get into their specific play styles more effectively. I want to be able to tune my gun to an almost simulator degree much like you can do with cars in a game like Gran Turismo. A setup like Ghost Recon’s gunsmith system would be a fantastic customization feature it’s probably too much to hope for though. We also know that there’s at least one alternate color scheme for guns as we’ve seen the gold color. Does this mean that we’re going to get something like weapon camo unlocks in the game? The other elephant in the room regarding weapons is a fire selector switch. in Rainbow Six games you’ve always been able to toggle between fire states like semi-auto to fall auto to better control accuracy and recoil when needed for precision shots.

In reality pretty much any automatic gun can do this, and until now, so did Rainbow. I’m hoping that this just didn’t make it into the Alpha otherwise it will be the first Rainbow that I know of to omit this gun handling mechanic. So what do you guys think? Should Siege open up the weapon selection Or do you prefer it to be balanced by your choice of gun being locked by which operator you choose? Where do you sit on weapon attachments or camos? What’s always been your favorite gun in Rainbow Six history? Let us know down below or head on over to the forums or subreddit to discuss in more detail.

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