Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and we have finally unlocked all operators in rainbow six siege. Today we will be covering the attackers. I will give you an overview of what each operator can do, I will show his special ability and we will discuss their loadout. After this video you will know everything that you need to know about these operators so that you can choose the perfect one for yourself. Let’s start with Thermite. The most explosive operator. He is the only one than can breach in 2 places at the same time and he is the only one that can counter the castle reinforcements. He has a breaching charge that can burn through the toughest defensive measures. He will always find a new way to breach into a room and you should always have this guy in your team. How does it work? When you see a reinforcement installed like this, then you can use the primary gadget to breach through this wall. You are the only on who can do this. Your primary gun is pretty good as well. You can equip yourself with the 556XI assault rifle or with the M1014 semi-automatic shotgun.

Two option for your secondary, but nothing special there. And you have to option to choose between grenades or more breaching charges if you think that you will need them. If you go for these extra breaching charges then you will be able to breach in 2 different locations at the same time. All it takes is timing. Place both of them and detonate your special ability charge first and detonate the second one after a few seconds and you will be breach from 2 locations at the same time. Thermite comes with medium armor and medium speed, which is a good combination to have. The second attacker is Sledge. This guy packs a punch. He has a breaching hammer that will brake trough destructible surfaces. It will also do damage to enemies but not that much unfortunately. However it’s pretty cool to finish off a guy.

You can breach through the standard door barricades with only one hit and this makes a lot less noise than the standard breaching charges. His main gun is a M59 pump action shotgun or the L85A2 assault rifle. He has access to a normal hand gun but he currently is the only one that has access to a sub machine gun as his secondary. You can eighter choose for some breaching charges, well not that you will need them, or for 2 grenades. He comes with medium armor and medium speed. The third attackers is Twitch. She has an extra drone that can disable enemy electronic devices and you can injure enemies as well.

You can’t do a lot of damage with that drone, but you can annoy the hell out of an enemy. You have access to 3 primary guns. An F2 assault rifle, a shotgun or a sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is pretty good, even for close range fire fights. For your handgun you can use the P9 or a Magnum revolver. You can equip twitch with stun grenades or with breaching charges. She also comes with medium armor and speed. The fourth operator is IQ. Our second lady in the game and she has an electronics detector that can detect enemy electronics through walls and obstacles.

This gadget works in a similar manner as the heartbeat sensor from Pulse, but then for electronics. You can use this gadget but the game has enough clues to detect those electronic devices without the need for this tool. She’s got access to 3 weapons. The AUG A2, a medium to long range assault rifle, the 552 medium range carbine and to the G8, a light machine gun. She can only use one secondary, the P12 and she’s got access to the same gadgets as Twitch, a breaching charge or stun grenades. She is lightning fast but that is due to her light armor. And finally the 3 most fiered attackers out there. The shields. These guys are hard to kill. They all can remain hidden behind their shields and this makes them so difficult to take down. So our fifth attackers is montagne. He is the guy with the biggest shield. He has a normal shield that can be extended so that he is fully protected, even when he is standing. He’s got a great handgun as well so he is a fiered opponent.

He does not have a primary gun, his shield takes up that slot. He can use the P9 or the magnum revolver and he has access to stun or smoke grenades. I don’t have to tell you that this guy is heavy, and that is due to his shield and his heavy armor, which makes him super slow but almost impossible to kill. Attackers number 6 is Fuze. He’s got a smaller shield but he packs a bigger punch, especially of you want to clear an area. His special ability allows him to use a cluster charge that he can put on walls and it will release grenades on the other side. Devastating to enemy defenses. You can choose to equip yourself with a shield, but you can also select a gun instead. You can use a light machine gun or an assault rifle. It’s not like Montagne with who you can only choose a shield. However most people use the shields because it gives you a big advantage. 2 secondaries and stun grenades or breaching charges. Fuze comes with heavy armor which makes him very slow. And finally number 7, blitz.

He comes with a pretty special shield because he attached a flash to the front of his shield so that he can temporarily blind enemies. The range of this flash is not that big so be careful when you use this thing because you might not be in range to blind your enemy. Your shield is his only primary weapon, so he has to rely on his secondary, the P12. Blitz can choose between breaching charges and smoke grenades. A guy like this is not exactly knows for his speed, but more for this heavy armor. These were all the attacking operators in the Rainbow Six Siege Beta. You should be able to choose the perfect operator for your play style. I am creating another video for all the defenders so make sure that you check that one out as well!

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