Rainbow Six Siege Operators NEW ATTACKERS and DEFENDERS – Rainbow Six Siege Overview


Hi guys FOG of GAMING here and this is our third and final video to show you the new operators in Rainbow Six Siege. This video will give you a complete overview of the latest operators in Rainbow Six so that you will be able to choose the perfect operator for yourself without having to spend all you in game credits on something that you don’t need. Operator number one is Ash. She is a long range attacker focused on destruction. She has a weapon-mounted breach charge capable of blowing open a door or wall from a distance and she is the only one that can breach a ceiling from below. Her unique ability isn?t affected by a signal jammer, so if everything fails, ash will still be able to find a way. This device can kill as well, but I?ll tell you more about that later in a tips and tricks video. They call this device a M120 CREM, don?t worry about what this means, just know that it?s sort of a rocket launcher with a breaching charge. On top of this device, she has access to smoke grenades or more breaching charges.

She comes with light armor so she is lightning fast. And she is very compatible with Glaz, in order to provide him with the perfect line of sight to take out the enemy. It?s very easy to describe Glaz, he is the sniper in Rainbow Six. He has only one primary weapon and that is a sniper rifle. It comes with an iron sight which you can upgrade to a red dot or something similar. His special ability is an additional flip sight that you can equip in game. This scope has a larger magnification than the standard scopes. This will make it very easy to make long range kills.

He comes with medium armor and medium speed. Thatcher can support his teammates by destroying electronic equipment with his EMP grenade. Everything with a 7 meter radius will be destroyed, even cameras. Walls, floors and ceilings can?t limit it?s range so it will destroy everything in all directions. It will even temporarily disable the scope on your enemy?s gun. He come with medium armor and medium speed. As you probably noticed, these are the new attackers in Rainbow Six Siege and we are now going to take a look at the new defenders. The first one is Castle.

His unique ability allows him to deploy armored panels. It?s an improved version of the basic barricade. These panels are superior in every way because they are resistant to weapon fire. You can only get past these panels if you use an explosive breaching method or by hitting it quite a few times with your weapon. You can only deploy 3 of these panels so choose wisely. He has medium armor and speed. Tachanka excels in protecting an area. His unique ability allows him to deploy a light machine gun mounted on a tripod. This machine gun does a lot more damage than the standard weapons and on top of that, everyone can use this gun. It?s not limited to Tachanka. Be careful tho, enemies can use it as well.

He comes with heavy armor and slow speed. And last but definitively not least, Kapkan. His unique gadget is an entry denial device. It?s a booby trap that can be placed on windows and doors. If your enemy walks through this door then he will be blown to pieces. It?s not difficult to see this trap, but if your enemy isn?t careful then he will die instantly as soon as he walks past that laser trip wire. He comes with heavy armor and slow speed. These were all the new operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Check out the Attackers and Defenders videos as well so that you will know which operator to choose before you waste your in game credit on something that you don?t need. This was FOG of GAMING and I will see you on the Battlefield..

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